Information and Insight

The Kimbell School of Geosciences hosts an exciting series of presentations open to the entire campus community.  The geosciences and environmental science colloquium series brings experts to our campus to present their research to our students and members of a broad audience. In addition to afternoon presentations, roughly one per month, the speakers interact with students and faculty.

Spring 2023
  • Dr. Steven Rosscoe, Visiting Associate Professor, MSU Texas
    "Revisiting and Revising the Paleozoic and Mesozoic Geology of Texas and Adjacent States," 4:30 PM, Jan 26, Bolin 100
  • Dr. Jay B. Thomas, Associate Professor, Syracuse University, Mineralogical Society of America Distinguished Lecturer, 2022-2023
    "Truths, mirages, and shifting sands: parting Earth’s curtains using trace element-in-mineral thermobarometers to reveal crystallization conditions of felsic rocks," 4:30 PM, Feb. 6, Bolin 100
    • Bonus presentation: "Out of (chemical) equilibrium and into metamorphic depths: Mineral inclusions in garnets and elastic thermobarometers reveal true crystallization depths." 11:00 AM, Bolin 115.
  • Dr. John P. Hogan, Associate Professor, Missouri University of Science and Technology

Past Colloquia

Note that the colloquium series includes speakers invited to interview for open faculty positions. To respect the integrity of the search process, these are not listed.

Spring 2022
  • Dr. Nathan Brown, Assistant Professor, UT Arlington
     "Luminescence thermochronology reveals Late Pleistocene slip history of the San Gorgonio Knot in southern California", 2 PM, Jan. 28, Bolin 100 
  • Dr. Brendan Anderson, Post-doctoral Researcher, Baylor University
    Topic: gastropod evolution, 4 PM, April 7, Bolin 312.

The links below are .pdf files that list speakers for previous semesters.