As a manager or supervisor, one of your primary responsibilities is to provide your employees with guidance, direction, and assistance, to help them maximize their potential and help contribute to the success of Midwestern State University. Take time to review some of the links to help you in your everyday work as a supervisor.

Onboarding Checklist for Supervisors


New Employee Benefit Reminders

Sick Leave – 8 hours of sick leave per month, no limit on amount carried forward and no waiting period to use.

Vacation leave – Staff receive 8-21 hours of vacation leave per mo. based on prior state service; 6 mo. waiting period to use vacation.

Longevity Pay - Full time staff receive additional $20 per month for each two years of state service.

Holidays – Staff receive 13-17 paid holidays per year

Birthday Leave – Staff receive 8 hours leave to be used during the month their birthday occurs. No waiting period to be eligible to use this time.

Worksite Wellness Leave – three 30 minute excused exercise breaks per week; 8 hours of excused wellness leave per year with completion of a health assessment. Enrollment forms can be found under Worksite Wellness Policy on the Wellness website.

Staff Educational Incentive Program & Dependent Educational Assistance

Leave Reporting

Time Clock and Leave Report Resources

Banner Self Service Portal –update and view employee data, benefit, and payroll information

Disability Support Services – A guide for faculty and staff

OP 52.58 Employee Leave 


Additional Campus Resources

MSU Operating Policy Manual

Health Insurance and Retirement Links

Campus Online Tours

Parking - Hang Tag Purchases  - Staff pay $50 for reserved parking from Sept 1 – August 31

MSU Travel Policy and Guidelines

Coronavirus Resources for Employees


Hiring Procedures

Staff Hiring Policies - OP 52.82

EPAF Resources - How to approve EPAFs

Hiring Matrix Instructions

Matrix - Staff Non-clerical Positions

Matrix - Staff Clerical Positions

Matrix - Faculty Positions

How to Open a Faculty Position  - Online PRF Form

How to Open a Staff Position   - Online PRF Form

How to Hire a Student Assistant 

How to Hire a Temp Employee

Internal Promotions

Onboarding Checklist for Supervisors

Staff Position Requisition Justification Form

Staff Performance Ratings and Reviews

Staff Position Requisition Justification Form

Staff Position Vacancy Supervisors Guide



OP 52.90- Grievance Procedures for Non-Teaching Employees

OP 52.89 - Staff Employee Disciplinary Procedures


Terminating Employment

OP 52.90 - Termination/Discharge

How to Terminate EPAFs


Training Development

Training Video Library