Music students learning in the classroom.
Music Majors

The Department of Music at Midwestern State University offers a number of options for students who are interested in pursuing a music degree.


Bachelor of Music with Teacher Certification

Our Bachelor of Music with Teacher Certification is for those students who are interested in becoming a music teacher of any kind. Embedded within this degree are all of the necessary steps to become a certified teacher of K-12 music in the state of Texas.

With this degree, our goal is to prepare students for a career teaching in many different settings. Our graduates are teaching general music, band, choir, and orchestra in K-12 schools across Texas. We also have many graduates that run their own private lesson studios or work as supplemental contractors within school districts.

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Bachelor of Music Performance

The Bachelor of Music Performance degree is for students who would like to pursue a career performing music. Many of our graduates go on to pursue graduate degrees at many prestigious music programs across the country.

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Bachelor of Arts in Music

The Bachelor of Arts in Music is a degree for students who are interested in studying music but are not interested in primarily teaching or performing. Graduates with the Bachelor of Arts in Music degree can go on to work in the music industry as arts administrators, industry workers, and music entrepreneurs.

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Music Minors

The Music Minor at Midwestern State University is a performance-based minor. This means that many of the hours (up to eight) are covered with applied study on a primary instrument and participation in ensembles. The music minor is an 18 credit hour minor and can be paired with any major.

The goal of the Musical Theatre Minor is to engage students in an intellectual and practical approach to various aspects of musical theatre including performance, music, and historical significance. This minor will assist in preparing students for a career directly related to musical theatre by providing opportunities to expand creatively in presentation, storytelling, and interpersonal communication.

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