Code PCLS Title
3202 C6002 AC/Refrigeration Mechanic II
5268 N3058 Academic Counselor
5269 N3023 Academic Counselor Coordinator
5250 Academic Department Chair
5234 N3050 Academic Recruitment Specialist
5229 N3050 Academic Recruitment Specialist, Graduate School
5246 N3093 Accessibility and Instructional Design Manager
0104 C3003 Accountant II
0105 C3004 Accountant III
0100 C4001 Accounting Assistant I
0101 C4002 Accounting Assistant II
0102 C4046 Accounting Assistant III.
5230 C4053 Administrative and Academic Recruitment Specialist
5256 N3050 Administrative and Certification/Accreditation Specialist
0013 C4003 Administrative Assistant
5330 N3067 Administrative Systems Manager
5568 N3068 Admissions Counselor
5585 N3068 Admissions Counselor - Dallas County Promise Outreach
0606 C4005 Admissions Evaluator
0608 C4052 Admissions Evaluator Specialist
5289 N3085 Area Health Education Center (AHEC) Community Based Educator
5115 N3044 Assistant Coach, Football
5113 N3044 Assistant Coach, Men's Basketball
5129 M3044 Assistant Coach, Men's Soccer
5121 N3044 Assistant Coach, Women's Basketball
5134 N3044 Assistant Coach, Women's Soccer
5174 N3044 Assistant Coach, Women's Softball
5107 N3044 Assistant Coach, Women's Volleyball
5303 N3003 Assistant Controller
5516 N3004 Assistant Director, Career Management Center
5569 N3004 Assistant Director, Admissions Dual Credit
5573 N3004 Assistant Director, Admissions-DFW Region
5130 N3004 Assistant Director, Athletics for Athletic Communication
5176 N3004 Assistant Director, Athletics for Business/Finance
5231 N3004 Assistant Director, Clark Student Center
5580 N3004 Assistant Director, Counseling Center
5237 N3004 Assistant Director, Distance Education
5531 N3004 Assistant Director, Financial Aid
5292 N3004 Assistant Director, Graduate Admissions
5140 N3004 Assistant Director, Human Resources
5277 N3004 Assistant Director, Intensive English Language Institute
5474 N3004 Assistant Director, Marketing and Brand Management
5588 N3004 Assistant Director, MOSAIC Center
5287 N3004 Assistant Director, Nonprofit Management Center
5311 N3004 Assistant Director, Purchasing and Contract Management
5422 N3004 Assistant Director, Recreational Sports and Wellness Center
5419 N3004 Assistant Director, Residence Life and Housing
5485 N3004 Assistant Director, Social Media
5318 N3004 Assistant Director, Student Business Services
5589 N3004 Assistant Director, Student Leadership and Involvement
5561 N3004 Assistant Director, Student Services – Flower Mound Campus
5510 N3004 Assistant Director, Testing Services
5228 N3004 Assistant Director, Tutoring and Academic Support Programs
5484 N3004 Assistant Director, University Development for Advancement Services
5030 N2009 Assistant Professor
5524 N3005 Assistant Registrar
5136 N3047 Assistant Sports Information Director/Broadcasts
5441 N3011 Assistant to Associate Vice President, Student Affairs/Dean of Students
5324 N3063 Assistant to Chief Information Officer
5205 N3006 Assistant to Dean
5273 N3011 Assistant to Dean, Graduate School
5104 N3055 Assistant to President
5602 N3008 Assistant to Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs
5604 N3008 Assistant to Provost/VPAA for Academic and Budgetary Affairs
5314 N3011 Assistant to the Associate Vice President, Facilities Services
5523 N3009 Assistant to the Registrar
0042 C5029 Assistant to the University Librarian
5473 N3013 Assistant to Vice President, Student Affairs
5401 N3013 Assistant to Vice President, University Advancement and Public Affairs
5302 N1018 Assistant Vice President for Administration and Finance and Controller
5480 N1018 Assistant Vice President for Gift Planning and Development
5472 N1018 Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs
5506 N3014 Associate Director, Admissions
5532 N3014 Associate Director, Financial Aid
5571 N3014 Associate Director, Residence Life and Housing
5432 N3014 Associate Director, Sponsored Programs and Research
5426 N3023 Associate Director, University Development for Donor Services and Scholarships
5020 N2009 Associate Professor
5521 N3016 Associate Registrar
5274 N1002 Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs
5304 N1002 Associate Vice President, Facilities Services
5440 N1003 Associate Vice President, Student Affairs & Dean of Students
5110 N1013 Athletic Director
0306 C5007 Audio Visual Technician
5139 N3070 Benefits Administrator
5255 N3018 BSN Nurse Educator
5364 N3072 Budget Analyst
5301 N3062 Budget Specialist and Assistant to Vice President for Administration and Finance
5219 N3019 Business Analyst
0117 C4048 Business Assistant
5285 N3082 Business Consultant
5305 N3057 Business Manager, Facilities Services
5513 N3096 Campus Visit Specialist, Admissions
3206 C6007 Carpenter
3227 C6009 Carpentry Foreperson
3107 C6030 Central Plant Assistant Superintendent
3105 C6011 Central Plant Operator II
3108 C6027 Central Plant Superintendent
5322 N1016 Chief Information Officer
5414 N1004 Chief of Police
5184 N1021 Chief of Staff and Assistant to the President for System, Governmental, and University Relations
5579 N5006 Clery Compliance Officer and Emergency Management Coordinator
5564 N3064 Computer- Based Test Center Administrator
0036 C4045 Coordinator, ADA Accommodations
5471 N3023 Coordinator, Advancement Services
5362 N3023 Coordinator, Contracts
5249 N3023 Coordinator, First-Year Mustangs Adventure
5567 N3023 Coordinator, Fraternity and Sorority Life: Student Leadership and Involvement
5265 N3023 Coordinator, Honors Program
0047 C4047 Coordinator, Lifelong Learning 3/4 Time
5182 N3023 Coordinator, Museum Marketing and Events
5557 N3091 Coordinator, New Student Programs and Belonging Initiatives
5597 N3023 Coordinator, Priddy Scholars
5223 N3023 Coordinator, Small Business Development Center
5403 N3023 Coordinator, Special Events
5433 N3023 Coordinator, Student Center Services
5208 N3023 Coordinator, Tutoring and Academic Support Programs
5297 N3004 Coordinator, Undergraduate Research
4004 C7001 Custodial Foreperson
4001 C7003 Custodian
4013 C7024 Custodian, Housing
4014 C7021 Custodian, Lead
4015 C7025 Custodian, Lead Housing
4009 C7019 Custodian/Mover
5556 N3054 Data Analyst
5328 N3025 Database Administrator
5203 N1014 Dean
5563 N3088 Degree Completion Specialist
2305 C6012 Desktop Designer
5483 N3050 Digital Media/Visual Media Specialist
5578 N1007 Director and Coordinator of Title IX
5257 N1007 Director of Accreditation and Assessment
5315 N3049 Director of Budget and Strategic Financial Planning
5505 N1013 Director, Admissions
5469 N1013 Director, Annual and Leadership Giving
5442 N1007 Director, Career Management Center
5235 N3049 Director, Clinical Teaching and Innovation
5365 N1007 Director, Construction Services
5460 N1007 Director, Counseling Center
5455 N1007 Director, Disability Support Services
5232 N1007 Director, Distance Education and Academic Outreach
5437 N1013 Director, Donor Relations and Stewardship
5530 N1013 Director, Financial Aid
5373 N1007 Director, Financial Reporting and Compliance
5526 N1013 Director, Flower Mound Student Learning Center
5590 N1007 Director, Global Education Office
5137 N1013 Director, Human Resources
5160 N1007 Director, Institutional Effectiveness
5406 N1007 Director, Marketing and Public Information
5560 N3026 Director, MSU Cycling Team
5361 N1007 Director, Payroll
5511 N1007 Director, Processing and Operations, Admissions
5310 N1007 Director, Purchasing and Contract Management
5254 N1007 Director, Regional Simulation Center
5418 N1013 Director, Residence Life and Housing
5221 N1007 Director, Small Business Development Center
5260 N3049 Director, Sponsored Programs and Research
5317 N1007 Director, Student Business Services
5582 N1007 Director, Student Leadership and Involvement
5584 N1007 Director, Student Rights & Responsibilities
5543 N1007 Director, Student Support Services
5251 N1007 Director, Tutoring and Academic Support Programs
5293 N3050 Distance Education Specialist
2301 C6013 Duplicating Equipment Operator
3214 C6014 Electrical Foreperson
3213 C6028 Electrical Superintendent
3211 C6016 Electrician
5142 N3012 Executive Assistant to the President
5127 N3028 Executive Associate Director Athletics
5411 N1020 Executive Director, Student Wellness
2227 C5014 Exhibition Preparator/Technical Assistant
5577 N3095 Facility Coordinator, Flower Mound
1019 C4012 Financial Aid Processor/Counselor
1017 C4013 Financial Aid Specialist I
1018 C4014 Financial Aid Specialist II
5295 N3058 Graduate Academic Counselor
0607 C4005 Graduate Admissions Evaluator
5294 N3050 Grants Specialist
3403 C7005 Grounds Foreperson
3405 C7015 Grounds Maintenance Superintendent
3401 C7006 Groundskeeper
3404 C7026 Groundskeeper, Lead
5124 N3048 Head Athletic Trainer
5114 N3045 Head Coach, Football
5144 N3045 Head Coach, Golf
5112 N3045 Head Coach, Men's Basketball
5117 N3045 Head Coach, Soccer
5132 N3045 Head Coach, Softball
5118 N3045 Head Coach, Tennis
5116 N3045 Head Coach, Volleyball
5120 N3045 Head Coach, Women's Basketball
5146 N3045 Head Coach, Women's Cross Country and Track
0308 C5021 Help Desk Analyst
0802 C4015 Human Resources Assistant
0804 C3006 Human Resources Specialist
3219 C6018 HVAC Controls/Maintenance Technician
5366 N3033 Information Security Officer
5369 N3037 Information Technology Infrastructure Manager
5368 N3037 Information Technology Operations Manager
5371 N5008 Information Technology Security Analyst
0312 C5024 Information Technology Technician I
1 1 Information Technology Technician II
5272 N3069 Instructional Designer
5040 N2009 Instructor
5596 N3050 International Recruitment and Retention Specialist
5515 N3032 International Services Specialist
0309 C5022 Laboratory Technician, Engineering
5043 N2009 Lecturer
5213 N3017 Librarian, Associate University
5226 N3034 Librarian, Collection Development/Systems
5218 N3034 Librarian, Instruction
5214 N3034 Librarian, Special Collections
5212 N1011 Librarian, University
0040 C5026 Library Catalog Specialist
0038 C5028 Library Circulation Manager - Day
.038 C5028 Library Circulation Manager - Night
0041 C5027 Library Interlibrary Loan Specialist
5248 N3023 Library Marketing and Outreach Coordinator
0039 C5025 Library Web Services and Systems Technician
5238 N3038 Licensed Professional Counselor, Health Sciences and Human Services (HRSA Grant)
3224 C6019 Locksmith
0307 C5019 Machinist Technician
4002 C7007 Maintenance Technician
5280 N3079 Manager of Accreditation, Dillard College of Business Administration
5281 N3079 Manager of Accreditation, West College of Education
5299 N3079 Manager, Adult Education and Degree Completion
5290 N3081 Manager, Area Health Education Center (AHEC)
5286 N3084 Manager, Chemical Safety
3406 C7022 Manager, Custodial and Residence Maintenance
5258 N3093 Manager, Distance Education
5298 N3079 Manager, Educator Preparation
5346 N3030 Manager, Risk Management and Safety
0021 C4044 Marketing and Public Information Assistant
3310 C7008 Mechanic/Bus Driver
5477 N1007 Medical Director, Vinson Health Center
1030 C4017 Medical Office Coordinator
1023 C5020 Medical Radiologic Technologist
2307 C4053 Multimedia Specialist
5166 N3035 Museum Curator, Collections and Exhibitions
5178 N3035 Museum Curator, Education
5163 N1013 Museum Director
3407 C7023 Museum Facility Technician
5172 N3073 Museum, Collections Manager
3231 C6021 Painter
3229 C6022 Painting Foreperson
0110 C4019 Payroll Assistant
0111 C4049 Payroll Specialist
0305 C5006 PC / Network Lead Technician
0301 C5009 PC / Network Service Technician
5296 N3090 Piano Accompanist/Collaborative Pianist
3236 C6024 Plumber
4202 C7011 Police Officer
5415 N5001 Police Sergeant
4203 C4020 Police Telecommunicator
0703 C4021 Postal Clerk
5430 C3007 Postal Services Supervisor
5100 N1008 President
5409 N3038 Professional Counselor
5010 N2009 Professor
5542 N3060 Program Coordinator, Student Support Services
5275 N3075 Program Specialist, Tutoring and Academic Support Programs
5325 N5002 Programmer Analyst I
5326 N5003 Programmer Analyst II
5376 N5010 Programmer Analyst III
5377 N5011 Programmer Analyst III/DBA Liaison
0046 C4047 Project Coordinator – Dillard Success Initiative
0045 C4047 Project Coordinator, Project School Mental Health Grant
1032 C4051 Project Specialist, Residence Life & Housing
5600 N1009 Provost / Vice President, Academic Affairs
5482 N3050 Public Relations Specialist
0043 C5030 Publications Specialist
0204 C4022 Purchaser
0208 C4023 Purchasing Accounts Payable
0200 C4023 Purchasing Assistant
0207 C4023 Purchasing Procurement Card Administrator
5520 N1010 Registrar
0502 C4026 Registrar Assistant III
5278 N3078 Research Administrator
1025 C3005 Residence Hall Director
1031 C6032 Residence Hall Maintenance Foreperson
1029 C6025 Residence Hall Maintenance Tech
0010 C4028 Secretary
5595 N3074 Senior Associate Director of Flower Mound
5593 N3074 Senior Associate Director of Global Education for Recruiting
5374 N3074 Senior Associate Director, Residence Life and Housing
0205 C4029 Senior Purchaser
0311 C5023 Simulation Technician, Regional Simulation Center
5125 N3046 Strength & Conditioning Coach
4012 C7007 Student Center Maintenance Technician
5592 C4053 Study Abroad Specialist
5438 C5015 Supervisor, Print Shop
5329 N5005 Technology Analyst .
0304 C5010 Telecommunications Technician
2226 C5016 Television Technical Assistant
0116 C4033 Teller
5206 N3081 Training Manager, Health Sciences and Human Services (HRSA Grant)
1022 C5011 University Nurse - LVN
1021 C3008 University Nurse - RN
3228 C6026 Utility Mechanic
3644 C6029 Vehicle Superintedent
5562 N3089 Veterans Affairs Specialist
5402 N1012 Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs
5300 N1012 Vice President, Administration and Finance
5400 N1012 Vice President, University Advancement and Public Affairs
0206 C4050 Warehouse Specialist
5372 N5009 Web Specialist I / II