Pay Grade
EEO Code
Associate Professor

The Associate Professor is an individual who has fulfilled all of the academic, research and teaching requirements of that position as defined in the Midwestern State University Manual of Policies and Procedures.


Teaches a twelve-hour load each long-term semester unless otherwise prescribed; prepares and administers tests; meets with and counsels individual students through required office hours; works with program chairs on curriculum development; conducts research or creative activity in appropriate disciplinary fields; and serves on University councils and committees as assigned.

Physical Condition

Must have a minimum of five years of full-time employment at the rank of Assistant Professor or have equivalent experience in chosen field.


Must have advanced knowledge in chosen field; be thoroughly familiar with classroom protocol and testing and grading techniques, and, if applicable, know the safety standards and procedures for the use of any equipment, materials or supplies used for instructional or research purposes. Knowledge in the use of personal computers and commonly used office software programs strongly desired.


Must have completed the highest degree available in the discipline of his/her primary responsibility, ordinarily a doctoral degree or a master’s degree which is the terminal degree in the particular field. Exceptions may be made in unusual circumstances as defined in the University Manual of Policy and Procedures.

Additional Requirements

Requires the ability to work well with diverse populations and maintain positive working relationships with students, faculty, staff, and the community. Must have a proven record of effective teaching; be able to relate to students; establish strong working relationships with colleagues; contributed to professional development, to include contributions to the University, scholarly research or creative activity; and be able to be a positive representative of the University both on and off campus. Other requirements may vary according the needs of the individual colleges and academic programs. Serves as the Campus Security Authority as outlined by the Clery Act. *Designated as a Responsible Employee as outlined by Title IX. *This position is designated as security sensitive (Mod) and requires a criminal background check.

Last Updated 09-21-2018