The Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences (BSRS) is a degree completion program that provides lateral and upward mobility for technologists who are unable to attend traditional college on-campus classes on a full-time basis.  While the BSRS Program is not designed as a complete advanced modality program, specific professional elective course options are designed to help prepare technologists for advanced level examinations in specific modalities.  This program is NOT for entry-level students.  Students wishing to become radiographers need to pursue the BSRT program.

   The mission of the BSRS program is to prepare ARRT-registered technologists for advanced certification and to assume greater responsibilities in the profession.  The learning outcomes of the BSRS program are that:

  1. Graduates will be prepared for clinical advancement.
  2. Graduates will possess critical thinking skills.
  3. Graduates will be prepared to contribute to the profession through scholarly activity.
  4. Graduates will demonstrate professionalism.