Pay Grade
EEO Code
Director and Coordinator of Title IX

Oversees all Title IX complaints and reports/allegations of sex and/or gender-based discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual violence, and sexual misconduct. Works with campus departments to ensure Title IX policies are communicated and followed. Communicates with law enforcement personnel and other relevant administrators to assure that reports and complaints of gender discrimination, sexual violence, and sexual misconduct are handled appropriately. The Title IX Coordinator's responsibilities are critical to the development, implementation, and monitoring of meaningful efforts to comply with Title IX legislation, regulation, and case law. The Director reports to the Vice President for Student Affairs.


Coordinates Title IX efforts including the development, implementation, and monitoring of appropriate disclosures, policies, procedures and practices designed to comply with federal and state legislation, regulation, and case law requiring the prompt and equitable resolution of all complaints pursuant to Title IX. Provides leadership, direction and supervision for all activities and personnel of the campus Title IX program, including consulting with relevant policy-making bodies and senior personnel for the purpose of advising, clarifying, and identifying necessary action to eliminate sex and/or gender-based discrimination in educational programs and activities. Develops, implements and coordinates campus-based primary and ongoing strategic efforts aimed at the prevention of sexual violence and other forms of sex and/or gender-based discrimination. Develops, maintains and implements university policies, procedures, and processes for Title IX compliance, investigations, and resolutions and acts as the primary liaison with university leadership, internal and external stakeholders, internal and external law enforcement, and the university community as it pertains to the Title IX program. Develops and disseminates educational materials, including brochures, posters, and web-based materials that inform members of the campus community (students, faculty, administers, staff, and parents) of Title IX rights, responsibilities and resources both within and external to campus premises. Oversees prompt, effective, and equitable intake, investigation, processing, issuing of findings of fact, and timely resolution of all instances of sex/gender discrimination made known to responsible employees and/or reported or filed by students, faculty, employees, third parties, or by members of the broader community. Develops and implements an investigation plan for each reported Title IX complaint to include: determining whether the report constitutes sexual misconduct, appointing an investigative team, ensuring that reports and complaints are handled properly and in a timely manner, informing parties regarding the grievance process, notifying all parties of the grievance decisions and the procedures for appeals if applicable, maintaining records in a secure manner, and monitoring compliance in accordance to grievance timeline. Ensures investigators, adjudicators and those involved with processing Title IX complaints are adequately trained in compliance with Title IX guidance. Coordinates/implements training for responsible employees and Title IX personnel. Conducts annual review of Title IX policies and procedures. Serves on the Sexual Assault Response Team. Performs other related duties as assigned by the Vice President for Student Affairs.

Physical Condition

Minimum three years of professional experience in Title IX compliance and/or anti-discrimination laws. Experience in investigating allegations of sexual misconduct and/or domestic violence is preferred, as is experience working with victims of sexual misconduct, domestic violence and/or other types of trauma.


Direct knowledge of Title IX legislation, regulation, and case law. Knowledge of related federal and state laws. Knowledge of best practices in Title IX compliance. Knowledge of due process. Ability to manage multiple, on-going and complex caseloads of Title IX related incidents and complaints.


Advanced degree, such as a Master's degree in Student Affairs or a related field (e.g., counseling, criminal justice, social work, psychology, sociology) or enrollment in a master's program with significant related employment experience is required. J.D. preferred.

Additional Requirements

Requires the ability to work well with diverse populations and maintain positive working relationships with students, faculty, staff, and the community. Should possess the sensitivity and skill to work with a diverse student and employee population; the ability to deal with confidential and sensitive information; excellent judgment; personal maturity; strong interpersonal skills and the ability to remain a neutral party. Must have the ability to teach, direct, guide and mediate. Serves as a Campus Security Authority as outlined by the Clery Act. *Regular reliable attendance is required. This position is designated as security sensitive (Mod) and requires a criminal background check.

Last Updated 01-06-2020