On Your First Day

Once you've been offered employment by your department, please make sure to bring the following documents and completed forms to the following offices listed below.

Human Resources

  • New Hire Information Form 
  • Background Check Release Form
  • Complete Section I of the Form I-9 - In order to work on campus, the University must verify eligibility to work in the United States.  Employees must bring forms of identification within 3 days of the start date to avoid termination. Please reference the Form I-9 for a full list of acceptable documents.
  • Social Security Card - For Payroll purposes, employees must be able to present a copy of his/her original social security card even if you choose not to use this card to complete your I-9. If you do not have a social security card, please locate the nearest Social Security office. Employees will NOT be paid until the social security card has been presented to Human Resources.

Bring the Form I-9, work documents, and forms to Human Resources located in Hardin Administration Room 210.


  • New employees will need to set up tax information, W-4, Direct Deposit & Time Sheet Information

Temporary employees cannot work more than 19 hours a week.  Temporary employees authorized by the hiring department to work over 19, must be limited to 29 hours per week and only for 60 days.  Beyond the 60 day window, per ACA, employment of 30+ hours per week leads to possible insurance eligibility with a full state contribution.  Upon an audit, there may be penalties of $2000 per employee in violation. Temp employment of over 20 per week for more than 4.5 months will make the employee TRS eligible.   Click here to view work hour limit guidelines.

Legal Notices and New Employee Mandatory Training

Legal Notices for all new employees

As a reminder, ALL employees, regardless of rank, must complete the online training module, which includes topics on workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, ethics, child protection, and the Campus SaVE Act.

This training must be completed by all employees within 30 days of their start date and every two years thereafter.

The training may be accessed here: https://secure.msutexas.edu/personnel-training/EEO3/