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Texas Leadership Scholars Program (TLS), supported by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB), is a program that will prepare students for life after graduation, whether their next step is a professional career or graduate school. Students selected for the program receive financial support to attend a top Texas university and benefit from a peer network, mentoring, & more.

MSU Texas is proud to be a new member of this program. Cohorts of students will be connected with peer and professional networks and mentors, participate in unique leadership development programs, and receive opportunities for undergraduate research and study abroad options.

Applications Open for the Fall 2024 Cohort - November 1, 2023
Applications Close for the Fall 2024 Cohort - February 15, 2024


Students must be nominated by a staff member (guidance counselor, teacher, principal, etc.) from their graduating high school. High School staff members can learn more about the program or request the application by visiting the High School Staff Resources page

The Texas Leadership Scholars program seeks top performing students with demonstrated financial need, leadership in their high school community, and academic success.

  • Demonstrated financial need, as evidenced by FAFSA or TASFA (must be TEXAS Grant eligible).
  • Graduating High School Senior from an accredited Texas High School.
  • Scholastic record and ability.
  • Evidence of leadership and service within your high school and community.
  • Accepted to a participating 4-year institution.
  • Complete Application Process and receive recommendation from a teacher, counselor, coach, etc. from their graduating high school.

Once scholars are admitted to the program, they must maintain TEXAS Grant eligibility, full-time enrollment, maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5, meet Satisfactory Academic Progress, and complete all program requirements.

Each participating university has a designated TLSP Campus Coordinator as the scholars’ primary point of contact and a mentor. Programming will be conducted or organized by this person, who will also regularly meet with the scholars as a group and in 1:1 meetings.

Progressive Mentorship 

  • Assigned a peer or faculty/staff mentor. Campus Coordinators will automatically serve as a mentor to Scholars.
  • Participate in a job shadowing program. Learn and receive advice from corporate and executive leaders regarding what they are looking for in new graduates.
  • Be matched with an alumni mentor who is aligned with their academic or professional goals.

Financial Benefits

  • The institution will ensure 100% of board-designated tuition and fees are covered through a combination of federal, state, and institutional aid
  • The Coordinating Board will provide a Housing & Food stipend equal to the average cost at the participating institution.
  • The Coordinating Board will fund summer programming opportunities.
  • Only undergraduate courses are covered, and they must be taken in the fall or spring.
  • Housing & Food stipend is provided regardless if living on or off campus, this amount is capped at cost of attendance.
  • For tuition and fees, total aid amount is capped by need as determined in the FAFSA or TASFA.

Undergraduate Research. Scholars receive access to on-campus research opportunities. The Campus Coordinator will help students find opportunities and provide workshops on securing research positions.

Professional Development. Opportunities for individual and professional growth will take place each year:

  • Strengths or Leadership Assessment
  • Group Service Projects
  • Networking events to practice communication and relationship-building skills
  • Resume writing
  • Developing an elevator speech
  • LinkedIn and other social media branding
  • Value of diversity in teams and businesses
  • Pursuing graduate school

Summer Programs 

  • Annual Leadership Conference. Scholars can apply or are selected by their Campus Coordinator to participate in the Summer Leadership Conference.
  • Study Abroad. Scholars can apply to participate in a Scholars-specific paid study abroad experience.