At MSU Texas, we strive to have every student be successful for however long they are here. We look forward to supporting you in your continued growth and success. We realize that being both a student while parenting or caretaking has helped you develop strengths but also comes with unique challenges. 

MSU Texas has identified a "parenting liaison" to assist students who are parents of children under the age of 18 or expecting. The parenting liaison will work with you, along with the Title IX office, to make sure your needs are being met. This webpage aims to educate you on relevant policies, programs, and resources. 

If you are a parent or guardian of a child younger than 18 years of age or expecting a child, please complete the self-disclosure form. This form is your opportunity to notify MSU Texas that you are a parenting or pregnant student or may need accommodation due to parenting or pregnancy-related issues.

Self-Disclosure Form

Please note that pregnancy and parenting statuses apply to both partners, regardless of sex or gender identity.

If you have any questions, please contact the Parenting Liason, Ruby Garrett at or call 940-397-4500.

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Texas Bill HB01361F relating to the parenting liaison:

"The liaison officer shall provide to the students information regarding support services another resources available to the students at the institution,including:

  1. Resources to access:
    1. medical and behavioral health coverage and services
    2. public benefit programs,including programs
      1. related to food security, affordable housing, and housing subsidies
      2. parenting and child care resources
      3. employment assistance
      4. transportation assistance
      5. student academic success strategies
      6. any other resources developed by the institution to assist the students.

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Texas Bill SB00459F

"Parenting student" means a student enrolled at an institution of higher education who is the parent or legal guardian of a child under 18 years of age.

"If an institution of higher education provides early registration for courses or programs at the institution for any group of students, the institution shall provide early registration for those courses or programs for parenting students in the same manner."

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Texas Bill SB00412F

  • "An institution of higher education may not require a pregnant or parenting student, solely because of the student’s status as a pregnant or parenting student or due to issues related to the student's pregnancy or parenting"
    • This includes withdrawing from a class, limiting the students' studies, changing major or degree program, refraining from participating in any course, activity or program at the institution. 
  • "An institution of higher education shall provide reasonable accommodations to a pregnant student"
  • "An institution of higher education shall allow a pregnant or parenting student to
    • take a leave of absence
    • return to their program if they leave in good standing


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