The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) program requirements must be fulfilled by all undergraduate students, including distance education students residing outside of the state of Texas, unless they are exempt from this requirement (see exemptions on main TSI webpage).  The requirements should be completed prior to enrolling; however, if time does not permit, and only internet courses are being taken, then a waiver may be granted while such testing arrangements are being made.

As part of the Texas Success Initiative, all students are required to take the TSI Assessment (version 2, commonly referred to as the TSIA2) unless exempt as mentioned above.  The basic skills tested are reading, writing and mathematics. The writing component includes an essay. Students who fail a section of the TSI Assessment are required to enroll in developmental courses in that area.

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board has determined that distance education students residing outside of the state of Texas, and taking internet courses only, may enroll in the distance education program temporarily without having taken the TSI Assessment; but they should test as soon as possible, and they will not receive a degree until all TSI requirements have been completed.  If you are not exempt, you must have completed all TSI requirements by the deadline for filing for graduation for the term in which you will graduate, to avoid delay in graduation.

If you believe you meet any of the criteria that would exempt you from a section or all of TSI requirements, please have transcripts or test score documentation forwarded as soon as possible.

If you do not meet one of the exemptions, the Texas Success Initiative requirement can be completed in the following ways:

  1. Taking and passing the required sections of the TSI Assessment (TSIA2).  You can choose to travel to MSU (or any other Texas public college offering the TSI Assessment (TSIA2) and agreeing to mail MSU your official scores), or you can take it in your local area with an approved proctor.  Contact the MSU Office of Testing at (940) 397-4676 if you would like to schedule the TSI Assessment (TSIA2) at a test site in your area.  Contact the Registrar's Office at (940) 397-4320, if you have questions regarding the score requirements or for other TSI questions.  You only need to test in sections from which you are not exempt.  For example, if you have completed the English Language Arts & Reading section via a grade of C or better in the equivalent to our ENGL 1143 class, you would only be required to take a test in the remaining area (math).  The cost of the TSI Assessment (TSIA2) is $10 for the Math section and $20 for the English Language Arts & Reading section (if taken separately), or $29 for the whole test.
    Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA):  Students who must take the TSI Assessment (TSIA2) are first required to complete the online Pre-Assessment Activity.  The PAA gives information about the TSI Assessment, what to expect, sample questions, and resources which MSU offers.  Before taking the PAA, make sure you know your TSI status and if you are required to test and for which sections.  When ready to take the PAA, go to:  The PAA is required prior to taking the TSI Assessment (TSIA2).
  2. The other way to meet TSI requirements is by meeting the transfer exemption.  If you transfer in certain coursework with a grade of C or better from a private or out-of-state college for the TSI sections in which you are needing to meet, this could take the place of testing.  Prior to enrolling, please check with MSU for the transferability of courses.  Once the course is complete, request the college mail MSU an official copy of your transcript for transfer evaluation and TSI completion.

As a distance education student, it is very important that you acknowledge your understanding of the Texas Success Initiative requirements; therefore, if you are not TSI complete or exempt in all areas, and you are requesting a temporary waiver, you are required to sign and return a copy of this page prior to enrollment.  You may print this page from the web, sign and return it to:

Midwestern State University
Office of the Registrar
3410 Taft Boulevard
Wichita Falls, TX 76308-2099
If you have questions or need additional information regarding the Texas Success Initiative requirements, please contact the MSU Office of the Registrar at or 940-397-4321.

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NOTE:  The Texas Success Initiative requirements are subject to change by actions of the Texas Legislature.