Support for Study

The generous contributions of friends, alumni, and professional organizations has provided the Kimbell School of Geosciences with annual and summer scholarships for both graduates and undergraduates. These are available for students on the Environmental Sciences Track (GEOE) or Geosciences Track (GEOS). To receive scholarship support, students need to submit the appropriate form for the department. Awards are competitive and contingent on academic performance.

We are also pleased to highlight the Borders Scholarship honors Del and Mona Borders, awarded to outstanding students within the Kimbell School of Geosciences. 

Additionally, the Desk and Derrick Club of Wichita Falls  (the local chapter of the Association of Desk and Derrick Clubs) provides generous scholarships and has increased the number from three to four students for this year. These scholarships are awarded to seniors who have a demonstrated record of excellence in scholarship and service to the program.

Applying for MSU Kimbell School of Geosciences Academic Scholarships

To permit consideration, applications for scholarships are accepted before a deadline. Scholarships are competitive and award amounts may be based on qualifying criteria, completed hours, and other evaluations as determined by the Geosciences Scholarship Committee. Please see the application form for complete details.

Undergraduate Studies (Due March 10)
Please note that the above forms need to be signed by you and your academic adviser prior to submission. You need only submit one copy of your transcript if you are submitting multiple forms.
Graduate Studies

Contact the Graduate Advisor, Dr. Andrew Katumwehe for further details regarding graduate scholarships from the Kimbell School of Geosciences.

  • Graduate Academic Scholarship
  • Graduate Merit Scholarship
External Scholarships

Scholarships from external entities help with tuition and research. They also can improve a resume or grad-school application. There are many outside scholarships for students in our program. The Kimbell School of Geosciences gladly supports and recommends qualified students for these funds. The links represents a partial list of the numerous available opportunities. Students are encouraged to seek out and apply to any and all programs to support their progress towards a degree.

KSG Endowed Scholarships
  • Martha Reynolds Brady Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Estelle Harmel Daniel Scholarship Endowment
  • Drake-Kay Scholarship Fund
  • Helen Easton Gee Memorial Scholarship
  • Geology General Scholarship Endowment Fund
  • Gouldy Scholarship Fund
  • Jack Grace Scholarship Fund
  • Gunn Scholarship Fund
  • W.D. “Dub” Hale Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Johnson Scholarship Fund
  • McGaha Scholarship Fund
  • James S. Maxwell Memorial Endowment
  • E.W. Moran Scholarship Fund
  • Richard Noe Scholarship Fund
  • North Texas Geological Society Scholarship Fund
  • Robert Roth Scholarship Fund
  • David Shih Memorial Scholarship
  • Dr. Jackie Watkins Memorial Scholarship Endowment
  • Charles and Ziddie Weeth Scholarship Endowment
KSG Recurring Scholarships
  • Borders Scholarship
  • Desk and Derrick Club of Wichita Falls
External Scholarships