Need an online store to process fees or payments via credit card or web checks? Please follow the instructions below to activate an account with the Business Office. 

  1. Contact the Business Office

    Types of Payments Accepted: By setting up a TouchNet Marketplace Store, you understand that the only form of payments accepted will be credit card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover) and web checks for your event or product fee.

  2. Business Account Number

    Verify that you have an Accounting Number for your product fee with the Business Office (per event if necessary). Contact Hayley Roach at 940-397-4104 or via e-mail at

    Important Note:

    Determine whether or not the processed payments for your event will need to be routed to one account number or separate account numbers per event or product fee.

  3. Request a TouchNet Marketplace Store Account

    Contact Janet Clark at 940-397-4308 or via e-mail at Please provide the following:

    1. Business Account Number (e.g. 22123-4567-78)
    2. Department Title (example: Nursing)
    3. Product Name (e.g.  BSRT Conference)
    4. Product Price(s): (e.g. $55.00)
    5. Product Description (e.g. Date of Event, Location Info, Sponsor Name, etc.)
    6. Optional Fields (e.g. Name, Address, Phone, E-mail, etc.)

    Upon confirmation and setup, Janet Clark will then forward this information to the Webmaster’s Office, including the following:

    1. Provide two numbers (Cashier I.D. and Account Code) which are required for the Webmaster to setup a TouchNet store.
    2. Create a username and password for you to access the TouchNet Marketplace Report with your account. A report will allow you to view submissions or generate an excel file with a total number of submissions over a period of time.

  4. Contact the Webmaster’s Office

    Confirming Request with the Webmaster

    You are welcome to contact the Webmaster to confirm your request has been processed through the Business Office and is currently in development (via phone, 940-397-6242 or email

    Store Development

    With the Cashier I.D. and Marketplace Account Code from the Business Office, as well as your provided store/product information, the Webmaster’s Office will then develop the online payment store under TouchNet.

    Store Preview

    The Webmaster will e-mail you a link to preview your TouchNet store. During this time, you are welcome to revise any necessary information. Upon approval, you are welcome to use the same link on your website, or request assistance to post the link through the Webmaster.

    Store Reports

    Instructions will be provided on how to access and manage your submitted reports or transactions through TouchNet.

    Questions or comments about any of the instructions listed above may be directed to the MSU Webmaster’s Office at If user information changes or needs to be updated, please contact Janet Clark at 940-397-4308.