Pay Grade
EEO Code
Chief of Police

Reporting to the Vice President for Student Affairs. The Chief of Police is responsible for the enforcement of laws, the prevention of crime, and the protection of human life and property. Directs emergency management functions, maintains a close liaison with all area Law Enforcement agencies, the local fire department, and courts. Responsible for the investigation of all crimes, motor vehicle accidents and disturbances on campus and oversees all department training of Police Officers, radio dispatchers and records personnel. Serves as the spokesperson for the department on matters of importance to the department and represents the university in all areas of law enforcement planning.


Supervises the Police Sergeant and department secretary who in turn supervise their subordinates. Maintains a record system and provides statistical information as required by law. Maintains a complete record of all budgetary operations for the department. Maintains procedures for testing applicants for employment in accordance with all laws and guidelines set out as a minimum requirement by Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education. Coordinates with other campus departments on major emergency preparedness planning. Reviews all officer reports to keep abreast of campus problems. Handles correspondence to the Dean of Students regarding disciplinary issues. Reviews and oversees police department operations. Performs other duties as assigned.

Physical Condition

Must have the physical and mental ability to properly carry out the duties and responsibilities of a commissioned police officer of Midwestern State University, to include the ability to speak and hear clearly. Must meet the vision requirement established by TCOLE and have the physical use of all extremities in order to physically restrain or apprehend individuals when necessary. Must be able to drive Police vehicles, climb stairs, and move quickly to respond to emergencies.


Fifteen years of experience as commissioned law enforcement officer with five years of supervisory experience as a Sergeant or above. Law enforcement experience at an institution of higher education is highly preferred.


Thorough understanding of Texas criminal and traffic laws and the ability to communicate this knowledge to subordinates. Advanced knowledge of modern principles, practices, equipment and techniques of police administration and operations. Above average ability to plan, direct and coordinate the overall operations of the Police Department as it relates to the public and the university community. Should be knowledgeable in the use of personal computers and common office software programs as well as computerized law enforcement information resources.


Baccalaureate degree required.

Additional Requirements

Requires the ability to work well with diverse populations and maintain positive working relationships with students, faculty, staff, and the community. *Must have/be able to obtain the advanced certificate for Peace Officer Certification as issued by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education (TCOLE). Must be qualified with side arm and ASP baton for protection of oneself and others. *Regular reliable attendance is required. *A valid Texas driver's license is required. Serves as Campus Security Authority as outlined by the Clery Act. * Must be available some nights and weekends. Must periodically serve on a standby or on-call basis.*Designated as a Responsible Employee as outlined by Title IX. *This position is designated as security sensitive (High) and requires a criminal background check. *This position is designated as a Campus Security Authority (CSA).

Serves as a member of the University’s Incident Command Structure during times of emergency or disaster and maintains appropriate National Incident Management System (NIMS) certifications/trainings.

Last Updated 09-21-2018