Online Payments


Midwestern State University is excited to offer online payments!  To access our online payments website please visit

Enter User ID (Mustang ID) and PIN (default is DOB in MMDDYY format)

Now you can set up payment plans, view your bill, monitor your payment history, and set up direct deposit all in one place!

Not familiar with our system?  Look below for some helpful hints.


Viewing charges by term:

When you log on to our online payments website the system automatically displays the cummulative balance for your student account.  To view charges by semester you will need to select the Account Activity tab from the homepage.  After selecting this tab you will need to use the drop down box. Select Current Activity to view your charges by semester. On this page all you have to do is select the semester you wish to view and click select.


Setting up payment plans:

Installment plans are available online.  These plans allow you to pay your balance in portions, three payments in Fall and Spring or two payments in Summer.  Once you set up this payment plan you will have to make a payment and you will NO LONGER be eligible to set up an ETFL.  To set up a payment plan online simply visit and click on the payment plans tab.  The system will walk you through setting up the plan and making your first payment.


Setting up authorized users:

Current federal guidelines prohibit Midwestern State University from releasing information about student accounts to anyone but the student unless a release of information is on file.  In keeping with current federal guidelines we have set up our online payments site to protect your privacy by adding an option to assign authorized users.  Authorized users have limited access to the student account but are able to make payments.  To set up this feature simply log on to the online payments website and click on the authorized user tab.


Setting up your account to receive direct deposit refunds:

Many students rely on financial aid to assist with paying for school.  Some students receive enough financial aid that they are eligible to receive refunds of excess funds.  The quickest way to receive a refund is to set up a refund profile.  To do this simply log on to using your Webworld information.  You will need to click on the eRefunds tab and set up a refund profile to a checking or savings account, refunds will NOT be sent to debit or credit cards.  After entering in your account information please check the refund box indicating that you would like any refunds sent to this account.


When you set up a payment/refund profile at you must login each semester to keep your profile active.  If not, your profile will be at risk of being deleted!