First-year Mustang
Welcome to MSU Texas! 

Mustangs Roundup is a once-in-a-lifetime extended orientation program designed specifically for the new students at Midwestern State University. For three amazing days, all incoming students will immerse themselves in MSU’s traditions, learn how to get involved, get to know incoming and upper-class students in your academic college, and get connected to their faculty and staff!

Our commitment to helping you succeed begins the minute you set foot on campus, where new friends, faculty, and staff will guide the transition in becoming Mustangs!

Mustangs Roundup Highlights

Students will receive a full schedule when they check-in to Mustangs Roundup! Events will be updated as we get closer to Roundup!

Follow @MSUInvolvement on Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook to stay up to date! 

The schedule will be released as we get closer to Roundup Week 2022!

Make sure you sign up so that you are counted in all the giveaway items, fed, and have the distinct honor of being an incoming student at Midwestern State University!