Pay Grade
EEO Code
Central Plant Operator II

Performs skilled work in the operation of steam generating equipment, large turbines and compressors, and auxiliary equipment. Work involves operating steam generating equipment and its auxiliaries, and refrigeration equipment and its auxiliaries, and meeting emergency operating conditions. Workers has to pay close attention to details and be conscientious in the performance of assigned duties. Special instructions are given when necessary, but worker must exercise independent judgment in decisions concerning operations during assigned shift. The Operator reports to the Central Plant Superintendent and Assistant Plant Supervisor.


Fires high pressure gas fired boilers; operates and adjusts feed-water and hot water pumps; checks and regulates drafts and dampers; checks water level in boilers and firing conditions; keeps records on fuel and water consumption and steam generation; and reads and records various temperatures and pressures. Makes incidental repairs and calls mechanic in case of serious malfunction. Places boilers and or chillers into and out of operation as required by varying load. Answers telephone and responds appropriately; operates computer to create job sheets and make HVAC adjustments as necessary. Adds chemicals to boiler feed-water as directed. Regulates steam pressure and water levels. Also dismantles, reassembles, repairs, cleans, paints, and performs other maintenance duties on pumps, motors, fans, and other auxiliary equipment; cleans and paints boilers, chillers, towers, and the plant itself; assist in the maintenance of boilers and chillers and other major plant equipment. May be required to check and maintain buildings and mechanical systems throughout Campus and tunnel system, as well as perform other duties as directed by the plant supervisor and assistant plant supervisor. Assistance in carrying out other duties of Physical Plant may be occasionally required.

Physical Condition

Moderate physical activity with occasional lifting of objects weighing over fifty pounds. Requires employment physical exam.


Should have considerable experience in the operation and maintenance of equipment in a large high pressure steam heating generating plant and refrigeration plan. Plumbing experience and license desirable.


Considerable knowledge of high pressure steam heating and refrigeration plant operating principles, practices, tools, and equipment. Skill in the use and adjustment of electrical and mechanical equipment, and in making the necessary minor and emergency repairs to equipment. Ability to read meters, keep accurate records of plant operation and submit reports. Ability to analyze operating difficulties in equipment, and react quickly and calmly under emergency operating conditions.


Graduation from a standard high school, including or supplemented by vocational training or other special training related to the field of work.

Additional Requirements

Requires the ability to work well with diverse populations and maintain positive working relationships with students, faculty, staff, and the community. Requires two to five years' experience in power plant operations. Experience should include boilers, condensate tower, HAVC systems, meter reading, and records maintenance. Must have physical strength to use hand tools in repair of equipment. Some math and computer skills required in addition to ability to work and communicate with other maintenance personnel. Moderate to heavy lifting required (50 pounds) and able to climb stairs and work from ladders. *Regular reliable attendance is required. *A valid Texas driver's license is required. *Requires employment physical examination. *This position is designated as security sensitive (Low) and requires a criminal background check.

Last Updated 04-27-2018