With the written permission of the instructor of the course concerned, an individual may sit in a class as an auditor without receiving college credit. The auditor's name will not be entered on the class roll, and the instructor will not accept any papers, tests, or examinations. Attendance as an auditor may not be made the basis of a claim for credit in a course. Laboratory, skills, and distance education/web technology courses are not available to the auditor. For cost determination, see Auditing Fee in financial information section.

Senior citizens 65 years of age or older may audit approved course(s) offered by Midwestern without payment of a fee if space is available. In order to determine the "space availability," enrollment by senior citizens will be handled during late registration only. Proof of age is required for the fee waiver (driver's license, voter registration, birth certificate, etc.).

As per MSU Policy 3.312, MSU faculty and staff members may audit university courses free of charge with the permission of the instructor.  Although MSU faculty and staff members auditing courses will be provided access to the university's learning management system for courses being audited, they will not be required to complete paper, tests, examinations, or other assessments. Attendance as an auditor may not be made the basis of a claim for credit in a course. Faculty and staff members desiring to receive credit for a course must enroll in the course for credit and are responsible for all tuition and fees associated with the course. (Faculty and staff members desiring to enroll in courses for credit are encouraged to review MSU Policies 3.141 and 3.223 for information regarding respective education incentive programs.)

A parking permit is required if vehicles are to be parked on campus streets and/or parking lots.

IMPORTANT:  No record is kept of audit classes and no credit is earned.