The Planet Beneath Our Feet

The Geosciences Track is a study program rooted in traditional geological coursework and the specializations of our talented faculty. The coursework leads students through the investigation of minerals, rocks, fossils, sediments, economic deposits, surface processes, geophysical techniques, and mapping geospatial data. Students may select two or more additional classes that focus on an area of interest, including petroleum geology, oceanography, and climatology. This is coupled with MSU Texas' broad curriculum that produces well-rounded graduates ready for the challenges of our rapidly- changing society. The 121 hour program is designed to be completed in eight semesters with a summer field course.

Graduates of this degree program work in fields as diverse as petroleum exploration and characterization, resource management, and waste sequestration. And the degree provides robust preparation for graduate work and employment in advanced fields, international exploration, and fundamental research. Please see our careers page for more information.