Mandatory Fees

Student Service Fee - $20.50 per credit hour

Recreation Center Fee - $130 per semester

Student Union/Center Fee - $55 per semester

Athletic Fee - $12.10 per credit hour (This fee only applies to courses taken through the Wichita Falls campus and will not be assessed to courses offered through DFW locations).

University Services Fee - $87.95 per credit hour

  • The Board of Regents has determined that MSU will assess an additional charge of $150 per semester credit hour for excess semester hours. Questions may be emailed to
  • Graduate Tuition is an additional $40 per credit hour as set by the MSU Board of Regents.
  • Remote Teaching Fee. Effective Fall 2012 semester , Midwestern State University will collect a Remote Teaching Fee of $500.00. This service is offered as a convenience to students who would prefer to student teach outside the local area.
  • Distance Education Tuition is $50.00 per semester credit hour. Distance education tuition is assessed to Non-Funded Out-of-State students taking distance learning courses. 
  • A Distance Learning Fee of $55 per credit hour will be charged to all courses designated as Distance Learning.
  • Students enrolling in a course for the third time will be assessed an additional $150 per credit hour for that course.
  • Thesis ONLY (69XX) is $50 plus required fees.
  • Certain Lab courses are assessed an additional flat $10 Lab fee.

For a detailed explanation of these fees, please click here.


Instructional Enhancement Fees

Instructional Enhancement Fees (IEF) will be charged per credit hour

Instructional Enhancement Fees Chart
$14.00 COBA Dillard College of Business Administration
$16.00 COED West College of Education
$20.00 COFA College of Fain Fine Arts
$24.00 COHSHS College of Health Sciences and Human Services
$14.00 COHSS College of Humanities and Social Services
$20.00 COSM College of Science and Math
$5.00 MWSU Instructional Enhancement Fee
$70.00 AMUS Applied Music Fee (flat rate)


Differential Fees

Additional Differential Enhancement Fees will be charged per credit hour

Differential Fees Chart
$9.00 MENG Engineering Differential Instructional Enhancement Fee
$9.00 PETE Engineering Differential Instructional Enhancement Fee
$40.00 DNHY Dental Hygiene Instructional Enhancement Fee
$37.00 NURS Nursing Differential Instructional Enhancement Fee
$16.00 MUSC Music and Applied Music Differential Instructional Enhancement Fee
$7.00 RESP Respiratory Care Differential Instructional Enhancement Fee


Miscellaneous Charges
Miscellaneous Fees Chart
$50.00 International Student Advisory Fee
$10.00 Property Deposit (1st time UG & GRAD students)
$75.00 Orientation Fee (1st time UG & transfer students)
$22.50 Installment Plan Fee
$22.50 Loan Origination Fee
1% Loan Interest
$100.00 Reinstatement Fee
$25.00 Late Registration Fee