What happens if I sit out a long (fall or spring) semester?

If a student sits out a long semester (Fall or Spring), they must reapply to MSUTexas and to the BSRS program.

How do I remove the advising hold?

You will need to email your academic advisor (the faculty member assigned to you upon admission to the BSRS program) requesting the hold be removed and including what courses you plan to take and your Mustangs ID number (M-number)


I'm getting close to the end. What do I do to graduate?

You will need to apply for graduation through the Registrar's Office at Apply for Graduation.  We suggest that you apply at the beginning of the semester preceding the semester you plan to graduate.

Are any of the courses sequenced?

Yes, RADS 3503 Research is a prerequisite to RADS 4913 and RADS 3503 is generally NOT offered during the Summer term. 

If you are not formally in the CT program, RADS 4703 you should take RADS 4723 Principles of CT prior to RADS 4783 CT Applications.

Can I use my RADS courses for continuing education credits?

Each course will count as 45 hours for Texas Medical Board (TMB) - Medical Radiologic Technologist (MRT) and 48 hours for ARRT. 

For CE FAQs visit the ARRT webpage

For Texas, technologists visit the Texas Medical Board webpage

What courses transfer to MSU?

Can I take classes at another school while enrolled at MSU?

Yes, if you are enrolled in courses at MSU at the same time, you must complete the Concurrent Enrollment Form.

Can I transfer my statistics credit to you?

Yes, however, most statistics courses taken at a community college are lower level (1000-2000 level) and will not contribute to the 30 hours of upper-level course credit required for graduation. If that course is needed to satisfy the 30 hours, a different upper-level course will need to be taken( usually this only happens when a student has one or more post-primary certifications and is core complete. 

Does MSU offer an online statistics course?

Yes, MSU Texas has an interdisciplinary statistics course, RADS 4123 Data Analysis. This same course is also offered as a nursing course (NURS 4123), a respiratory therapy course (RESP 4123), and a social work course (SOWK 4123).