Late Fee Policy

Reinstatement and Void Policy

Students who are registered in a semester and do not pay before the void date, 12th class day in a regular semester and 4th class day in summer semesters, will be voided from classes.  To be reinstated, students must pay a $25 late registration fee as well as a $100 (effective Fall 2014) reinstatment fee plus all tuition owed for the semester from which they were voided.  Students who have been voided from classes are still eligible to sign-up for payment plans, but will also be assessed the late registration and reinstatement fees.


Late Fines

Students who fail to make their payment before 5:00 p.m. on the due date will be assessed a late fine of $30. Students who fail to pay by the final payment date of each semester will also have holds placed on their accounts preventing registration and access to grades and/or transcripts.

Per the Board of Regents, students who have a past due balance may not register for any other semesters until their prior balance has been paid off.