Pay Grade
EEO Code
Mechanic/Bus Driver

Work includes transporting passengers while driving diesel powered 51 passenger MCI D series bus (or equivalent) or 25 passenger mini-bus, often requiring out of town and overnight travel. Work also includes skilled motor vehicle repair and maintenance work (<20% of time), involving the replacement or repair of worn or broken parts and installation of accessories. Work is performed in accordance with standard practices of the trade.


Drives diesel powered 51 passenger MCI D series bus (or equivalent), or 25 passenger mini-bus on trips as required and scheduled by Midwestern State University. Monitors and inspects equipment and arranges for any emergency repairs done by others. Performs all cleaning and servicing, all driver level maintenance and minor repairs. Schedules all higher level maintenance through MSU Automotive Shop. Maintains inspection and service records for the buses. Performs "turn around" servicing for all lease fleet vehicles as soon as possible after their return. Maintains shop operations in absence of Auto Mechanic Foreperson. Reports to the Auto Mechanic Foreperson. A small portion (<20%) of their time will involve exchanges, minor rebuilds, overhaul small engines such as lawn equipment, carburetor rebuilds, and similar assemblies. Troubleshoots malfunctioning equipment and repairs. Performs other related duties as assigned.

Physical Condition

Must be capable of driving a bus and meet the physical requirements to maintain a Commercial Driver's License. Must be able to work with tools in tight areas and sometimes uncomfortable positions. Physical activity and heavy lifting of objects weighing over fifty pounds is required.


Two or more years experience in the operation of diesel powered passenger buses with seating capacity greater than forty and one or more years experience in auto repairs or equivalent mechanical systems is a preferred. Experience in minor overhaul and repair of engines or motor vehicles, accessories, and component systems, and familiarity with diesel engines desirable.


Must possess required driving skills for operation of a bus and maintain safe operating practices. Capable and knowledgeable in all automotive shop procedures and practices. Working knowledge of automotive repair and maintenance techniques. Skill in the use of hand tools and shop equipment. Excellent ability to apply knowledge of repair techniques and mechanical principles and to locate and diagnose defective mechanical operations.


Graduation from a standard senior high school. Experience in automotive or small engine repair; completion of related technical automotive courses desirable. License for state vehicle inspections desirable.

Additional Requirements

Requires the ability to work well with diverse populations and maintain positive working relationships with students, faculty, staff, and the community. Must represent the University with courtesy, helpfulness, and professionalism. Must be able to communicate effectively and have good interpersonal skills. Must be able to use and read on-board test equipment in repair of vehicle. Must have the ability to work independently, diagnose complex mechanical issues, and be well-organized, especially with data records. *Regular reliable attendance is required. *Employment physical exam required. *A valid Texas Commercial Drivers License with the appropriate endorsements for air brakes and passengers is required or must be obtained within 60 days of employment. Must maintain CDL license as a condition for employment. * Must be available some nights and weekends. Must periodically serve on a standby or on-call basis. *This position is designated as security sensitive (Mod) and requires a criminal background check.

Last Updated 02-04-2020