Thinking big while characterizing small areas

The McCoy College of Science, Mathematics, and Engineering is home to an imaging and analytical tool, the Hitachi SU-3500 variable-pressure scanning electron microscope with an Oxford X-Max 20 energy-dispersive x-ray spectrometer. The SU-3500 permits imaging of fine-scale structures on solid materials with or without a conductive coating. The X-Max EDS uses Oxford's Aztec software to collect x-ray spectra generated by e-beam sample interactions, including line scans, raster maps, and semiquantitative analysis of elements heavier than boron at concentrations >0.5 wt.%.

The lab is housed within the 2nd floor of Bolin Hall, Department of Biology, and is available for university-wide teaching and research applications.

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The SEM-EDS facility is a part of the McCoy College of Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering, Dr. Sarah Cobb, Interim Dean.