First Gen 101. PowerPoint slides from a July 2018 presentation at a staff development retreat for the MSU Texas division of Student Affairs. The presentation provides a brief overview of factors affecting first gen students across the U.S. and state (Texas) demographics. An introduction to hope theory and important campus resources that first gen students may underutilize are also included. Click here to review the presentation.

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Good Reads on F2G. Useful articles and posts on first gen needs, keys to success and ways to support first gen students.

Helpful MSU Texas Resources. Important campus resources that first gen students may underutilize. Cultural influences, socioeconomic status and lack of awareness can all lead to first gen students being reluctant or less likely to seek help. Intentional referrals can make a big difference in student participation.

  • Career Management Center. First gen students are pioneers, as the first in their family to pursue or complete a four-year degree. They will also be the first to take on a job search for an entry level professional position that requires a degree.
  • Counseling Center Students of color, international students or those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds may be uncomfortable with the idea of talking with counselor. In many cultures, mental illness, stress and psychological concerns may be considered taboo. Additionally, many students are also not aware of the academic skills workshops and support available through our counseling center.
  • Disability Support Services Sometimes, students jump into the college experience under the impression that they may not need the same types of services they received in high school. The need may, in fact, manifest itself later in their college years. It’s never too late to seek DSS assistance, though.
  • Student Support Services. The federally funded MSU SSS program provides assistance and services such as study skills, personal counseling, academic advice and assistance, tutoring, cultural events, academic workshops, career services, activities designed to foster enrollment in graduate programs, study lab, and computer lab. The specific criteria for eligibility are listed on the department webpage.
  • Tutoring and Academic Success Programs. In addition to advising for undecided majors, TASP offers free tutoring for all MSU students. You may find yourself needing to reassure a first gen student that using tutoring is not an indicator of an academic or metal deficit. Remind them… help-seeking is not a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of wisdom!
  • Vocation Program @MSU Texas. Participating students are paired with an on-campus Navigator who will be there to guide and help you reach the goals you have for college and your career. We’re here to help you advance your career, budget your finances, succeed in your classes, and even find a job once you get your new degree! Spots are limited, and applications are available now by emailing Corrine Hamre,

Interesting trends. MSU Texas is not alone in seeking pathways and tools to support first gen students. The following ideas have been introduced on other campuses. What might we learn from these programs?