Put Your Hooves on the Ground and Get Involved

College is an exciting time in your life, full of new experiences and opportunities. Joining clubs and organizations is a fantastic way to get involved and connect with like-minded people who share your passions. You will have the chance to meet new friends, learn new skills, and have a ton of fun. Being an active member of the campus community can help you adjust to college life, make it easier to build a network of support, and discover new interests that you might not have considered before.

Enhance your overall student experience and make memories that will last a lifetime!

Take Part in MSU Texas Traditions

Here's to the Maroon and The Gold!

There are a lot of things we love about MSU Texas. From the many exciting events of Homecoming and Caribfest to meeting our friendly mascot, Maverick T. Mustang, and learning the Mustangs hand sign, we are excited for you to join us in our fun and exciting traditions.

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Are you new to MSU Texas? If so, this event is for you!

During this three-day orientation event, we will teach you MSU Texas' many traditions and how to get involved on campus. Additionally, we will help you build connections with upper-class students and faculty in your college.


Open to all students, Stampede Week takes place during the first week of class each fall and spring semester.

Take part in fun activities where you might make new friends, connect with campus opportunities, and generally have a great time. Scheduled events typically include outdoor movies to live entertainment and more.

A group of students smile and wave a flag during an event inside D. L. Ligon Coliseum.

Maverick T. Mustang

Maverick T. Mustang is a perpetual sophomore at MSU Texas. He is known for wild antics at football and basketball games, where is known to fire up the crowd to cheer on the Mustangs to victory.

The Mustangs Sign

The Mustangs Sign is the configuration you make with your fingers during the Alma Mater singing or to identify yourself as a Mustang to a fellow Mustang. Bring down your two middle fingers to touch the tip of your thumb and extend the two remaining fingers up to make the Mustangs Sign.

University Seal

The Midwestern State University Seal is in the middle of the Clark Student Center atrium. Students are never supposed to walk on the seal but around it. If a student steps on the seal, they will not graduate on time. For students to reverse the curse, they must run and touch the Believers statue, located south of the D.L. Ligon Coliseum.

An MSU Texas cheerleader runs with the MSU Texas flag as the Golden Thunder Marching Band plays and the MSU Texas Mustang football players run onto the field at Memorial Stadium.


Each year during Homecoming, Mustangs of the present and past gather on campus for a full week of activities. They participate in the more universal Homecoming activities like pep rallies, bonfires, supporting fall athletics teams dressed in Maroon and Gold, and welcoming home alumni returning for reunions.

But we are MSU Texas and we have our own Homecoming Traditions, too!

  • Check out our cardboard boat race on Sikes Lake and Fish Fry
  • Enjoy the Torchlight Parade
  • Lip sync for your life at our Lip Sync Competition
  • Shine bright on Karaoke Night

Mustangs Have a Great First-Year Experience and Beyond

Enjoy a smooth and supported transition to college at MSU Texas. We will provide you with the resources and guidance you need to navigate the challenges and opportunities you will encounter during your first year.

From informative orientation sessions and Mustangs Roundup to seminar courses through our Mustangs First-Year Adventure, College Connections, and Redwine Honors programs that enhance your study skills, time management, and career exploration, you will gain valuable tools for success.

Be empowered. Maximize your potential as a member of the Mustangs community and set the stage for a rewarding and fulfilling college experience.

A group of students dance in the Legacy Courtyard during an event.

Join Student Clubs and Organizations

What do you like to do in your spare time?

  • Do you play video games?
  • Play an instrument?
  • Did you apply to MSU Texas because of our nationally ranked Cheerleaders?
  • Are you the events planner of your friend group?

No matter your passion, at MSU Texas, you can find others with similar interests.


Calling all Mustangs gamers ready to embark on an epic adventure! Brace yourself for the exhilarating realm of MSU Texas Esports, where your passion for gaming meets the boundless opportunities of college life.

Get ready to level up your skills, unleash your strategic prowess, and sharpen your problem-solving abilities — all while pursuing a degree. Not only will you become part of a dynamic community of like-minded gamers, but you will also ignite a fiery school spirit that will make your college years unforgettable.

Get set to unlock a whole new world of possibilities and forge your path to success through Esports at MSU Texas!

Golden Thunder Marching Band

Get ready to unleash your musical talents and join the Golden Thunder Marching Band — the premier student spirit squad on campus. Picture yourself entertaining thousands of fans with traditional and cutting-edge music during electrifying football halftimes, special events on campus, and even professional sporting activities.

Whether you are a science whiz, an art aficionado, or a business guru, the Golden Thunder Marching Band is open to all MSU Texas students who love moving and shaking while sharing musical joy.

MSU Texas Cheer

Are you ready to bring your vibrant spirit and energy to MSU Texas? Then look no further than our Mustangs Cheer Team, where you can showcase your athleticism and enthusiasm.

Join our team of talented cheerleaders who ignite the crowd's excitement at sports events, pep rallies, campus celebrations, and national competitions.

As a cheerleader, you will not only uplift the spirit of the university but also create lifelong friendships and memories that will make your college experience unforgettable.


The University Programming Board (UPB) is a student-led organization responsible for campus programming. Their efforts include bringing in featured entertainers, a cinema series, and many other special events for the students.

Additionally, they are active in the planning for Stampede Week, Family Day, Homecoming, and Finals Frenzy. If you want to be an active member of this exciting board, all you need to do is show up to a meeting or event. It is that easy!

A group of students watch as another performs during Hispanic Heritage Month.


Celebrate what makes you uniquely you. We certainly will!

College is a great time for self-discovery and finding your purpose in life. While that is often attributed with your studies and future career, it also relates to social aspects. Too often we are asked to assimilate and conform, but original thought and ideas often come from experiences where our differences shine. This is where MOSAIC steps in.

Join our growing community and benefit from our programs and support.

MustangsLink is Your Link to Campus Activities

There is a lot going on on campus and it can be overwhelming to keep track of it all. MustangsLink can help! Download the Corq App today for the convenience of having MustangsLink one tap away.

Forge Strong Bonds in Fraternity and Sorority Life

With 13 chapters represented on campus, Fraternity and Sorority Life can be an exciting community to join with multiple benefits. Develop your leadership potential while enjoying the fun to be had through social and service activities. Take advantage of additional academic support, alumni networking, and having the guidance and bonds of brother and sisterhood.

Learn How to Rush

View Chapter Profiles

Since I have been a part of Greek Life, my college experience has never been better with the new lifelong friends I have made and the various MSU Texas activities I have become involved in. Some of these activities have been cheering on kids during the Buddy Walk, of course, become a performer for the LipSync Battle during homecoming. In all, I would never trade this opportunity for anything!

Keaira Fillingim, Class of 2027
Keaira Fillingim, Class of 2027
Major: Biology and Chemistry, Pre-med
McCoy College of Science, Mathematics & Engineering

Broaden Your Leadership Qualities

At MSU Texas, we pride ourselves in the fact that we are responsible for creating the leaders of future generations. There are a number of opportunities across campus that will allow you to stretch yourself and become a great leader.

Student Government Association

Being a part of the MSU Texas Student Government Association (SGA) allows you to have an active role in shaping not only your college experience but also that of your peers. Voice your opinions and concerns and work collaboratively with other students to make the positive changes you want to see on campus.

Rising Mustangs

This competitive four-week program is open to 25 students each semester.

Following the book The Leadership Challenge by James Kouzes and Barry Posner, you will gain a better understanding of your leadership style, personality traits, values, goals, and defining characteristics. (As a perk, dinner is included!)

Watch your email for more information.

Student Ambassadors

A prestigious group at Midwestern State university since the late 1970s, Student Ambassadors serve as representatives at important functions on campus as well as within the Wichita Falls community. Through various interactions, Student Ambassadors are introduced to a variety of leadership and service opportunities and learn about the University and its role in the community. In addition, they experience enhanced communication and leadership skills as well as increased levels of interpersonal confidence.

Resident Assistants

Resident Assistants (RA) are an integral position in the Residence Life Program. As an RA, you are at the forefront of building a community within the residence halls, hosting fun (and informative) events while also offering support and assistance to your peers.

Residential Peer Educators

Residential Peer Educators (PE) are valued members of the Residence Life program. Each PE is selected to fill one of the following roles:

  • Academic Educator
  • Health Educator
  • Violence Intervention & Prevention (VIP) Educator
  • Engaging Peers in College (EPIC) Educator

University Programming Board

The University Programming Board (UPB) is a student-led organization responsible for campus programming. Its efforts include bringing in featured entertainers, a cinema series, and many other special events for the students. Additionally, it is active in planning for Stampede Week, Family Day, Homecoming, and Finals Frenzy.

Leadership Conferences at MSU Texas

Join us at our conferences where you will have the opportunity to listen to engaging keynote speakers, participate in breakout skill-building sessions, and enjoy a complimentary meal.

Learn More about Leadership Programs


iLEAD is an annual student leadership conference held each fall at MSU Texas. It is designed to provide current and future student leaders with the training to help them and their student organizations grow. The conference is open to all students.


Occurring in the spring, weCONNECT is an annual leadership conference focused on developing community, building networking skills, and developing a spirit of collaboration. Prepare for life during and after college at weCONNECT.
Aerial view of the Dillard College of Business Administration from the quad, with many of the trees displaying leaves changing colors during the fall season.

Ever since I was young, I knew I was going to attend Midwestern State. I feel like I started learning skills that will help me professionally, even in my freshman year.

Brylie Green, Class of 2025
Brylie Green, Class of 2025
Major: Education (EC-6)
Gordon T. & Ellen West College of Education

Are You Ready to Volunteer MSU

At MSU Texas, there are many opportunities to volunteer your time and work with the on-campus and off-campus communities. Fulfill your sense of civic duty and actively build a better tomorrow.

When we help others become better, we become better!

Students in hot pink Maverick's Day of Service t-shirts gather chairs on the sidewalk during an event in downtown Wichita Falls.

Mustangs Take Part in Maverick's Day of Service

Each year, students, faculty, and staff join efforts to serve local nonprofit organizations in Wichita Falls. Do your part to help beautify your community (i.e., pick up litter) and mend fences in the morning, and then round up back on campus in the afternoon for a big, Texas cookout!
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