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The MSU Admissions Office makes the initial determination of course transferability based on the transferring institution's accreditation and the comparability of coursework.  Equivalency guides show how courses from the two-year college transfer to MSU and are updated annually.  Course equivalents are subject to change without advance notice.  No more than 69 semester hours, including kinesiology activity courses, from a community college may be applied to a degree program (excluding RN/BSN, BSRS, and BSRC) at MSU Texas. 

The applicant for admission by transfer with 18 or more non-developmental transferable credit hours completed must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 and be eligible to enroll at all institutions attended.  Applicants with fewer than 18 non-developmental transferable hours must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0, be eligible to enroll at all institutions attended and meet beginning freshmen admission requirements. Midwestern State University reserves the right to change admission criteria in keeping with actions of the Texas State Legislature or the University Board of Regents.  It is to the prospective student's advantage to contact MSU Admissions.

***Important News Regarding Political Science/American Government Transfer Credit***

For further information, contact the MSU Admissions Office.

Courses on the equivalency listings are indicated with one of the following notations:

  • Course Number - Indicates the equivalent Midwestern course offered at the freshman-sophomore level.
  • ELNA - (Elective, Non-advanced) - Indicates that MSU does not offer an exact equivalent course but will accept it in transfer as a non-advanced elective. An ELNA course may be approved as an equivalent course by the College Dean under which such courses are offered.
  • WE - (Workforce Education) - Indicates that the course usually will not be accepted in transfer except in a limited number of specified degree programs. With the recommendation of the student's College Dean, up to 12 hours of approved WE credits may be applied to a degree program at MSU. Should the student change majors, the applicability of the WE credit toward the new major will be subject to review by the College Dean of the student's new major.
  • Articulation Agreements - If an articulation agreement exists between certain academic departments at Midwestern State University and the community college, check with the academic dean on your college campus.
  • NT - Non-transferable credit.
  • REMEDIAL COURSES - Credit hours earned in remedial courses do not transfer. The equivalent MSU course will be shown on the evaluation.
  • HEALTH SCIENCE PROGRAMS - Courses in the health science programs are evaluated by the individual academic programs.
  • B.A.A.S. - (Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences) SPECIAL NOTES:
    1. Six hours of work experience credit may be applied toward the B.A.A.S degree only.
    2. Workforce Education courses are not limited to 12 hours.
    3. Contact BAAS program for more information. (940) 397-4400.

For information regarding the Texas Common Course Numbering System, visit their website at https://www.tccns.org

For information regarding the Texas Core Curriculum, visit their website at http://statecore.its.txstate.edu/

Clicking on a school below will take you to the equivalency guide (Equivalency guides are only available for Texas community colleges):