Pay Grade
EEO Code
Director of Accreditation and Assessment

Responsible for the oversight of the design, development, and management of a comprehensive and integrated assessment system to provide information to evaluate productivity, effectiveness, and impact in alignment with the goals and mission of the West College of Education as well as assessment/accreditation/certification requirements of multiple agencies at both the initial and advanced levels. Tasks include identification, collection, maintenance, and analyses of data from various sources; effectively communicating analysis for decision-making, planning, publication, and compliance with regulations; and working with faculty and staff in the WCOE and other colleges (PY, MCOSME, Fain) to create, plan and administer program assessments and data systems related to accreditation with CACREP, CAEP, TEA, SACS, and respective SPA's, including annual reporting (including Title II, ASEP, LBB, etc…) and periodic audits.  Responsible for the data management system (i.e. TK20), including design, training, student/faculty/staff support, and collection of and disbursement of data/evidence. Responsible for student orientations via D2L learning management systems. Must independently manage the day-to-day administration of data and perform moderately complex analysis, forecasting, and reporting.


In collaboration with department chairs, college committees, and individual faculty, collects and analyzes data regarding student learning and college impact. Proposes changes in college pedagogical activities to improve student learning and college impact. Develops and submits lengthy and detailed written reports regarding college learning outcomes, innovation, engagement, and impact activities to accrediting bodies. Conducts TEA audit and other reporting. Makes presentations to WCOE faculty and other colleges with certification programs on detailed analysis and keeps college apprised in latest accreditation best practices and expectations. Communicates and coordinates with PY, MCOSME, and Fain on certification-related matters.

Physical Condition

Two years' experience in higher education administration. Work with assurance of learning activities. Experience using statistical analysis programs for reporting and decision support, including some knowledge of programming. Considerable knowledge of program evaluation and applied research design and analysis. Experience in completion of accreditation reports to national accrediting agencies. Evidence of independent and creative thinking and writing in solving issues in education assessment. Preferred experience with TEA reporting/oversight and required experience with data management systems (i.e. TK20). Preferred experience with serving as program reviewer in one of the aforementioned agencies (CAEP, SPA, CACREP, etc…)


Familiar with statistical processes and analysis. Familiar with assessment and high-impact education processes. Working knowledge of program assessment processes and accreditation standards in education at both state, regional and national levels (e.g. CAEP, CACREP, NCTM, NCTE, NCSS, NSTA, SHAPE, SACS).


Master's degree in field associated with education. Terminal degree preferred.

Additional Requirements

Requires the ability to work well with diverse populations and maintain positive working relationships with students, faculty, staff, and the community. Exceptional interpersonal skills. Excellent speaking and writing skills. Excellent analytical and quantitative skills. Demonstrated ability to effectively organize, analyze, interpret, and present complex information and ideas in both oral and written forms. Able to coordinate simultaneously multiple projects. Ability to work with data from multiple electronic sources. *Regular reliable attendance is required. *Designated as a Responsible Employee as outlined by Title IX. *This position is designated as security sensitive (Mod) and requires a criminal background check.

Last Updated 05-06-2022