Payments are applied to your oldest payment due first.

Example: If your account contains an unpaid balance for a previous semester as well as a balance in the current semester, the previous semester balance will be paid first because it contains the oldest payment due.

MSU offers students several options for paying their bill.  Please review each of the following payment options and select the one that's right for you!

Pay Balance in Full -- Paying your balance in full at the beginning of the semester is always an option.  MSU accepts the following forms of payment: Cash, Check, Cashier's Check, Money Order, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Payments Made at the Business Office -- When paying tuition and fees in person at the Business Office, please keep in mind that the only forms of payment accepted are cash, check, cashier's check, or money order.  Any credit/debit card payments must be made online. 

Online Payments --To avoid lines, the Business Office encourages you to take advantage of using our online payment site to make your payments.   Please login to your portal at, and click on the Touchnet link to access your payment options. 

Payments made through the website provides not only a faster payment method, but also provides an immediate update to your student account, thus giving you the most current account summary for the term in which you are paying.

When you set up a payment/refund profile by logging in to your portal at and clicking on the Touchnet link, you must login each semester to keep your profile active.  If not, your profile will be at risk of being deleted!

Payments made by someone other than the student -- There is also an Authorized Users link at for anyone other than the student wishing to make a payment to a student account. The student may grant access to their account by creating an authorized user. This user will then be given their own log-in credentials for the online payment system by the student.

**Currently, payment by credit card and web check are the only two payment methods available through the Authorized Users link.** 

MSU is active in safeguarding our students’ identities and right to privacy. Financial records are not a matter of public record. Therefore, persons using the Authorized Users link will need to acquire account balance information from the student before making a payment as this information is not available through this link. 

Installment Plan -- An installment contract is available online only for payment of tuition, fees, semester housing, and meal plans. The installment contract is available for the Fall, Spring, Summer I, and Summer II semesters and allows you to pay your bill in three (two in summer semesters) separate payments.  A non-refundable fee in the amount of $22.50 is assessed for the use of this payment option.

Make your payment by logging in to your portal at, and clicking on the Touchnet link. 

Emergency Tuition and Fee Loan -- You must print a paper copy of this contract, sign, and bring it to the Business Office before the Promissory Note will be applied to your student account.



  • A billing statement is not generated for registering during the regular or late registration dates. Payment is due at the time of registration. Your account summary is available by logging in to your portal at, and click on the Touchnet link. 
  • Full payment of tuition and fees, and/or payment arrangements and the first payment due, must be applied to the student account no later than 5:00 p.m. of the 12th class day each regular semester (4th class day for summer sessions) in order to remain an enrolled student.  Students who do not meet the payment requirements by the due dates listed on the Business Office homepage will be voided from their classes and will no longer be considered enrolled.
  • Students voided for non-payment and requesting to be reinstated, will be assessed a $100.00 Reinstatement Fee (effective Fall 2014) in addition to a $25.00 Late Registration Fee.
  • Students are obligated to pay on or before the due date regardless of the receipt of an E-bill. Please be sure that your e-mail and billing addresses are current with the Business Office to prevent any delay in the receipt of your statement.