Pay Grade
EEO Code
Postal Services Supervisor

Responsible work involving supervision and operation of the campus mail service. Work involves scheduling the operations of the campus mail service, and dispatching all outgoing U.S. mail. Supervision is exercised over mail carriers, mail clerks, and student assistants. Responsible for adequate controls to prohibit the use of university postage for personal and unauthorized mail, and for the security of outgoing U.S. mail. Reports to the Director, Residence Life & Housing.


Supervises and trains mail carriers and clerks in the performance of their duties. Operates postage machine and maintains records of the amount of postage chargeable to individual departments. Coordinates all mail handling operations and work flow. Calculates daily and monthly total on all postage charges. Purchases all supplies and equipment required in daily operations. Prepares reports for U.S. Post Office Department and university offices. Performs other related duties as assigned.

Physical Condition

Two years of experience in general office supervision or varied mail room operations.


Thorough knowledge of postal rates and regulations. Knowledge of standard bookkeeping practices and procedures.


Graduation from high school, preferably supplemented with two years of college with courses in business administration.

Additional Requirements

Requires the ability to work well with diverse populations and maintain positive working relationships with students, faculty, staff, and the community. Must be able to type, use computer, 10-key adding machine by touch; lift boxes up to 70 pounds (USPS weight limit); have a valid driver's license and be able to operate motor vehicles and be able to read and understand US Postal rules and regulations. Should also have the interpersonal skills needed to establish and maintain effective working relationships with faculty and staff as well as the ability to direct and supervise the work of subordinates. *Regular reliable attendance is required. *Designated as a Responsible Employee as outlined by Title IX. *This position is designated as security sensitive (Mod) and requires a criminal background check.

Last Updated 09-21-2018