Transparency In Contracting

In accordance with Texas Education Code 51.9335, Midwestern State University has adopted rules and procedures for the best value acquisition of goods or services, Best Value Procurement Policy, Section 5.A.

Purchasing Transparency Report Fiscal Year 2016

  • Date Contract # Vendor Name Total Value of Contract Description Method of Procurement
    01/04/2016P0010341EBSCO Information Services $18,329.00Library Database RenewalsOpen Market
    01/04/2016P0010342Datapages Inc $595.00Library Datapage dBase RenewalOpen Market
    01/04/2016P0010343EBSCO Information Services $2,391.92Library Journal RenewalsOpen Market
    01/04/2016P0010344AOC Environmental Inc $4,150.00Removal of ACM & Non ACM (Hardin 114)IDIQ 735-14-8116
    01/04/2016P0010346Summus Industries Inc $922.46Projector, Dell 4220, FFA M&O Portion (1 of 2) $500TX DIR SDD 1951
    01/04/2016P0010347Norwest Graphics LLC $1,180.00MSWU MORE T-Shirts (200 Each)Open Market
    01/04/2016P0010348Davis Electric Co $270.00Install Network Drop in FE114Open Market
    01/04/2016P0010349Complete Lawn Service, LLC $400.00Repair Steps @ Sundance CourtOpen Market
    01/04/2016P0010350Complete Lawn Service, LLC $750.00Repair Memorial Bldg Parking & Nocona CurbOpen Market
    01/04/2016P0010351Precision Machine Works $592.00Waterjet & Load Cell (Sr. Design Project)Open Market
    01/04/2016P0010352Scarborough Specialties Inc $2,643.42Table Cloths for 6' Table (8 Each)Open Market
    01/04/2016P0010353American 3B Scientific $10,804.78Anatomical ModelsExclusive Acquisition (EAJ)
    01/04/2016P0010354Pitney Bowes $7,497.00Annual PO for quarterly bills
    01/04/2016P0010355Cornerstone Engineering $3,500.00
    01/04/2016P0010356Super Steam $2,600.00Clean Vent Hoods, Ducts, Fans & Filters (CSC Dining Facility)Open Market
    01/04/2016P0010357Ex Libris, Inc. $74,029.91Alma Subscription Renwal (Library Materials)Open Market
    01/04/2016P0010358Summus Industries Inc $2,296.00Laptops, Dell Latitude E6440 (2 Each)TX DIR SDD 1951
    01/04/2016P0010359Wendeborn Construction Inc $2,780.00Replace Dome Skylights (McCullough-Trigg)IDIQ 735-13-8105
    01/04/2016P0010360Commercial & Industrial Electronics Inc $10,500.00Avigilon Video System for Business OfficeSingle Source Acquisition
    01/04/2016P0010361CampusEAI $60,639.005 year renewal portal hosting & supportOpen Market
    01/04/2016P0010362YBP Library Services $153.90Library Materials (Books)Open Market
    01/06/2016P0010363HRM USA Inc $3,699.50Fit4Ed Pedometer Teacher's Kit (10 Each)Open Market
    01/06/2016P0010364Scientific Institute $590.00Asbestos Training (Continuing Education)Open Market
    01/07/2016P0010365Strata Information Group, Inc. $1,980.00DBA Services for Degree Works InstallTX DIR SDD 2049
    01/07/2016P0010368Lowe's Home Center $2,377.56Misc Tools & Accessories (for Museum)Open Market
    01/07/2016P0010369Summit Medical Service $2,300.00Service Agreement (LC 1120 System)Contract A021201 (01/04/16)
    01/07/2016P0010370Lone Star Music $1,435.00Recover (4 Each) Pool Tables @ CSCOpen Market
    01/07/2016P0010371Proquest $9,911.75(Library Materials) NY Times Dig Microfilm Pkg 2016Open Market
    01/07/2016P0010372Proquest $5,155.75Open Market
    01/07/2016P0010373Baker Distributing Co $994.52Filters & Freon (Sundance Apts)Open Market
    01/07/2016P0010374Baker Distributing Co $1,117.20Air Filters (McTrigg, Pierce & Killingsworth)Open Market
    01/08/2016P0010376Ellucian CO LP $8,228.00Application Xtender Upgrade Service AgreementOpen Market
    01/08/2016P0010377Cornerstone Engineering $24,000.00Engineering Services for Parking LotIDIQ 735-14-6171
    01/08/2016P0010378Summus Industries Inc $27,559.29PowerEdge M630 (w/Software & Accessories)TX DIR SDD 1951
    01/08/2016P0010379Trinity Air Conditioning $4,970.00Replace Roof Top Unit (Heat Exchanger) @ Simulation CenterIDIQ 735-16-8146
    01/11/2016P0010380FEI Company $23,532.00Renewal of Service Agreement-XL30ESEMi/#9403 Peltier Temp.Exclusive Acquisition (EAJ)
    01/11/2016P0010381Honkomp Welding and Machine Inc $560.00Open Market
    01/11/2016P0010382YBP Library Services $2,917.22Standing Order (61 Books) Library MaterialsOpen Market
    01/11/2016P0010383JSTOR $8,350.00Library Materials - JSTOR dBase RenewalOpen Market
    01/11/2016P0010384Trinity Air Conditioning $3,317.00Replace/Install AHU Drive ABB 15HP 460V (Dillard)Open Market
    01/12/2016P0010385Citibank $97,616.05Monthly P-Card Payment (Statement Date: 01/03/16)Term Contract 946-M1
    01/12/2016P0010386Digital Deviance $144.60Nationals (T-Shirts)Open Market
    01/12/ $5,203.38Reprint/Mailing Mustang Rally PostcardsExclusive Acquisition (EAJ)
    01/12/2016P0010388Xerox Corporation $16,487.40Copier, W7970P Xerox 60 Months, $274.79/MonthTX DIR TSO 3043
    01/13/2016P0010389Praxair Distribution Inc. $2,193.74Liquid Helium LT60 (60 Liters)Prod Supply Agreement 05/09/12
    01/13/2016P0010390Flatbed Press $3,600.00Artwork (Yellow-Crowned Heron & Green Jay)Open Market
    01/13/2016P0010391Andrea Rich $564.00Artwork (Indigo Bunting, Mono Lake & Wilderness I)Open Market
    01/13/2016P0010392William Campbell Contemporary Art $2,200.00Artwork (Premonition of Desire, 1990)Open Market
    01/13/2016P0010393Joseph E Zanatta $3,800.00Artwork (Moonlight, Play Here, Serpent & Bear King, Ode to Chief Seattle)Open Market
    01/13/2016P0010394Cornerstone Engineering $13,500.00Design Services (2 Basketball Courts, Table Pad & Sidewalk Project)IDIQ 735-14-6171
    01/13/2016P0010395Henley-Johnston & Associates Inc $7,995.00Geotech Study for Athletic FieldsExclusive Acquisition (EAJ)
    01/13/2016P0010396Falls Media LLC $2,075.00Athletic Radio Broadcast/Promotion ServicesRFP # 735-13-4181
    01/13/2016P0010397Buford-Thompson Company LLC $5,000.00Fees related to the Design Phase/Mass Comm BuildingRFP # 735-15-8126
    01/14/2016P0010398Summus Industries Inc $856.00Computer, Dell Optiplex 3020 MinitowerTX DIR SDD 1951
    01/14/2016P0010399Wilson Office Supply Co $2,224.0016 Task Chairs, 4 Each Table Top & BaseOpen Market
    01/14/2016P0010400Burgoon Company $733.09Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    01/14/2016P0010401John R. Neal & Associates, Inc. $1,395.00Heater Circulation PumpOpen Market
    01/15/2016P0010402Apogee Telecom Inc $145,728.00Internet for Residence HallsRFP # 735-13-8104
    01/19/2016P0010403PCM-G $72.00Adobe Acrobate Pro Software LicenseTX DIR SDD 2504
    01/19/2016P0010404CDW Government Inc $6,184.84Data Projector/Doc Camera BW122IPA Tech Solutions/TCPN R5106
    01/19/2016P0010405Willen Electric $190.00Install Raceway/Wiring for Projector Project (BW122)Open Market
    01/19/2016P0010406Summus Industries Inc $976.00Computer, Dell Optiplex 3020 w/Monitor & SoundbarTX DIR SDD 1951
    01/19/2016P0010407Southwestern Stationery and Bank Supply, Inc $4,941.004 Page Color Brochure (Qty 5000) for AdmissionsOpen Market
    01/19/2016P0010408CBORD Group Inc $6,451.47Annual Software Maintenance Agreement/LicensesOpen Market
    01/20/2016P0010409Davis Electric Co $2,793.00Replace 7 Cat6 Drops to WAP's @ Bridwell CourtOpen Market
    01/20/2016P0010410Burgoon Company $595.40Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    01/20/2016P0010411Wagner Supply Company $307.20Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    01/20/2016P0010412Bullchase Inc $422.26Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    01/20/2016P0010413TIBH $105.60Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentTerm Contract 485-A1
    01/20/2016P0010414ULTRA CHEM INC $761.93Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    01/20/2016P0010415YBP Library Services $2,763.31Library Materials (Standing Book Order - 43 Each)Open Market
    01/20/2016P0010416YBP Library Services $114.22Library Materials (Standing Book Order - 2 Each)Open Market
    01/20/2016P0010417OCLC Inc $2,558.65Library Materials (Monthly Subscription Online - Cataloging, Etc.Open Market
    01/20/2016P0010418Progressive Waste Solutions of TX Inc $3,081.87Recycle Box Fee (12/15 to 12/17)Open Market
    01/20/2016P0010421Guy's Floors $6,434.00Replace Flooring in Hardin 114Bid # R0010699
    01/21/2016P0010422Nunn Electric Supply Co $572.64Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    01/21/2016P0010423Scripps NP Operating LLC $90.61RFP - McCoy Wind Tunnel ProjectOpen Market
    01/21/2016P0010424CDW Government Inc $438.54Printer, HP Laserjet Pro M402DNNat IPA Tech Solution 130733
    01/22/2016P0010425Apple Computer $469.00iPad Air 2 WiFi 16GB - Space GrayTX DIR SDD 2068
    01/25/2016P0010426Fire & Safety Inc $1,195.25Replacement Fire Extinguishers (35 Each)Open Market
    01/25/2016P0010427HRP Associates Inc $500.00Preparation of SARA Tier 2 Reports 2015 Report YearOpen Market
    01/25/2016P0010428Frank L Parkinson $3,167.08Replace Pump Seal & Brass Impeller (Wellness Ctr Pool)Open Market
    01/26/2016P0010429Oracle America Inc $13,971.12Oracle Annual MaintenanceExclusive Acquisition (EAJ)
    01/26/2016P0010430Grand Rental Station $1,133.94Gas Trimmers & Edgers (for Grounds Maintenance)Open Market
    01/26/2016P0010431Falls Truck Wash $1,650.00Add Cab Extension to Box Truck (Parts & Labor)Open Market
    01/26/2016P0010432Holzman Moss Bottino Architecture, LLP $36,000.00Architectural Services ProgrammingExclusive Acquisition (EAJ)
    01/26/2016P0010433Tennis Warehouse $1,599.60Tennis Nets (8 Each)Open Market
    01/26/2016P0010434Summus Industries Inc $3,468.00Dell Computer w/Dual Monitors & Soundbar (3 Each)TX DIR SDD 1951
    01/26/2016P0010435Bullchase Inc $1,975.20Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    01/27/2016P0010436Cornerstone Engineering $400.00Create a Survey for 2525 HampsteadOpen Market
    01/27/2016P0010437Trinity Air Conditioning $11,854.00IDIQ 735-16-8146
    01/27/2016P0010438Commercial & Industrial Electronics Inc $15,110.00Annual Fire Alarm InspectionsIDIQ 735-16-4230
    01/28/2016P0010439Trinity Air Conditioning $9,502.00Mini Split A/C for Starbucks in Moffett LibraryIDIQ 735-16-8146
    01/28/2016P0010440Town Talk Mfg. Co. Inc. $500.00Men's & Women's Golf UniformsOpen Market
    01/29/2016P00104424imprint $4,680.20Promotional Supplies (Laptop Bags, Padfolios, Luggage Tags, Etc.)Open Market
    01/29/2016P0010443Suntwist Corp $1,173.10Medium Poster Stands 11.5"x 16.5" (15 Each)Open Market
    01/29/2016P0010444Bundy Young Sims & Potter Inc $5,000.00Greek Life Programming - Daniel BuildingOpen Market
    01/29/2016P0010445RobotShop Inc $3,524.08Control Board (Dr. Guo Start Up)Open Market
    01/29/2016P0010446Summus Industries Inc $2,916.00Laptop, Dell Mobile Precision 5510 (w/Accessories)TX DIR SDD 1951
    01/29/2016P0010447CDW Government Inc $5,698.76Smart Board w/Floor Stand & USB CableNat IPA Tech Solu - 130733
    01/29/2016P0010448Summus Industries Inc $1,171.14Computer, Dell Optiplex XE 2 Small Form Factor CTOTX DIR SDD 1951
    01/29/2016P0010449Schoolhouse Audio-Visual $5,250.00Programmin/SAV Tech - Crestron Rework (MY203)Buyboard 482-15
    01/29/2016P0010450Hill-Rom Company Inc $1,500.00Metaneb 4 System (PMN4CAP Control Unit w/Stand)Open Market
    01/29/2016P0010451TEL-Atomic Inc $2,239.00Cavendish BalanceOpen Market
    01/29/2016P0010452JSTOR $1,471.50Online Journals (Library Materials)Open Market
    01/29/2016P0010453YBP Library Services $578.603 Standing Order Books (Library Materials)Open Market
    01/29/2016P0010454EBSCO Information Services $69.86Artforum International (Library Materials)Open Market
    01/29/2016P0010455Sage Publications $259.53America Votes 31E, 2013-2014 (Library Materials)Open Market
    01/29/2016P0010456YBP Library Services $3,110.84Standing Order Books (Library Materials)Open Market
    01/29/2016P0010457Wayfair LLC $775.80Commercial Round Waste Container (4 Each)Open Market
  • Date Contract # Vendor Name Total Value of Contract Description Method of Procurement
    02/02/2016P0010458Armstrong Medical Industries Inc $1,345.00Rectal Examination ModelOpen Market
    02/02/2016P0010459Summus Industries Inc $1,148.00Laptop, Dell Latitude E6440 w/AdapterTX DIR SDD 1951
    02/02/2016P0010460B & H Foto & Electronics Corp $3,281.89Digital Camera w/AccessoriesBuyboard 482-15
    02/02/2016P0010462Entech Sales & Service Inc $1,030.26Andover i2-853 Controllers (3 Each)Buyboard 461-14
    02/02/2016P0010463Winfield Solutions, LLC $2,228.65Pre-Emergent & Weed KillerOpen Market
    02/02/2016P0010464Baker Distributing Co $1,269.12Pleated Air FiltersOpen Market
    02/03/2016P0010465Trane Commercial Systems $79,752.00Service Agreement for West Chiller # 2Exclusive Acquisition (EAJ)
    02/03/2016P0010466Jalyn Construction, Inc. $2,000.00Excavate/Locate Line @ Football FieldsOpen Market
    02/03/2016P0010467Trinity Air Conditioning $1,050.00Replace Evaporative Coil & Charge w/RefrigerantIDIQ 735-16-8146
    02/03/2016P0010468Wagner Supply Company $2,865.94Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    02/03/2016P0010469Bullchase Inc $2,605.69Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    02/04/2016P0010470Lake Road Welding Co Inc $1,403.00Fabrication/Delivery (Flooring Rolling Cart Lift Frame)Open Market
    02/04/2016P0010471John R. Neal & Associates, Inc. $294.00Taco Pump Seal Kit (1600-868-CRP) 3 EachOpen Market
    02/04/2016P0010472Ruffalo Noel Levitz $31,450.00Postage/Direct Mail Drops within TAG ProgramExclusive Acquisition (EAJ)
    02/04/2016P0010473CDW Government Inc $219.27HP Laserjet Pro M402DN PrinterNat IPA Tech Solutions 130733
    02/04/2016P00104743M $3,536.00Service Agreement (Detection & Bookcheck Systems)Open Market
    02/04/2016P0010475YBP Library Services $495.863 Standing Book Orders (Library Materials)Open Market
    02/05/ $2,386.06Housing Postcards - Printing & MailingOpen Market
    02/08/2016P0010477Davis Electric Co $1,806.00Install 5 Quad Shield RG6 to Rec Rooms (McTrigg)Open Market
    02/08/2016P0010478Athletic Supply Inc. $1,278.256th Man Club Members Athletic WearOpen Market
    02/08/2016P0010479Burgoon Company $1,372.48Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    02/08/2016P0010480C C Creations, Ltd $3,426.75MSU Mustang Rally T-ShirtsOpen Market
    02/08/2016P0010481Aqueous Solutions LLC $1,519.00Software Upgrade (GWB10 Pro to GWB11 Pro)Open Market
    02/08/2016P0010482YBP Library Services $157.50Standing Order Book (Library Materials)Open Market
    02/08/2016P0010483Wichita Pipe & Supply $450.00Backflow PreventorOpen Market
    02/08/2016P0010484Temperature Control Systems Inc $4,061.45Actuators (for Central Plant Stock)Open Market
    02/08/2016P0010485HD Supply Facilities Maintenance LTD $703.8011" Round White Acrylic Drum Lens (60 Each)Open Market
    02/08/2016P0010486Hamilton Bryan Furniture $1,065.00Washing Machines (3 Each)Open Market
    02/09/2016P0010487TRI-N Screenprinting $50.50Athletic Training T-ShirtsOpen Market
    02/09/2016P0010488Bullchase Inc $947.36Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    02/09/2016P0010489Wagner Supply Company $328.98Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    02/09/2016P0010490CDW Government Inc $690.00Sheet Feed Scanner FUJI-FI6110 ColorNat IPA Tech Solutions 130733
    02/09/2016P0010491Apple Computer $299.99Software, Final Cut Pro XTX DIR SDD 2068
    02/09/2016P0010492LKCM Radio Group LP $2,075.00Athletic Radio BroadcastsIFB # 735-13-4181
    02/10/2016P0010493Trinity Air Conditioning $1,050.00Remove/Replace Evaporator Coil & Charge w/Refrigerant BW213IDIQ 735-16-8146
    02/10/2016P0010494Henry Schein $5,411.99Autoclave, Table Top, 5 Tray w/Printer HSI# 6684088Bid R0010771
    02/10/2016P0010495CampusEAI $7,500.00Campus EAI myCampus Mobile App SupportAgree/ADD 11/06/13 Attach D
    02/10/2016P0010496Catco Distribution LLC $4,616.00Promotional Supplies (Baseball Caps & Golf Balls)Open Market
    02/11/2016P0010497Wilson Office Supply Co $1,911.00Office Furniture (Office of Coordinator of Student Transition)Open Market
    02/11/2016P0010498CDW Government Inc $2,312.00Flat Panel TV, Mount & Digital Signage KioskNat IPA Tech Solutions 130733
    02/11/2016P0010499Ricoh $6,624.0036 Month Service Agreement for Ricoh CopierExclusive Acquisition (EAJ)
    02/11/2016P0010500OCLC Inc $2,578.90Monthly Online Subscription Service (Library Materials)Open Market
    02/11/2016P0010501National Instruments $781.99Engineering Modules (Guo Start Up)Open Market
    02/11/2016P0010502YBP Library Services $31.46Standing Book Order (Library Materials)Open Market
    02/11/2016P0010503Burgoon Company $3,304.66Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    02/12/2016P0010504HD Supply Facilities Maintenance LTD $981.33Plumbing, Lighting & Cabinet Repair HardwareOpen Market
    02/12/2016P0010505Fire & Safety Inc $2,500.00Annual Fire Extinguisher Inspection ServicesOpen Market
    02/12/2016P0010506Henry Schein $13.92Coverlet Bandages (Athletic Training Supplies)Open Market
    02/15/2016P0010508Citibank $148,678.12Monthly P-Card Payment (Statement Date: 02/03/16)Term Contract 946-M1
    02/15/2016P0010509Lyris Technologies $1,200.00Titanium Software Maintenance for FY16Open Market
    02/15/2016P0010510Wichita Pipe & Supply $2,891.98Water MeterOpen Market
    02/15/2016P0010511Poll Everywhere, Inc. $1,063.00Mobile Device Polling AppOpen Market
    02/15/2016P0010512Simulados Software Inc $4,500.00TExES Online Readiness ReviewsOpen Market
    02/15/2016P0010513Wendeborn Construction Inc $130.00Install Supplied Door (Clark Student Center)Open Market
    02/15/2016P0010514Accent Imaging Inc $7,550.00MSU Press Book Re-Print "Putting Dreams to Flight"Exclusive Acquisition (EAJ)
    02/15/2016P0010515Techline Sports Lighting LLC $519,400.00Lighting for Athletic FieldsBuyBoard Contract #423-13
    02/15/2016P0010516The Vernon Company $1,730.00Promotional Supplies (Graduate Cap Bentcils)Open Market
    02/15/2016P0010517Graduate Sales $6,615.00Men's Soccer Championship RingsExclusive Acquisition (EAJ)
    02/16/2016P0010518Cullar Auto & Truck Repair $1,296.45Vehicle Maintenance (1947 Dodge Fire Truck)Open Market
    02/16/2016P0010519National Instruments $2,744.39NI High Speed Voltage Acquisition ModuleOpen Market
    02/16/2016P0010520Xerox Corporation $8,422.80Xerox Copier Lease Agreement 60 MoTX DIR TSO 3043
    02/16/2016P0010521RR Donnelley $1,306.95Laser Check Re-OrderOpen Market
    02/17/2016P0010522YBP Library Services $2,418.33Standing Order Books 62 Each (Library Materials)Open Market
    02/17/2016P0010523The Gale Group $1,506.35Standing Book Order (Library Materials)Open Market
    02/17/2016P0010524Thyssenkrupp Elevator $68,212.00Ferguson Elevator Repairs & UpgradesExclusive Acquisition (EAJ)
    02/17/2016P0010525Trinity Air Conditioning $1,850.00Install 2 Ton 14 SEER CondenserIDIQ 735-16-8146
    02/17/2016P0010526Ruffalo Noel Levitz $158,339.00TAG ProgramExclusive Acquisition (EAJ)
    02/17/2016P0010527CDW Government Inc $15,450.00Academic Faronics Deep Freeze LicensesNational IPA Tech 130733
    02/18/2016P0010529Follett Higher Education Group $1,152.00Special Order Fairfax Polo Shirts (36 Each)Open Market
    02/18/2016P0010530Precision Machine Works $475.50Machine Clutch Bearing Support (Sr. Design Project)Open Market
    02/18/2016P0010531Flint Inspection Consulting Services Inc $800.00Asbestos & Lead Testing (Fain Fine Arts - E Side)IDIQ 735-14-8116
    02/18/2016P0010532Complete Lawn Service, LLC $500.00Bleacher Removal (Football Fields)Open Market
    02/18/2016P0010533Complete Lawn Service, LLC $2,000.00Replace Concrete Thrust Block @ Clark Student CtrOpen Market
    02/18/2016P0010534Cardinal's Sport Center Inc $1,278.256th Man Pullovers (Athletics)Buyboard 413-12
    02/18/2016P0010535KFDX 3 $3,420.00MBA Program Commercials - Feb & MarchOpen Market
    02/18/2016P0010536Campos Engineering Inc $3,430.00MSU Electrical Cage Relocation EstimateIDIQ # 735-14-6173
    02/19/2016P0010537Davis Electric Co $814.00Repair Damaged Electrical Wiring (Bridwell Courts Attic)Open Market
    02/22/2016P0010538Astroturf LLC $2,587,355.00Artificial Turf for Athletic FieldsBuyBoard Contract #476-15
    02/22/2016P0010539Summus Industries Inc $1,816.52Laptop, Dell Lattitude E6440, Dual Monitors & AC AdapterTX DIR SDD 1951
    02/22/2016P0010540YBP Library Services $2,564.35Standing Book Order - 54 Books (Librar Materials)Open Market
    02/22/2016P0010541Terry's Upholstery $2,300.00Cushions for Moffett Library LobbyOpen Market
    02/22/2016P0010542HF Group LLC $717.50Spring Bindery Order (82 Journals & 10 Theses)Open Market
    02/23/2016P0010543Trinity Air Conditioning $505.00Furnish/Install 4 Stainless Angles (for Greenhouse Walls)Open Market
    02/23/2016P0010544Trinity Air Conditioning $2,290.00Install Evaporator Coil & Thermostat SW313 & SW733Open Market
    02/24/2016P0010545MPKD Partners LLC $13,117.93Consulting ServicesExclusive Acquisition (EAJ)
    02/25/2016P0010546Burgoon Company $1,511.92Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    02/25/2016P0010547Wagner Supply Company $3,092.86Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    02/25/2016P0010548Bullchase Inc $1,362.46Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    02/26/2016P0010549AOC Environmental Inc $35,200.00Water Tanks & Reverse Osmosis Relocation Athletic FieldsRFP #735-16-8154
    02/26/2016P0010551Educational Testing Service $2,225.00Major Fields Tests, Business (Online) 89 EachOpen Market
    02/26/2016P0010552YBP Library Services $2,526.28Standing Book Order - 60 BooksOpen Market
    02/27/2016P0010553WRG LLC $63,200.74Common Furniture Residence HallRFP #735-16-8148
    02/27/2016P0010554BKM Total Office of Texas LLC $591,626.95Furniture for New Residence HallRFP #735-16-8148
    02/27/2016P0010555Vanguard Environments Inc $47,114.46Furniture for New Residence HallRFP #735-16-8148
    02/27/2016P0010556HBI Office Solutions Inc $42,552.95Furniture New Residence HallRFP #735-16-8148
    02/27/2016P0010557Wilson Office Supply Co $24,745.00Furniture for new residence hallRFP #735-16-8148
    02/27/2016P0010558Built For Dreams Inc $21,543.55Furniture for New Residence HallRFP #735-16-8148
    02/29/2016P0010559WD Fencing LLC $17,325.00Athletic Fields Fence InstallationIFB # 735-16-4235
    02/29/2016P0010560B & H Foto & Electronics Corp $2,658.00Loud Speakers/Travel Bags (2 Each)Buyboard 482-15
    02/29/2016P0010561CDW Government Inc $707.00Scanner, Fuji FI-6110Nat IPA Tech Solutions 130733
  • Date Contract # Vendor Name Total Value of Contract Description Method of Procurement
    03/01/2016P0010565Jalyn Construction, Inc. $320.00Dresser Couplings (for CSC)Open Market
    03/01/2016P0010566Safety Kleen Services Inc $3,500.00Hazardous Waste DisposalOpen Market
    03/01/2016P0010567Braun Intertec Corp $4,791.25Construction Materials Testing (Practice Fields)Open Market
    03/01/2016P0010568Complete Lawn Service, LLC $14,200.00Installation & Removal of Concrete on Athletic FieldsIDIQ # 735-14-4189
    03/01/2016P0010569National Instruments $2,828.29Compact DAQ System and Components (Sr Design Project)Open Market
    03/03/2016P0010570Burgoon Company $369.08Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    03/03/2016P0010571Bowles Construction Company $95,950.00Water Line Relocations Athletic FieldsRFP #735-16-8153
    03/03/2016P0010572Bullchase Inc $2,492.00Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    03/04/2016P0010573Summus Industries Inc $771.00Computer, Dell Optiplex 3020 CTOTX DIR SDD 1951
    03/04/2016P0010574Baker Distributing Co $1,009.52Air Filters & Refrigerants (for Sundance Courts)Open Market
    03/04/2016P0010575Modular Framing Systems Inc $82.08Corner, 3 Way, 25mm Panel (Sr. Design Project)Open Market
    03/04/2016P0010576Trinity Air Conditioning $1,145.00Remove/Install Evaporator Coil & Thermostat (SW 532)IDIQ 735-16-8146
    03/04/2016P0010577Bullchase Inc $671.68Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    03/04/2016P0010578Perrone Group $1,260.00Postage for Annual Fund CampaignRFP # 735-16-4232
    03/04/2016P0010579Perrone Group $5,104.00Printing for Annual Fund CampaignRFP # 735-16-4232
    03/04/2016P0010580University Tickets $682.00Ticket StockIFB #735-13-4182
    03/04/2016P0010581Top of The Line Electrical Contracting, Inc $4,999.00Remove/Re-Intsall 4 Electrical Poles @ Football FieldOpen Market
    03/07/2016P0010582CDW Government Inc $4,985.00Software, Tenable Nessus Ent Cloud, 1 YearNat IPA Tech Solutions 130733
    03/07/2016P0010583CDW Government Inc $624.00Software, ACAD VMWARE RenewalNat IPA Tech Solutions 130733
    03/07/2016P0010584D2L Ltd $110,092.77D2L Annual MaintenanceExclusive Acquisition (EAJ)
    03/07/2016P0010585Daktronics Inc $28,935.00Scoreboard for Soccer StadiumBuyBoard # 423-13
    03/07/2016P0010587YBP Library Services $354.60Standing Book Order (Library Materials) 2 BooksOpen Market
    03/07/2016P0010588EBSCO Information Services $98.44Journal Subscription (Library Materials)Open Market
    03/07/2016P0010589Springshare LLC $1,028.00Lib Guide - Online Subscrip (Library Materials)Open Market
    03/08/2016P0010590Trinity Air Conditioning $4,280.00Replace Air Handlers in Sundance 119 & 220IDIQ 735-16-8146
    03/09/2016P0010592CDW Government Inc $60,820.00Switching Gear for Housing ProjectDIR-TSO-2661
    03/10/2016P0010593Complete Lawn Service, LLC $2,700.00Install Dual Handicap Ramps on Sidewalk along Taft BlvdIDIQ 735-14-4189
    03/10/2016P0010594CDW Government Inc $3,084.52Patch Cable Order for New Housing ProjectDIR TSO 2661/TCPN R5106
    03/10/2016P0010595Sunburn, Inc. $819.02AUDIOCODES & Maintenance for New Housing ProjectOpen Market
    03/10/2016P0010596Trinity Air Conditioning $1,940.00Install 2.5 Ton Condenser, TXV & Thermostat SW214Open Market
    03/10/2016P0010597CDW Government Inc $8,611.16UPS Hardware for Housing ProjectNational IPA #130733
    03/10/2016P0010598BSN Sports $8,855.94Backstop SystemBuyBoard Contract # 413-12
    03/10/2016P0010599OCLC Inc $13,473.48OCLC Monthly dBase Charges (Library Materials)Open Market
    03/11/2016P0010600Blackboard Inc $2,431.00Software, Bb Collaborate vOffice RenewalOpen Market
    03/11/2016P0010601PCM-G $72.00Software, Adobe Acrobat ProTX DIR SDD 2504
    03/11/2016P0010602LKCM Radio Group LP $2,075.00Athletic Radio BroadcastsIFB # 735-13-4181
    03/11/2016P0010603BSN Sports $7,670.00Football UniformsBuyBoard Contract # 413-12
    03/14/2016P0010604High Tech Office Systems $360.00Annual Maintenance/Service Agreement on Dept Owned CopierOpen Market
    03/14/2016P0010606US Water Services Inc $830.00Chemicals, SA-100 Acid (for Cooling Tower)Open Market
    03/14/2016P0010607Burgoon Company $610.80Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    03/14/2016P0010608Bullchase Inc $1,458.49Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    03/14/2016P0010609ULTRA CHEM INC $700.20Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    03/15/2016P0010611OnePointe Solutions LLC $2,980.33Counter Top, Phenolic Resin Lab Grade 1.0 72x42 BlackOpen Market
    03/15/2016P0010612Summus Industries Inc $1,542.00Computer (2 Each) Dell Optiplex 3020 MinitowerTX DIR SDD 1951
    03/15/2016P0010613Thomson Reuters (Scientific) LLC $8,736.00Endnote Site License - Subscription Renewal (Library Materials)Open Market
    03/15/2016P0010614The Gale Group $1,090.5020th Century Literary Criticism - 3 Volumes (Library Materials)Open Market
    03/15/2016P0010615The Gale Group $1,090.5019th Century Literature Criticism - 3 Volumes (Library Materials)Open Market
    03/15/2016P0010616The Mathworks Inc $1,881.00Mathworks Software RenewalOpen Market
    03/15/2016P0010617BMC Software Inc Numara Division $3,271.99Track It! Software Maintenance RenewalOpen Market
    03/15/2016P0010618EBSCO Information Services $5.53Subscription Serivces (TRN & Willaim & Mary Qrty)Open Market
    03/15/2016P0010619EBSCO Information Services $7,269.78Subscription Services (Library Materials)Open Market
    03/15/2016P0010620Lone Star Percussion $636.66Cymbal, Pair 19" Classic Orchestral Med CrashOpen Market
    03/15/2016P0010621Citibank $163,526.20Monthly P-Card Payment (Statement Date: 03/03/16)Term Contract 946-M1
    03/15/2016P0010622Insituform Technologies LLC $57,112.50Sleeve the Sewer Line Underneath FFA & Mass Comm AdditionBuyBoard Contract #462-14
    03/16/2016P0010623TBG Partners The Broussard Group $17,000.00Design for Mustang Walk ExtensionExclusive Acquisition (EAJ)
    03/16/2016P0010624Landscape Forms Inc $2,300.00Ring Bike Rack (5 Each)Open Market
    03/16/2016P0010625Cornerstone Engineering $5,250.00Surveying & Limited Civil Engineering Services (Mustangs Walk - N. Extension)IDIQ 735-14-6171
    03/16/2016P0010626Brazos Urethane $939,388.00Flat Roof RepairsRFP # 735-16-8147
    03/17/2016P0010627Timothy Sawyer $905.159 x 12 Pocket Folders, Promo (500 Each)Open Market
    03/17/2016P0010628Trinity Air Conditioning $11,220.00A/C Repair in Sunwatcher & Sundance Apts.IDIQ 735-16-8146
    03/17/2016P0010630Wichita Bearing & Supply Co. $841.95Hi Power II V-BeltsOpen Market
    03/17/2016P0010633Trinity Air Conditioning $16,935.00Replacement of Chiller Coils at Wellness CenterIDIQ 735-16-8146
    03/17/2016P0010634Texas A&M University $136,560.00Ellucian Degree Works Implementation2010 Master Agreement Contract
    03/18/2016P0010635Modular Framing Systems Inc $195.28Extruded Profile, 25mm Panel, 20' Section (Sr. Design)Open Market
    03/21/2016P0010636Southwest Contract $824.00Steel Stack Chairs (10 Each)E&I Contract CNR01354
    03/21/2016P0010637Wilson Office Supply Co $350.00Chair, Executive Hi Back, Blk, Lthr (2 Each)Open Market
    03/21/2016P0010638Monica Nan Combs $150.00T-Shirts for Cookie Dash (30 Each)Open Market
    03/21/2016P0010639Scrip Safe Security Products Inc $1,872.90Secure Transcript Paper (30,000)Open Market
    03/21/2016P0010640Xerox Corporation $11,825.40Copier, W7830PT (60 Months @ 197.09/Month)TX DIR SDD 3043
    03/22/2016P0010641Calero Software LLC $2,519.64VeraSmart Software 1 Year Annual Maintenance RenewalOpen Market
    03/22/2016P0010642Southwestern Pump & Equipment $1,686.00Peerless Pump Model PE303-33 (for Central Plant)Open Market
    03/23/2016P0010643Summus Industries Inc $1,592.00Computer, Dell Optiplex 3020 Minitower CTO w/Soundbar (2 Each)TX DIR SDD 1951
    03/28/2016P0010644Dell Marketing LP $1,994.74Extended Service/Maint Contract (PowerEdge Servers - 4 Each)TX DIR SDD 1951
    03/28/2016P0010645McAllister & Quinn LLC $56,505.00Professional Grant Writing ServiceExclusive Acquisition (EAJ)
    03/28/2016P0010646Wagner Supply Company $1,180.58Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    03/29/2016P0010647Dell Marketing LP $5,192.23Extended Service/Maint Contract (Servers - 4 Each)TX DIR SDD 1951
    03/29/2016P0010648Lydick-Hooks Roofing Co $2,067.00Roof Scupper Repair (D.L. Ligon Coliseum)Open Market
    03/29/2016P0010649Lydick-Hooks Roofing Co $721.00Roof Repair, Center Dormer (Sikes House)Open Market
    03/29/2016P0010650Berend Brothers $2,350.00Pull Behind DR Leaf & Lawn VacuumOpen Market
    03/29/2016P0010651Bullchase Inc $984.76Warehouse Inventory ReplacementOpen Market
    03/29/2016P0010652Burgoon Company $649.22Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    03/29/2016P0010653Wagner Supply Company $3,906.74Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    03/30/2016P0010654Precision Machine Works $255.25Machining Parts for Senior Design ProjectOpen Market
    03/30/2016P0010655Honkomp Welding and Machine Inc $40.00Machine Ring Gear for Senior Design ProjectOpen Market
    03/30/2016P0010656The PlayWell Group $4,186.51Outdoor 46" Oct Picnic Table w/4 Seats (3 Each)Buyboard 423-13
    03/30/2016P0010657The Gale Group $8,022.34Online Subscription Service (Gale Opposing Viewpoints) Library MaterialsOpen Market
    03/30/2016P0010658YBP Library Services $153.90Library Books (Advances in Protein Chemistry)Open Market
    03/30/2016P00106594imprint $773.53Men's & Ladies Sports Polos & T-ShirtsOpen Market
    03/30/2016P0010660Preservation Technologies LP $4,160.00Deacidification System (Library Materials)Open Market
    03/30/2016P0010661Huntington T Block Insurance Agency Inc $2,750.00Special Collections Insurance (Library Materials)Open Market
    03/31/2016P0010662Berend Turf & Tractor LP $2,350.00Pull Behind DR Leaf & Lawn VacuumOpen Market
    03/31/2016P0010663Summus Industries Inc $1,241.00Computer, Dell, Optiplex 3020 w/Soundbar & Dual MonitorsTX DIR SDD 1951
    03/31/2016P0010664CDW Government Inc $271.26Printer, HP Laserjet Pro M402dnOpen Market
  • Date Contract # Vendor Name Total Value of Contract Description Method of Procurement
    04/01/2016P0010665Buford-Thompson Company LLC $5,000,000.00Mass Comm Building ProjectRFP # 735-16-8144
    04/04/2016P0010666Rise Display $1,800.00Annual Subscription to Rise Content Management System & Ticker SubscriptionOpen Market
    04/04/2016P0010667Trinity Air Conditioning $1,145.00Replace Evaporator Coil & Thermostat (Sunwatcher #322)IDIQ 735-16-8146
    04/04/2016P0010668Trinity Air Conditioning $2,340.00Install Fancoil, Service Valves & Thermostat (Sundance #323)IDIQ 735-16-8146
    04/04/2016P0010669TNT Signs And Graphics $2,880.009'x4' Prints (Soccer Pictures) w/StandoffsOpen Market
    04/04/2016P0010670Digital Deviance $2,943.75T-Shirts (Spring Game Tees)Open Market
    04/05/2016P0010671Precision Machine Works $1,973.00Machine One Assembly (Aluminum & Bronze Pieces & Thompson Shaft) Sr. Design ProjectOpen Market
    04/05/2016P0010672Musco Sports Lighting LLC $1,195.00Contactors Assy & Cables (Repair Athletic Field Lighting Control)Open Market
    04/05/2016P0010673Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care Inc $6,385.00Accreditation Survey (05/02/16 to 05/03/16)Exclusive Acquisition (EAJ)
    04/05/2016P0010674Summus Industries Inc $1,148.00Laptop, Dell Latitude E6440 w/Adapter & CaseTX DIR SDD 1951
    04/05/2016P0010675Bullchase Inc $2,491.16Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    04/05/2016P0010676Wagner Supply Company $823.80Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    04/05/2016P0010677PCM-G $72.00Software, Adobe Acrobat Pro (1 License)TX DIR SDD 2504
    04/06/2016P0010678Henry Schein $185.28Athletic Training Supplies (Vinyl Gloves & Wrap)Open Market
    04/06/2016P0010679Burgoon Company $69.12Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    04/06/2016P0010680Apple Computer $3,916.00Computer, Apple iMac 27" w/Retina 5K Display (2 Each)TX DIR SDD 2068
    04/08/2016P0010681Follett Higher Education Group $1,152.00Open Market
    04/08/2016P0010682Treanor Architects, P.A. $4,800.00Mgmt, Coordination & MEP Engineering for New Residence Hall Cafe ModificationsOpen Market
    04/08/2016P0010683SMG Equipment LLC $45,269.10Sportchamp Artificial Turf MachineExclusive Acquisition (EAJ)
    04/08/2016P0010684THOR Tarp & Divisions $9,499.98Floor Covering Tarp for Gym in Wellness CenterExclusive Acquisition (EAJ)
    04/11/2016P0010685Burgoon Company $266.98Plumbing Repair Parts (Faucet Stems, Vacuum Breakers & Toilet Repair Kits)Open Market
    04/11/2016P0010686Timothy Sawyer $375.009x12 Pocket Folders (500 Each)Open Market
    04/11/2016P0010687Jostens Inc $3,080.00Retiree Watches (14 Each)Open Market
    04/12/2016P0010688Cecil Chappell $200.00Metal Works (24" Mustangs & MSU Logos)Open Market
    04/12/2016P0010689Bullchase Inc $1,158.20Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    04/12/2016P0010690CampusEAI $642.00Adv Consulting Srvs Agree (Password Mgmt STE) RenewalRenewal/Addendum dtd 11/06/13
    04/12/2016P0010691Pyramed Health Systems $7,192.00Pyramed Annual Maint & SupportOpen Market
    04/12/2016P0010692ConvergeOne Inc $9,142.95IP Phones & Software for New Housing ProjectExclusive Acquisition (EAJ)
    04/12/2016P0010693Trinity Air Conditioning $3,405.00Install Condenser, Coil & Thermostat (Sunwatcher 434)Open Market
    04/12/2016P0010694Citibank $143,569.34Monthly P-Card Payment (Statement Date: 04/03/16)Term Contract 946-M1
    04/12/2016P0010695Burgoon Company $244.51Reciprocating Saw w/Blade SetOpen Market
    04/12/2016P0010696Neuralog LP $2,600.00Renewal Extended Warranty (Scanner) & Single User LicenceOpen Market
    04/12/2016P0010697Test Equipment Depot $3,529.40Oscilloscope w/Probes (7 Each)Open Market
    04/12/2016P0010698Lone Star Percussion $1,936.19Drum Set w/AccessoriesOpen Market
    04/12/2016P0010699Hallmark Casework $4,995.00Steel Wall Cases (for Electronics Lab) in Engineering DeptOpen Market
    04/13/2016P0010700Robert Ramatowski $3,766.33Repair Tile in Sundance AtriumOpen Market
    04/13/2016P0010701Robert Ramatowski $2,450.00Repair Vinyl Floors in Sundance AptsOpen Market
    04/13/2016P0010702Precision Machine Works $811.00Water Jet & Machining Stainless Steel Parts (Sr. Design Project)Open Market
    04/13/2016P0010703National Instruments $11,932.15Five Elvis II StationsExclusive Acquisition (EAJ)
    04/13/2016P0010704Wendeborn Construction Inc $2,018.00Annual Maintenace of D.L. Ligon Coliseum Walking TrackIDIQ 735-13-8105
    04/13/2016P0010706Cornerstone Engineering $6,900.00Topographic & Locative Survey for HSHS Bldg ProjectIDIQ 735-14-6171
    04/13/2016P0010707PAC SYSTEMS INC $8,750.00Annual Fire Sprinkler InspectionsRFP # 735-14-4199
    04/14/2016P0010708Summus Industries Inc $1,156.00Computer, Dell Optiplex 3020 w/Dual Monitors & SoundbarTX DIR SDD 1951
    04/14/2016P0010709Wendeborn Construction Inc $3,000.00Remove Debris from 2525 HampsteadIDIQ 735-13-8105
    04/14/2016P0010710RV Storage and More $695.00Summer Storage Rental for BusOpen Market
    04/14/2016P0010711Trinity Air Conditioning $1,704.00Repair/Install New Fan Motor & Contactor (Redwine Chiller)Open Market
    04/18/2016P0010714Complete Lawn Service, LLC $900.00Lawn Repairs (Clark Student Center)Open Market
    04/18/2016P0010715Summus Industries Inc $1,241.00Computer, Dell Optiplex 3020 w/Dual Monitors & SoundbarTX DIR SDD 1951
    04/18/2016P0010716CDW Government Inc $238.00Printer, HP Color LJ Pro M452DNTX DIR TSO 2538
    04/18/2016P0010717Summus Industries Inc $856.00Computer, Dell Optiplex 3020 Minitower CTOTX DIR SDD 1951
    04/19/2016P0010718Trinity Air Conditioning $2,250.00Install 3 Ton Fancoil & Heat Kit (Sundance 217)IDIQ 735-16-8146
    04/19/2016P0010719PAC SYSTEMS INC $5,019.00Fire Sprinkler RepairsRFP # 735-14-4199
    04/19/2016P0010720Willen Electric $29,134.00Install Electrical Equipment for Intramural Athletic FieldsIDIQ # 735-15-4224
    04/19/2016P0010721Robert Ramatowski $975.00Prep & Refinish Bath Tubs (Sunwatcher 511, 823 & 424)Open Market
    04/20/2016P0010723Summus Industries Inc $311.98Dell Monitors (2 Each)TX DIR SDD 1951
    04/20/2016P0010724Braun Intertec Corp $4,623.00Materials Testing for Mass Comm Building ProjectOpen Market
    04/21/2016P0010725OCLC Inc $2,568.65Monthly Cataloging Online Subscription Service (Library Materials)Open Market
    04/21/2016P0010726Willen Electric $3,100.00Electrical Power Install for Moffett Library ProjectOpen Market
    04/21/2016P0010727YBP Library Services $1,034.502 Standing Order Books (Library Materials)Open Market
    04/21/2016P0010728Amigos Library Services $6,321.30BioOne Database Online Subscriptions (Library Materials)Open Market
    04/21/2016P0010729EBSCO Information Services $770.592 Journal Renewals (Library Materials)Open Market
    04/21/2016P0010730Summus Industries Inc $1,241.00Computer, Dell Optiplex 3020 w/Dual Monitors & SoundbarTX DIR SDD 1951
    04/21/2016P0010731Gale/CENGAGE Learning $26,185.00Online Journals (Library Materials)Open Market
    04/21/2016P0010732Gale/CENGAGE Learning $200.00Online Subscription (Library Materials)Open Market
    04/21/2016P0010734Burgoon Company $4,870.92Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    04/22/2016P0010735Randall Scott Architects Inc $475,000.00Design HS+HS BuildingRFQ#735-16-6181
    04/25/2016P0010736Trinity Air Conditioning $1,145.00Replace Evaporator Coil & Thermostat (Sunwatcher 822)Open Market
    04/25/2016P0010737Precision Machine Works $788.00Machine (4) 3.125 Caps w/3" Radius (Sr. Design Project)Open Market
    04/25/2016P0010738Tk20 $2,000.00Annual Managed Hosting FeesOpen Market
    04/28/2016P0010739Shoops Texas Termite Control Company $1,600.00Soil Sterilization (Fantasy of Lights & Water Plant)Open Market
    04/28/2016P0010740Sherwin Williams $900.00Sealer for Brick (on Bolin Science Hall Penthouse)Open Market
    04/29/2016P0010741TASER International $2,450.46Taser, Holter, Battery Pack, Cartridge for University Police DeptOpen Market
  • Date Contract # Vendor Name Total Value of Contract Description Method of Procurement
    05/02/2016P0010744KFDX 3 $4,020.00MBA Program Commercials (May/June)Open Market
    05/02/2016P0010745Apple Computer $1,314.00Computer, Apple iMac 21.5"TX DIR SDD 2068
    05/02/2016P0010746OCLC Inc $495.00OCLC EzProxy Software (Library Materials)Open Market
    05/02/2016P0010747YBP Library Services $265.50Book, Organic Reactions V89 (Library Materials)Open Market
    05/02/2016P0010748Burgoon Company $138.60Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    05/02/2016P0010749Wagner Supply Company $1,973.80Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    05/02/2016P0010750Bullchase Inc $2,036.56Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    05/02/2016P0010751Apple Computer $474.00iPad Air, WiFi 64GB Space GrayTX DIR SDD 2068
    05/03/2016P0010742ANSYS, Inc. $6,000.00ANSYS License RenewalExclusive Acquisition (EAJ)
    05/03/2016P0010752Texas Correctional Industries $258.54Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentTerm Contract 485-A1
    05/03/2016P0010753Trane Co Amer Standard Inc $30,936.00Service Agreement for Chiller 1Exclusive Acquisition (EAJ)
    05/03/2016P0010754YBP Library Services $562.05Standing Order Books (4 Each) Library MaterialsOpen Market
    05/03/2016P0010755Praxair Distribution Inc. $1,884.60Liquid Helium (60 Liters)Open Market
    05/04/2016P0010756Apco $987.07Replacement Signs for CampusOpen Market
    05/04/2016P0010757Sherwin Williams $2,925.00Yellow Traffic Marking PaintOpen Market
    05/04/2016P0010758Gaylord Bros Inc. $916.7360 pt Barrier Board Blue/Gray 33"x 58" Pkg/25 (Library Materials)Open Market
    05/04/2016P0010760Gaylord Bros Inc. $101.76Blue Eflute DeepLid Archival Boxes (Library Materials)Open Market
    05/04/2016P0010761Gaylord Bros Inc. $95.64Blue Eflute DeepLid Newpaper Archival Boxes (Library Materials)Open Market
    05/04/2016P0010762Gaylord Bros Inc. $82.03DocuDry Eflute DeepLid Archival Newspaper Boxes (Library Materials)Open Market
    05/05/2016P0010722Luz Lerma Construction, Inc. $151,528.00Construction Basketball courts & SidewalksRFP#735-16-8158
    05/05/2016P0010759Gaylord Bros Inc. $79.43BluGry BarrierBoard Clmshi Box (Library Materials)Open Market
    05/05/2016P0010765Norwest Graphics LLC $2,550.00MSU Embroidered Polos (150 Each)Open Market
    05/05/2016P0010766TRI-N Screenprinting $281.50Short Sleeve ShirtsOpen Market
    05/06/2016P0010733Luz Lerma Construction, Inc. $464,326.00Construction of Parking Lot at West Campus AnnexRFP # 735-16-8157
    05/09/2016P0010763G T Distributors $377.00Pistol, Glock, 23 40 Gen IV, Fixed Sight (for University Police Dept)Open Market
    05/09/2016P0010770Apple Computer $724.00Tablet, iPad Pro, WiFi 128GBTX DIR SDD 2068
    05/09/2016P0010771The PlayWell Group $2,800.00Drinking Fountain w/Filler StationBuyboard #423-13
    05/09/2016P0010772Cornerstone Engineering $400.00Survey Property @ 2527 HampsteadIDIQ 735-14-6171
    05/09/2016P0010773Wagner Supply Company $920.58Vacuum Cleaners, 2 Each (Housing)Open Market
    05/09/2016P0010774ADCO LLC $725.00Property Inspection: 2527 HampsteadOpen Market
    05/10/2016P0010764Scavify LLC $2,000.00University Scavenger Hunt Event Pkg Application (Student Dev & Orientation)Open Market
    05/10/2016P0010775YBP Library Services $179.10Standing Order Book (Library Materials)Open Market
    05/10/2016P0010776Motion Industries Inc $4,584.82dan.tucker@moton-ind.comOpen Market
    05/10/2016P0010777City of Bowie $600.00Ballistic Vest, Point Blank ThorOpen Market
    05/10/2016P0010778TNT Signs And Graphics $1,089.60Athletic Field SignageOpen Market
    05/10/2016P0010779Wagner Supply Company $1,774.89Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    05/10/2016P0010780Burgoon Company $693.32Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    05/10/2016P0010781Bullchase Inc $3,232.67Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    05/10/2016P0010782Bullchase Inc $1,200.00Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    05/10/2016P0010783Texas Dept of State Health Services $57.00Asbestos Abatement/Demolition Notification FeeOpen Market
    05/10/2016P0010785Citibank $129,667.76Monthly P-Card Payment (Statement Date: 05/03/16)Term Contract 946-M1
    05/11/2016P00107874imprint $2,313.07Promo Supplies (Cell Phone Wallet, Bean Bag Horse & Tech Tattoos) (Student Development & Orientation)Open Market
    05/11/2016P00107884imprint $1,449.76Promo Supplies (Two Pocket Folder) (Student Development & Orientation)Open Market
    05/11/2016P0010789Norwest Graphics LLC $9,555.00MSU MORE and Spirit Days T-shirtsBid # R0011098
    05/11/2016P0010790Burney's Metal Works $4,900.00Metal Awning w/Cement Slab (for Equipment)Open Market
    05/11/2016P0010791Trinity Air Conditioning $1,000.00Repair Anon Unit in Pierce HallOpen Market
    05/11/2016P0010792Landscape Forms Inc $3,320.00Park Bench (2 Each)Open Market
    05/11/2016P0010793Wagner Supply Company $521.64Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    05/11/2016P0010794Bullchase Inc $107.94Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    05/11/2016P0010795ULTRA CHEM INC $515.28Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    05/12/2016P0010767Treanor Architects, P.A. $25,750.00Design Mustang Walk Extension to New DormRFQ # 735-14-6169
    05/12/2016P0010786Clark Richardson & Biskup Consulting Eng Inc $30,000.00Bolin Science Building Consulting ServicesRFQ # 735-16-6187
    05/12/2016P0010796SAS Institute Inc $8,671.00Software License RenewalExclusive Acquisition (EAJ)
    05/12/2016P0010797Burgoon Company $322.62Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    05/12/2016P0010799Wagner Supply Company $264.36Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    05/13/2016P0010800Summus Industries Inc $1,156.00Computer, Dell Optiplex 3020 w/Dual Monitors & SoundbarTX DIR SDD 1951
    05/13/2016P0010801Lydick-Hooks Roofing Co $1,954.00Remove/Replace Downspouts (Bolin Science Hall Penthouse)Open Market
    05/13/2016P0010802Hat World Inc $2,600.00Team Golf BagsOpen Market
    05/13/2016P0010803America's Software Corporation $2,990.00Online Radiography Software Access w/Annual Hosting/SupportOpen Market
    05/13/2016P0010804OCLC Inc $2,651.90Monthly Online Cataloging Subscription (Library Materials)Open Market
    05/13/2016P0010805Gaylord Bros Inc. $24.06Lineco Document Repair Tape (Library Materials)Open Market
    05/16/2016P0010807Legit Apps LLC $4,990.00Legit Apps Student Orientation AppAgreement & ADD dtd 05/11/16
    05/16/2016P0010808X Central LLC $1,848.00Maintenance Agreement Renewal (Equitrac Express 4.1)Open Market
    05/16/2016P0010809CDW Government Inc $14,588.00Wireless Acces Pts, Power Supplies, Network SwitchesTX DIR TSO 2661 & Nat IPA Tech
    05/17/2016P0010456YBP Library Services $3,110.84Standing Order Books (Library Materials)Open Market
    05/17/2016P0010768MSC Industrial Supply $20,572.33Clausing Lathe MachineRFP # 735-16-4237
    05/18/2016P0010705BKM Total Office of Texas LLC $3,686.27Furniture for StarbucksRFP#735-16-8148
    05/18/2016P0010811CLCD, LLC. $925.00Annual dBase Subscription Renewal - Children's Literature (Library Materials)Open Market
    05/18/2016P0010812EBSCO Information Services $579.00Library Journals (Library Materials)Open Market
    05/18/2016P0010813Amigos Library Services $10,757.49dBase Renewal - LexisNexis Acadmic (Libary Materials)Open Market
    05/18/2016P0010814Summus Industries Inc $2,312.00Computer, Dell Optiplex 3020 w/Dual Monitors & Soundbar (2 Each)TX DIR SDD 1951
    05/19/2016P0010798PCM-G $63.07InDesign Software LicenseTX DIR SDD 2504
    05/19/2016P0010815VisSpiro Strategies $42,500.00North Campus Precinct StudyIDIQ # 735-14-6170
    05/19/2016P0010816VisSpiro Strategies $24,500.00Development of Campus Architecture and Landscape Design StandardsIDIQ # 735-14-6170
    05/19/2016P0010817Summus Industries Inc $2,709.00MIRAMAR 17,7710 (Mobile Workstation & Dock)TX DIR SDD 1951
    05/23/2016P0010818Burgoon Company $320.64Warehuse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    05/23/2016P0010819Wagner Supply Company $194.48Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    05/23/2016P0010820Bullchase Inc $600.26Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    05/23/2016P0010821TNT Signs And Graphics $3,885.00Summer Camp ShirtsOpen Market
    05/23/ $1,250.00Vault Online Subscription AccessAgreement & ADD dtd 05/19/16
    05/23/2016P0010823Shade Tree Nursery & Landscaping $596.50Plant Materials (Akin Auditorium)Open Market
    05/23/2016P0010824Davis Electric Co $2,160.00Install (8) Data Drops (Clark Student Center)Open Market
    05/24/2016P0010810Oracle America Inc $90,301.50FY 17 Annual Oracle MaintenanceExclusive Acquisition (EAJ)
    05/24/2016P0010825Complete Lawn Service, LLC $850.00Service/Repair Mower (Grounds)Open Market
    05/24/2016P0010826Fire & Safety Inc $1,195.255lb Strike First Extinguishers (35 Each)Open Market
    05/24/2016P0010827Blueridge Software Inc $1,619.82Renewal Notice/Annual Support & Maint (Contract Assistant Software)Open Market
    05/24/2016P0010828Summus Industries Inc $19,804.00Computers (19 Each) for New Residence HallTX DIR SDD 1951
    05/24/2016P0010829Apple Computer $375.00iPad Air 2, WiFi-16GBTX DIR SDD 2068
    05/25/2016P0010831Wagner Supply Company $47.90Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    05/25/2016P0010832Bullchase Inc $329.85Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    05/25/2016P0010833Burgoon Company $1,126.49Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    05/26/2016P0010830Evans Enterprises Inc Wf $3,738.40Vertical Motors (2 Each) for Central PlantOpen Market
    05/26/2016P0010834Wendeborn Construction Inc $4,308.00Remodel PO Boxes (Clark Student Center)IDIQ #735-13-8105
    05/26/2016P0010835Beacon Medaes $1,120.00Troubleshoot Medical Air Dryers @ Dental SchoolOpen Market
    05/26/2016P0010836YBP Library Services $565.00Standing Order Books (Library Materials)Open Market
    05/26/2016P0010837Amigos Library Services $4,607.00dBase Subscriptions Renewals (Library Materials)Open Market
    05/26/2016P0010838Summus Industries Inc $1,191.00Laptop, Dell Latitude E6440 w/Adapter & Carrying CaseTX DIR SDD 1951
    05/26/2016P0010840Sorbent Technologies Inc $6,062.90EZ Mini Flash Pumps, EZ Luer Kits & TLC Plate CutterExclusive Acquisition (EAJ)
    05/26/2016P0010841Q-Chem Inc $1,091.72Q-Chem Annual Software Maintenance PlanOpen Market
    05/26/2016P0010842YBP Library Services $153.90Standing Order Book (Library Materials)Open Market
    05/26/2016P0010843BMC Software Inc Numara Division $5,328.22TrackIt Work Order Software Licenses for Facility ServicesExclusive Acquisition (EAJ)
  • Date Contract # Vendor Name Total Value of Contract Description Method of Procurement
    06/01/2016P0010847Wendeborn Construction Inc $466.00Remove/Replace (2) Downspouts (Fain Hall)IDIQ 735-13-8105
    06/01/2016P0010848Davis Electric Co $1,080.00Data Drop Installation Bolin BO100, B0127 & (2) Moffett 108Open Market
    06/01/2016P0010849Complete Lawn Service, LLC $2,540.00Remove/Replace Gravel, Pour Concrete Curb (Softball Field)Open Market
    06/02/2016P0010845Harper Perkins Architects Inc $379,000.00Archtectural Services TAS ADA Fire MarshalRFQ #735-16-6182
    06/02/2016P0010850RV Storage and More $240.00Summer Bus Storage for Bus #205 (June - August)Open Market
    06/02/2016P0010852Burgoon Company $21.263 PC Fire Retardent Rain Suit XL (1 Set)Open Market
    06/03/2016P0010855Complete Lawn Service, LLC $1,750.00Concrete Pads for Bike Racks @ MuseumIDIQ 735-14-4189
    06/03/2016P0010856Summus Industries Inc $1,332.59Computer, Dell Optiplex 3020 Minitower w/MonitorTX DIR SDD 1951
    06/03/2016P0010857Burgoon Company $697.12Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    06/03/2016P0010858Bullchase Inc $1,186.34Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    06/03/2016P0010859Wagner Supply Company $899.60Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    06/03/2016P0010860YBP Library Services $244.10(2) Standing Order Books (Library Materials)Open Market
    06/03/2016P0010861YBP Library Services $153.90Standing Book Order (Library Materials)Open Market
    06/07/2016P0010844Safety Kleen Services Inc $5,108.40Disposal of Hazardous Waste from Bolin LabsExclusive Acquisition (EAJ)
    06/07/2016P0010851Flair Data Systems $26,611.74Renewal Ironport Spam Filter & Cisco Router Core MaintDIR-TSO-2542
    06/08/2016P0010769BSN Sports $4,057.88Four Soccer GoalsIFB # 735-16-4243
    06/08/2016P0010862Wilson Office Supply Co $175.00Chair, Hi Back, Executive Black LeatherOpen Market
    06/08/2016P0010863Complete Lawn Service, LLC $1,750.00Remove/Replace Sidewalk (Front of Clark Student Center)IDIQ 735-14-4189
    06/08/2016P0010864Statewide Elevator Inspections LLC $1,890.00Campus Elevator InspectionsOpen Market
    06/09/2016P0010839Midwest Office Furniture Inc $25,239.55Library FurnitureRFP # 735-16-4239
    06/09/2016P0010865SC International Enterprises Inc $1,533.00Frisbee Team UniformsOpen Market
    06/09/2016P0010866Minitab Inc $2,376.00Minitab Software Renewal FY17Open Market
    06/09/2016P0010867Micro Focus Inc $2,285.74Supportline Support & Maintenance RenewalOpen Market
    06/09/2016P0010868Summus Industries Inc $2,982.00Data Projectors (3) Dell Dumas S510nTX DIR SDD 1951
    06/13/2016P0010869Willen Electric $1,506.00Relocate Electrical for Dining Hall Fryer @ Clark Student CenterIDIQ 735-15-4224
    06/13/2016P0010870Summus Industries Inc $1,148.00Laptop, Dell Latitude E6440 w/Adapter & Carrying CaseTX DIR SDD 1951
    06/14/2016P0010853Braun Intertec Corp $10,985.00Geotechnical Investigation HS&HS BuildingRFQ # 735-16-6186
    06/14/2016P0010871Summus Industries Inc $1,148.00Laptop, Dell Latitude E6440 w/Adapter & Carrying CaseTX DIR SDD 1951
    06/14/2016P0010872Pollock Paper Distributors $2,140.00Floor Scrubber, Power Flite PredatorOpen Market
    06/14/2016P0010873Centre Carriers Coporation $10,776.18Moving Expenses for VP University Advancement & Public AffairsBid # R0011203
    06/15/2016P0010846Bruker Optics Inc $6,784.05Maintenance/Service Agreement Renewal for VERTEX 70Agreement/ADD dtd 06/18/14
    06/15/2016P0010874CDW Government Inc $2,670.00Computer, MS Surface Pro 4 (3 Each)Nat IPA Tech Solutions 130733
    06/15/2016P0010875Digital Architecture Inc. $6,484.00ACMS Hosting, Support, Upgrade RenewalAgreement dtd 07/15/13
    06/15/2016P0010876EBSCO Information Services $31,313.00Online Library dBase Renewals (Library Materials)Open Market
    06/15/2016P0010877EBSCO Information Services $733.54Library Subscriptions (Libary Materials)Open Market
    06/15/2016P0010878EBSCO Information Services $1,576.11Online Journals (Library Materials)Open Market
    06/15/2016P0010879Summus Industries Inc $1,148.00Laptop, Dell Latitude E6440 w/Adapter & Carrying CaseTX DIR SDD 1951
    06/15/2016P0010880Summus Industries Inc $1,148.00Laptop, Dell Latitude E6440 w/Adapter & Carrying CaseTX DIR SDD 1951
    06/15/2016P0010883Amigos Library Services $6,966.00Library dBase Renewal (Library Materials)Open Market
    06/15/2016P0010884OCLC Inc $2,685.15Monthly Online Subscription Fees (Library Materials)Open Market
    06/15/2016P0010885Citibank $140,577.67Monthly P-Card Payment (Statement Date: 06/03/16)Term Contract 946-M1
    06/15/2016P0010886Nikon Instruments Inc $4,408.74E200 Trinocular MicroscopeTerm Contract 490-M2
    06/15/2016P0010887Breegle Building Products $999.52Repair Tile in Sundance AtriumOpen Market
    06/16/2016P0010881Formlabs Inc $5,041.213D PrinterExclusive Acquisition (EAJ)
    06/16/2016P0010888Trinity Air Conditioning $990.00Install Evaporator Coil & Thermostat (Sunwatcher 724)Open Market
    06/16/2016P0010889Burgoon Company $1,372.06Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    06/16/2016P0010891Southwest Contract $3,160.00Mattress, Full Size (20 Each)E&I Contract CNR01354
    06/20/2016P0010892Summus Industries Inc $149.00Dell E-Port Plus Advanced Port ReplicatorTX DIR SDD 1951
    06/20/2016P0010893X Central LLC $1,500.00Software Upgrade (Equitrac Express 5) w/Print License Ver. UpgradeOpen Market
    06/20/2016P0010895InSite Amenities $9,170.00Exclusive Acquisition (EAJ)
    06/20/2016P0010896Burgoon Company $189.36Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    06/20/2016P0010897Wagner Supply Company $2,587.82Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    06/20/2016P0010898Bullchase Inc $4,152.59Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    06/21/2016P0010854ConvergeOne Inc $98,969.01Avaya/Aura Messaging Maintenance SupportDIR-TSO-2687
    06/21/2016P0010900The Soccer Corner $5,613.50Men's Soccer Practice GearBuyboard Contract 502-16
    06/21/2016P0010903All American Sports/Riddell $13,748.60Reconditioning of Football Helmets & PadsExclusive Acquisition (EAJ)
    06/21/2016P0010904Gale/CENGAGE Learning $2,842.062 dBase Renewals (Library Materials)Open Market
    06/21/2016P0010905Adina R & D, Inc. $1,800.00ADINA Software License RenewalOpen Market
    06/21/2016P0010906Beacon Medaes $1,559.00Repair Dryer & Air Leak on Med Air Hitachi Recip CompOpen Market
    06/21/2016P0010907EBSCO Information Services $142.762 Journal Subscription Renewals (Library Materials)Open Market
    06/21/2016P0010908Apple Computer $439.00iPad Air 2 w/CaseTX DIR SDD 2068
    06/22/2016P0010882Kanopy LLC $7,000.00Online Streaming Video Service (Library Services)Agree/Addendum dtd 06/22/16
    06/22/2016P0010909Wendeborn Construction Inc $5,390.00Provide/Install 154 Missing/Damaged Window ScreensIDIQ 735-13-8105
    06/22/2016P0010910Ex Libris, Inc. $25,577.23Primo Online Subscription Renewal (Library Materials)Open Market
    06/23/2016P0010894KnowBe4 INC $23,287.50Security Awareness Training Campus LicenseExclusive Acquisition (EAJ)
    06/23/2016P0010901ASICS America Corporation $7,653.50Volleyball UniformsPer Agreement dtd 06/15/15
    06/23/2016P0010911Image Access Inc $2,338.00Annual Maintenance Service Renewal (Bookeye Scanner)Open Market
    06/23/2016P0010912Trinity Air Conditioning $3,880.00Replace Circuit1 Compressor on Roof A/C Unit (Museum)IDIQ 735-16-8146
    06/23/2016P0010913Enlow Appraisal $450.00Appraisal of Property (3311 Taft Blvd)Open Market
    06/23/2016P0010914Enlow Appraisal $1,400.00Appraisal of Property (5001 Barley Dr.)Open Market
    06/23/2016P0010915Wagner Supply Company $2,628.18Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    06/23/2016P0010916Burgoon Company $344.04Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    06/23/2016P0010917Trinity Air Conditioning $4,985.00Replace A/C Unit (West Campus Annex)IDIQ 735-16-8146
    06/27/2016P0010902Rydin Decal $3,736.00MSU Police Dept Parking Software & Operating SystemRFP # 735-16-4244
    06/27/2016P0010919Wendeborn Construction Inc $9,900.00Repair, Texture, & Paint Wall (Corner to Corner) 220 Dorm RoomsIDIQ 735-13-8105
    06/27/2016P0010920Lynn Matson $60,328.36AV Equipment for Maverick's Dining Location in CSCExclusive Acquisition (EAJ)
    06/28/2016P0010921BSN Sports $4,371.50Women's Soccer Equipment (Fall 2016)Buyboard Contract 502-16
    06/28/2016P0010922BSN Sports $3,265.60Tennis Balls (Men's & Women's Tennis)Open Market
    06/28/2016P0010923Harris Nursery $1,500.00Hydromulch for South Campus Soccer FieldOpen Market
    06/28/2016P0010924Trinity Air Conditioning $990.00Install Evaporator Coil & Thermostat (Sunwatcher 621)Open Market
    06/28/2016P0010926Braun Intertec Corp $4,885.00Materials Testing for West Campus Annex Parking LotRFQ 735-16-6186
    06/28/2016P00109284imprint $2,854.97Cheer Camp T-Shirts & BackpacksOpen Market
    06/29/2016P0010899CDW Government Inc $21,400.00Electronics and Installation for Maverick Corner RenovationNational IPA Tech 130733
    06/30/2016P0010929Summus Industries Inc $881.00Computer, Dell Optiplex 3020 Minitower w/SoundbarTX DIR SDD 1951
    06/30/2016P0010930United Rentals (North America) INC $5,820.30Articulating Boom RentalOpen Market
    06/30/2016P0010931Baker Distributing Co $518.16Air FiltersOpen Market
    06/30/2016P0010933Wagner Supply Company $1,160.70Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    06/30/2016P0010934Bullchase Inc $1,017.41Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    06/30/2016P0010935Burgoon Company $140.28Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    06/30/2016P0010936ULTRA CHEM INC $564.96Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    06/30/2016P0010937TIBH $105.00Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentTerm Contract 485-A1
    06/30/2016P0010939Wilson Office Supply Co $2,000.0010 Drawer C File w/Base in Putty (4 Each)Open Market
  • Date Contract # Vendor Name Total Value of Contract Description Method of Procurement
    07/05/2016P0010940MPKD Partners LLC $2,340.91Consulting Services for New Vice PresidentOpen Market
    07/05/2016P0010941Summus Industries Inc $1,148.00Laptop, Dell Latitude E6440 w/Adapter & CaseTX DIR SDD 1951
    07/05/2016P0010942YBP Library Services $400.002 Standing Order Books (Library Materials)Open Market
    07/05/2016P0010943YBP Library Services $179.10Standing Order Book (Library Materials)Open Market
    07/05/2016P0010944Wilson Office Supply Co $2,100.00ChairsOpen Market
    07/05/2016P0010945Lab Resources Inc $3,575.00SolidWorks Education Edition Network License RenewalOpen Market
    07/06/2016P0010947Wichita Pipe & Supply $415.00Retrofit Water Bottle Filling KitOpen Market
    07/06/2016P0010949Global U $2,095.00LearnTechLib & Info Tech Digital Library (Library Materials)Open Market
    07/06/2016P0010950CDW Government Inc $270.91Articulating Wall ArmTCPN Contract R5106
    07/07/2016P0010951Buehler $11,600.00Simplimet 3000 Mounting PressExclusive Acquisition (EAJ)
    07/07/2016P0010954Strata Information Group, Inc. $19,680.00Oracle DBA Services - Finance & Student ConsultingDIR-SDD-2049
    07/07/2016P0010955Varsity Brands Holding Co., INC. $11,470.50Men's & Women's 2016 Golf Team ApparelTX Buyboard Contract 502-16
    07/11/2016P0010956Wilson Office Supply Co $1,247.00Office Chairs (3 Each)Open Market
    07/11/2016P0010957Complete Lawn Service, LLC $2,025.00Install Chain Link Fence Around Transformer on Athletic FieldOpen Market
    07/11/2016P0010958Flint Inspection Consulting Services Inc $1,300.00Asbestos Surveys @ 2525 & 2527 HampsteadIDIQ 735-14-8116
    07/11/2016P0010960YBP Library Services $312.302 Standing Order Books (Library Materials)Open Market
    07/11/2016P0010961YBP Library Services $179.10Standing Order Book (Library Materials)Open Market
    07/11/2016P0010962Scrip Safe Security Products Inc $1,862.90Secure Transcript PaperOpen Market
    07/11/2016P0010963Beacon Medaes $499.004-Way 120V SOL Valve for CBH20-60 DryersOpen Market
    07/11/2016P0010965Luz Lerma Construction, Inc. $8,938.00Remove Damaged Asphalt Dumpster Pad & Replace With ConcreteBid # R0011298
    07/11/2016P0010966Complete Lawn Service, LLC $8,800.00Install Concrete Pads for Athletic Equipment/North Campus Athletic FieldsBid # R0011299
    07/11/2016P0010967Hu-Friedy Mfg Co Inc $13,246.80Dental Hygiene Student InstrumentsExclusive Acquisition (EAJ)
    07/12/2016P0010932ProShip Inc $65,104.59Electronic Post Office LockersRFP #735-16-8152
    07/12/2016P0010946PCB Piezotronics Inc $6,463.80Tri-Axial Accelerometers & Low Noise Shielded CablesExclusive Acquisition (EAJ)
    07/12/2016P0010948National Instruments $7,335.58Signal Acquisition SystemExclusive Acquisition (EAJ)
    07/12/2016P0010959TWH Consulting $3,060.00Co-Teaching Train the Trainer Online Workshop (Video)Open Market
    07/12/2016P0010968Trinity Hughes / Sundt a Joint Venture $70,000.00Pre-Construction Services Construction Manager @ RiskRFP #735-16-8156
    07/12/2016P0010969Citibank $129,112.25Monthly P-Card Payment (Statement Date: 07/03/16)Term Contract 946-M1
    07/12/2016P0010970Barbizon Light of the Rockies $7,684.00Control Console & Fader Wing for Fine ArtsExclusive Acquisition (EAJ)
    07/12/2016P0010971Braun Intertec Corp $2,197.00Geotech Material Testing for Outdoor Basketball Court ProjectOpen Market
    07/13/2016P0010973Edgin,Parkman,Fleming &Fleming $5,000.00Audit for Perkins Loan LiquidationOpen Market
    07/13/2016P0010976Willen Electric $3,332.50Restore Power to Bolin BuildingIDIQ 735-15-4224
    07/13/2016P0010977CDW Government Inc $362.89Printer, HP Color Laserjet Pro M477fdnOpen Market
    07/14/2016P0010927Dailey Wells Communications $18,718.30H-GAC Contract # RA05-15
    07/14/2016P0010972B & H Foto & Electronics Corp $247.49WD External 8TB Hard Drive for MacBuyBoard 482-15
    07/14/2016P0010975Lonnie's Cabinet Shop $1,280.00400 Linear Feet of Maple & 400 Linear Fee of PoplarOpen Market
    07/14/2016P0010978Complete Lawn Service, LLC $6,580.00Install 160'x5' Sidewalk @ Wellness CenterBid #R0011300
    07/14/2016P0010979Trinity Air Conditioning $2,387.00Install A/C Unit for Sunwatcher Reception AreaOpen Market
    07/14/2016P0010981Burgoon Company $310.06Evaporative Cooling Pads (2 Each)Open Market
    07/14/2016P0010982OCLC Inc $2,583.90OCLC Monthly dBase Charges (Library Materials)Open Market
    07/14/2016P0010983EBSCO Information Services $284.00eBook Titles (Library Materials)Open Market
    07/14/2016P0010984EBSCO Information Services $815.00eBook Titles - 7 Each (Library Materials)Open Market
    07/14/2016P0010985Falls Truck Wash $4,750.00Bus Repair #199Open Market
    07/14/2016P0010986J W Pepper and Son Inc $695.73Open Market
    07/18/2016P0010987CDW Government Inc $261.37Printer, HP Color Laserjet Pro M452dnNat IPA Tech Solutions 130733
    07/18/2016P0010988EBSCO Information Services $1,810.76eBook Titles - 8 Each (Library Materials)Open Market
    07/18/2016P0010989EBSCO Information Services $2,498.54eBook Titles - 23 Each (Library Materials)Open Market
    07/18/2016P0010990EBSCO Information Services $2,513.00eBook Titles - 8 Each (Library Materials)Open Market
    07/18/2016P0010991EBSCO Information Services $592.89eBook Titles - 5 Titles (Library Materials)Open Market
    07/18/2016P0010992EBSCO Information Services $987.16eBook Titles - 8 Each (Library Materials)Open Market
    07/18/2016P0010993EBSCO Information Services $1,934.03eBook Titles - 22 Each (Library Materials)Open Market
    07/18/2016P0010994American Plumbing $3,400.00Install (Furnished) Fountain w/Related Plumbing (Athletic Field)Open Market
    07/18/2016P0010995Willen Electric $820.00Electrical Installations for Classroon TechnologyOpen Market
    07/18/2016P0010996Summus Industries Inc $495.00Monitors, Dell, 22" P2217 (3 Each)TX DIR SDD 1951
    07/19/2016P0010997Myers and Stauffer LC $30,934.00Compliance AuditRFQ #735-16-6189
    07/19/2016P0010998Cardinal's Sport Center Inc $2,590.70Football EquipmentBuyBoard Contract # 502-16
    07/19/2016P0010999BSN Sports $14,177.00Football EquipmentBuyBoard Contract # 502-16
    07/19/2016P0011001Broaddus & Associates Inc $491,573.00Project ManagementRFQ #735-16-6185
    07/19/2016P0011003Fruhauf Uniforms Inc $63,958.50Band UniformsRFP # 735-16-4247
    07/19/2016P0011004Thyssenkrupp Elevator $80,980.00Replace Cylinder in McCullough-Trigg ElevatorPer Agreement C20286 w/Amend 1
    07/19/2016P0011005Office Depot $289.99Office ChairOpen Market
    07/20/2016P0011002Lone Star Percussion $15,559.11Percussion InstrumentsIFB 735-16-4246
    07/20/2016P0011006Wilson Office Supply Co $1,295.00Office Chairs (5 Each)Open Market
    07/20/2016P0011007Emmett Norman Rogers $980.00Open Market
    07/20/2016P0011008CDW Government Inc $1,189.00Digital Signage Kiosk PlayerNat IPA Tech Solutions 130733
    07/20/2016P0011009R B Sporting Goods $7,101.20Football EquipmentTX BuyBoard 502-16
    07/21/2016P00110104imprint $1,494.83Lanyards (Promotional Supplies)Open Market
    07/25/2016P0010918Wendeborn Construction Inc $55,175.00RFP #735-16-8159
    07/25/2016P0011011Bullchase Inc $1,365.00Restroom Trash Cans for New DormOpen Market
    07/25/2016P0011012Bullchase Inc $1,992.73Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    07/25/2016P0011013Burgoon Company $376.42Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    07/25/2016P0011014Wagner Supply Company $614.10Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    07/25/2016P0011016CDW Government Inc $1,444.00Printer, Epson SureColor P800 w/Ink CartridgesNat IPA Tech Solutions 130733
    07/26/2016P0011019EBSCO Information Services $262.51Subscription Renewal (Library Materials)Open Market
    07/26/2016P0011021Summus Industries Inc $8,940.00Laptops, Speaker Systems & ProjectorsTX DIR SDD 1951
    07/26/2016P0011022CDW Government Inc $1,080.00Printer, HP LaserJet Pro M402dn & Scanner, Fujitsu fi-7160Nat IPA Tech Solutions 130733
    07/26/2016P0011023Summus Industries Inc $1,156.00Computer, Dell Optiplex 3020 w/Dual Monitors & SoundbarTX DIR SDD 1951
    07/26/2016P0011025Amigos Library Services $2,750.00Amigos Membership Fee (Library Materials)Open Market
    07/27/2016P0011017Midwest Office Furniture Inc $1,430.00Exec Chair, Leather, Blk, Midback (13 Each)Open Market
    07/27/2016P0011020CCH Incorporated $5,415.20Online Omni Tax Access (Library Materials)Open Market
    07/27/2016P0011026Junior Library Guild $1,899.00Junior Library Guild Books (Library Materials)Open Market
    07/27/2016P0011029TNT Signs And Graphics $3,576.00Lettering & Graphics for Bus (Includes Installation)Open Market
    07/27/2016P0011030Burgoon Company $4,561.09Air FiltersOpen Market
    07/27/2016P0011031Burgoon Company $666.00A/C Control MotorOpen Market
    07/27/2016P0011032Vieth Tractors & Implement $1,600.00Mower Parts (Canopies w/Brackets)Open Market
    07/28/2016P0010953Wagner Supply Company $52,450.78Custodial Equipment (Legacy Hall)RFP #735-16-4249
    07/28/2016P0011018PCM-G $445.08Software, Adobe CC CompleteTX DIR SDD 2504
    07/28/2016P0011033Summus Industries Inc $796.00Computer, Dell Optiplex 3020 w/SoundbarTX DIR SDD 1951
    07/28/ $2,008.00Shelter, Eclipse III 10'x 10' (2 Each)Open Market
    07/28/2016P0011035Summus Industries Inc $881.00Computer, Dell Optiplex 3020 Mintower w/SoundbarTX DIR SDD 1951
    07/28/2016P0011036Willen Electric $4,878.00Complete Electrical Power Feeder Rework (Athletic Fields)Open Market
    07/28/2016P0011038Summus Industries Inc $1,156.00Computer, Dell Optiplex 3020 w/Dual Monitors & SoundbarTX DIR SDD 1951
    07/28/2016P0011039Hudson Blueprint $2,093.10Purchase/Installation Partitions in McCoy 112Open Market
    07/30/2016P0002201Young's Air Conditioning & Commercial Refrigeration Inc. $5,250.00
  • Date Contract # Vendor Name Total Value of Contract Description Method of Procurement
    08/01/2016P0011040Scales Construction Co Inc $414,900.00Pathway ConnectionsRFP #735-16-8162
    08/01/2016P0011041Hamilton Appliance Service $1,150.00Refrigerators (2 Each)Open Market
    08/01/2016P0011042Lubbock Interstate Sales Co - LISCO LLP $1,755.50Windscreens (Tennis Court Awnings)Open Market
    08/01/2016P0011043Wendeborn Construction Inc $1,809.00Greenhouse Shutter ReplacementIDIQ 735-13-8105
    08/01/2016P0011044Complete Lawn Service, LLC $4,480.00Repair Sidewalks @ Moffett, Killingworth & DillardOpen Market
    08/01/2016P0011045Uline $1,782.00Barrier Posts & Dog Waste StationOpen Market
    08/01/2016P0011046Hamilton Bryan Furniture $1,150.00Refrigerators (2 Each)Open Market
    08/02/2016P0010980Verizon Wireless $2,951.48Broadband, Data, Galaxy S6 & Tab S2 x 2 (for PD Parking Software)TX DIR TSO 3415
    08/02/2016P0011048Apple Computer $1,406.00Computer, iMac 21.5" w/AppleCareTX DIR SDD 2068
    08/02/2016P0011049Burney's Metal Works $1,800.00Enclose 3 Sides of 10'x 20' Utility AwningOpen Market
    08/02/2016P0011050The PlayWell Group $2,491.2232 Gal Receptacle w/Liner & Lid (6 Each)Buyboard 423-13
    08/03/2016P0011052The Reynolds Company $2,193.12Light Covers for Killingsworth DormOpen Market
    08/03/2016P0011056CDW Government Inc $15,898.30Classroom Technology EquipmentR0011326 & Nat IPA Tech 130733
    08/03/2016P0011062Summus Industries Inc $1,535.13Computer, Dell Optiplex 3046 Minitower w/Dual Monitors & SoundbarTX DIR SDD 1951
    08/03/2016P0011063Schoolhouse Audio-Visual $2,890.00Data Projector, Retrofit KitBuyboard 482-15
    08/03/2016P0011064Nunn Electric Supply Co $193.72Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    08/04/2016P0011069Wendeborn Construction Inc $6,655.00Replace Vinyl Siding on Soccer Press BoxIDIQ 735-13-8105
    08/04/2016P0011070Trinity Air Conditioning $990.00Install Evaporator Coil & Thermostat (Sunwatcher 713)Open Market
    08/04/2016P0011071Adina R & D, Inc. $6,480.00ADINA Software RenewalSole Source Justification
    08/08/2016P0011072OneVision Solutions $84,630.00Classroom Technology UpgradesDIR-SDD-2017 & DIR-TSO-2542
    08/08/2016P0011074PerkinElmer Health Sciences Inc $9,672.00Spectrometer & Thermal Analyzer Service AgreementSole Source Acquisition
    08/09/2016P0011028Castaway Cove Waterpark $1,099.50RA Training Retreat at Castaway Cove Water ParkOpen Market
    08/09/2016P0011058Akcia Incorporated $2,500.00Project Concert Software SubscriptionOpen Market
    08/10/2016P0011027Norwest Graphics LLC $2,490.00Bonfire Short Sleeve Shirts (600 Each)Open Market
    08/10/2016P0011055GovConnection Inc $12,600.00Kaspersky RenewalTCPN Contract # R5110
    08/10/2016P0011068HF Group LLC $1,316.45Summer Binding ServicesTX SmartBuy 908-A1
    08/10/2016P0011075Wilson Office Supply Co $636.00Office Chairs (4 Each)Open Market
    08/10/2016P0011077Digital Deviance $4,999.94MSU PROUD T-ShirtsOpen Market
    08/10/2016P0011078Wilson Office Supply Co $169.00Chair, Swival Tilt w/Adj Arms (1 Each)Open Market
    08/10/2016P0011080CDW Government Inc $190.00Printer, HP Laserjet Pro M252DWNat IPA Tech Solutions 130733
    08/10/2016P0011082Wilson Office Supply Co $1,333.00Table w/Base & 2 Each BookshelvesOpen Market
    08/10/2016P0011084Trinity Air Conditioning $2,340.00Install Fancoil, Service Valves & Thermostat (Sundance 120)Open Market
    08/10/2016P0011086Uline $2,805.00ADA Warning PadsOpen Market
    08/10/2016P0011087Uline $1,913.00Road/Parking Signs for CampusOpen Market
    08/10/2016P0011088Riley Gardner Memorial Services Inc $942.00Rogers Promenade PlaqueOpen Market
    08/10/2016P0011089Bullchase Inc $1,634.28Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    08/10/2016P0011091Summus Industries Inc $6,005.90Server, Dell PowerEdge R730 (1 Each)TX DIR SDD 1951
    08/11/2016P0011060GradLeaders Inc $3,950.00CSO Pro License/Career Spots Annual LicenseSole Source Acquisition
    08/11/2016P0011061GradLeaders Inc $4,250.00Graduate SurveySole Source Acquisition
    08/11/2016P0011065Angela Bacon-Kidwell Fine Art $2,800.00Artwork for Legacy HallOpen Market
    08/11/2016P0011066Timothy John McDowell $3,000.00Artwork for Legacy HallOpen Market
    08/11/2016P0011081Runner Technologies Inc $4,796.42Software Support & Maintence (Clean Address Enterprise Suite)Open Market
    08/11/2016P0011083Apco $428.00ADA Office SignsOpen Market
    08/11/2016P0011090Proton Data Security LLC $4,950.00Gauss Drawer DegausserOpen Market
    08/11/2016P0011094Schoolhouse Audio-Visual $2,267.05Document CameraTX BuyBoard 394-12
    08/11/2016P0011095YBP Library Services $1,162.60Standing Book Order - 4 Books (Library Materials)Open Market
    08/11/2016P0011096Alert Services $1,395.00Portable Hydration & Cooling StationOpen Market
    08/11/2016P0011098NCS Pearson Inc $1,853.76Vineland 3 Comprehensive Teaching ResourcesOpen Market
    08/11/2016P0011099Trinity Air Conditioning $990.00Install Evaporator Coil & Thermostat (Sunwatcher 513)Open Market
    08/15/2016P0011037Aerolab LLC $111,500.00Vertical Wind TunnelSole Source Acquisition
    08/15/2016P0011047Microsoft Corporation $1,304.27MS Surface Pro4 w/Type CoverTX DIR TSO 3373
    08/15/2016P0011067Joe Edd Barrington $3,000.00Legacy Hall ArtworkOpen Market
    08/15/2016P0011100BioNiQuest Lab Services Inc $9,128.00Service AgreementsSole Source Acquisition
    08/15/2016P0011103OCLC Inc $2,702.28Monthly OCLC dBase Charges (Library Materials)Open Market
    08/15/2016P0011104S&S Trailer Sales Inc $1,995.00Bumper Pull Deck Over TrailerOpen Market
    08/15/2016P0011105Baker Distributing Co $931.20Air Filters (for McCullough-Trigg & Killingsworth Hall)Open Market
    08/15/2016P0011106Burgoon Company $401.36Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    08/15/2016P0011107Wendeborn Construction Inc $1,080.00Recover 8 Benches in Prothro Yeager HallOpen Market
    08/16/2016P0011079Summus Industries Inc $1,241.00Computer, Dell Optiplex 3020 Minitower w/Dual Monitors & SoundbarTX DIR SDD 1951
    08/16/2016P0011085Summus Industries Inc $771.00Computer, Dell Optiplex 3020 MinitowerTX DIR SDD 1951
    08/16/2016P0011102Summus Industries Inc $8,092.00Computer, Dell Optiplex 3020 w/Dual Monitors & Soundbar (7 Each)TX DIR SDD 1951
    08/16/2016P0011109C C Creations, Ltd $3,876.46Promotional Supplies (Pens)Open Market
    08/16/2016P0011110Nunn Electric Supply Co $3,873.18Service Agreement for Power Monitoring MetersOpen Market
    08/16/2016P0011111Summus Industries Inc $8,036.00(7) Laptops, Dell Latitude E6440 w/Carrying Case & AdapterTX DIR SDD 1951
    08/16/2016P00111124imprint $4,875.65Promo Supplies (Polo Shirts, Tumblers & Pencils)Open Market
    08/16/2016P0011113Davis Electric Co $270.00(1) Data Drop in CSC Shawnee Dining RoomOpen Market
    08/16/2016P0011114Wagner Supply Company $2,370.78Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    08/16/2016P0011115Burgoon Company $741.13Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    08/17/2016P0011024Hudson Blueprint $4,795.00Printer, Canon Pro 4000 Wide FormatOpen Market
    08/17/2016P0011116Complete Lawn Service, LLC $4,000.00Clean Dirt & Mud from Tunnel @ Water LeakOpen Market
    08/17/2016P0011117Complete Lawn Service, LLC $750.00Canopy Set for Jacobsen MowerOpen Market
    08/17/2016P0011118Summus Industries Inc $1,148.00Laptop, Dell Latitude E6440 w/Carrying Case & AdapterTX DIR SDD 1951
    08/17/2016P0011119Summus Industries Inc $1,156.00Computer, Dell Optiplex 3020 w/Dual Monitors & SoundbarTX DIR SDD 1951
    08/17/2016P0011120Schoolhouse Audio-Visual $1,600.00Projector, Epson Ultra Short Throw 585WTX BuyBoard 482-15
    08/17/2016P0011124Lyris Technologies $1,500.00List Serve Maintenance & Support Renewal - FY17Open Market
    08/17/2016P0011125Summus Industries Inc $2,264.00Computer, Dell Optiplex 7040 MT (2) EachTX DIR SDD 1951
    08/17/2016P0011126Dell Marketing LP $5,660.76Configuration & Deployment of SonicWALL DevicesTX DIR SDD 1951
    08/17/2016P0011127Apple Computer $1,896.00iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi 64GB, (4) EachTX DIR SDD 2068
    08/17/2016P0011128ConvergeOne Inc $643.66Conference Phone, Avaya B159 (w/Microphones)Open Market
    08/17/2016P0011129Citibank $122,655.83Monthly P-Card Payment (Statement Date: 08/03/16)Term Contract 946-M1
    08/18/2016P0010890Texas A&M University $7,708.00BDMS Test License & MaintenancePer 2010 Master Agreement
    08/18/2016P0010964Lubbock Interstate Sales Co - LISCO LLP $17,962.00Fence Pads and Poles for Athletic FieldsBuyBoard Contract # 502-16
    08/18/2016P0010974Unbound Medicine Inc $16,376.00Nursing Central Site License & Pocket GuideSole Source Justification
    08/18/2016P0011097NCS Pearson Inc $7,770.98Cognitive TestsSole Source Justification
    08/18/2016P0011121Jason Samuel Reynaga $3,000.00Artwork for Legacy HallOpen Market
    08/18/2016P00111234imprint $3,186.57Promo Supplies (Totes, Car Shades & Pens)TX BuyBoard 343-10
    08/18/2016P0011130Wilson Office Supply Co $349.71Chair, Executive High Back, Smoke (1) EachOpen Market
    08/18/2016P0011131Cardinal's Sport Center Inc $14,273.45Men's Basketball EquipmentBuyBoard Contract # 502-16
    08/18/2016P0011132Airco Plumbing & Mechanical LLC $1,850.00Repair Football Field Clean Outs & Pour Concrete BaseOpen Market
    08/18/2016P0011133Bullchase Inc $3,002.22Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    08/18/2016P0011135TRI-N Screenprinting $1,146.00Athletic Training T-ShirtsOpen Market
    08/19/2016P0010925McGrath Concrete Construction dba $229,850.00Mustang Walk ExtensionRFP #735-16-8160
    08/22/2016P0011138Wilson Office Supply Co $4,800.00Guest Chairs for Reception Area/Registrar's OfficeOpen Market
    08/23/2016P0011093Complete Lawn Service, LLC $8,700.00Installation of Crushed Rock - South Side of Football TurfBid # R0011446
    08/23/2016P0011134Norwest Graphics LLC $2,000.00Convocation/Welcome Week T-ShirtsOpen Market
    08/23/2016P0011136Summus Industries Inc $1,592.00Computer, Dell Optiplex 3020 w/Soundbar (2) EachTX DIR SDD 1951
    08/23/2016P0011140Summus Industries Inc $1,311.39Computer, Dell Optiplex 7040 MT w/MonitorTX DIR SDD 1951
    08/23/2016P0011141Wilson Office Supply Co $2,308.00Desk, Return, End Table, ChairsOpen Market
    08/23/2016P0011142Summus Industries Inc $1,156.00Computer, Dell Optiplex 3020 Minitower w/Dual Monitors & SoundbarTX DIR SDD 1951
    08/23/2016P0011143YBP Library Services $179.10Standing Order Book (Library Materials)Open Market
    08/23/2016P0011144Evans Enterprises Inc Wf $4,318.50Motor (For Cooling Tower Condesing Water Pump)Open Market
    08/23/2016P0011147Summus Industries Inc $1,061.00Computer, Dell Optiplex 3020 Minitower w/One Monitor & SoundbarTX DIR SDD 1951
    08/23/2016P0011148Medco Supply Co $125.60Athletic Training Supplies (Gloves & BandAids)IFB 735-16-4250
    08/23/2016P0011149Henry Schein $555.45Athletic Training SuppliesIFB 735-16-4250
    08/23/2016P0011150Braun Intertec Corp $1,414.50Construction Materials Testing (Mustangs Walk)Open Market
    08/23/2016P0011151Summus Industries Inc $1,241.00Computer, Dell Optiplex 3020 Minitower w/Dual Monitors & SoundbarTX DIR SDD 1951
    08/23/2016P0011152Wagner Supply Company $1,704.24Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    08/23/2016P0011154Commercial & Industrial Electronics Inc $3,892.00CCTV System (MSU Server Room)Open Market
    08/23/2016P0011155Burgoon Company $210.12Wypall, Wiper RollsOpen Market
    08/23/2016P0011156Grand Rental Station $1,710.68Edger, Brushcutters, Blowers, Hedge Trimmers & Pruning SawsOpen Market
    08/24/2016P0011054Evolution Labs Inc $7,500.00Student Athlete Life Skills Web Based ProgramSole Source Acquisition
    08/24/2016P0011122Marguerite Ruth Johnson $2,700.00Artwork for Legacy HallOpen Market
    08/24/2016P0011139Norwest Graphics LLC $3,905.00Family Day ShirtsOpen Market
    08/24/2016P0011145Blue Moon Sportswear Inc $2,261.44Football ShirtsOpen Market
    08/24/2016P0011153Xerox Corporation $7,396.20Xerox Copier (60 Month Lease)TX DIR SDD 3043
    08/24/2016P0011157University Tickets $1,809.18Custom Ticket StockRFP 735-13-4182
    08/24/2016P0011158Tulsa Runner LLC $5,220.00Cross Country UniformsBid # R0011509
    08/24/2016P0011159Complete Lawn Service, LLC $4,950.00Install Gravel on Intramural Field's North EndIDIQ 735-14-4189
    08/25/2016P0011161Environmental Sys Res Inst Inc $250.00Software Maintenance Agreement Renewal FY17Open Market
    08/25/2016P0011162Sport Supply Group Inc $3,445.57Men's Tennis UniformsBuyBoard Contract # 502-16
    08/25/2016P0011165Office Depot $19,950.00Truckload of Copy PaperTCPN Contract # 22446061
    08/26/2016P0011166CDW Government Inc $4,400.00AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer Pro SoftwareNat IPA Tech Solutions 130733
    08/26/2016P0011167Complete Lawn Service, LLC $1,725.00Installation of 4 Bollards @ Memorial BldgIDIQ 735-14-4189
    08/26/2016P0011168Wagner Supply Company $2,134.20Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    08/26/2016P0011169Burgoon Company $320.06Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    08/26/2016P0011170ULTRA CHEM INC $847.44Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    08/26/2016P0011171Bullchase Inc $988.02Warehouse Inventory ReplenishmentOpen Market
    08/26/2016P0011172Southwestern Stationery and Bank Supply, Inc $3,544.00President's Excellance Brochure PrintingOpen Market
    08/29/2016P0011053Thermo Scientific Portable Analytical Instruments Inc $27,775.00Niton XL2 980 GOLDD Alloy AnalyzerSole Source Acquisition
    08/29/2016P0011057Specac Inc $17,082.00Atlas AutoTouch 40T 110v 60HzSole Source Acquisition
    08/29/2016P0011173YBP Library Services $220.50Standing Order Book (Library Materials)Open Market
    08/29/2016P0011174Pocket Nurse $1,754.91Nursing Simulation SuppliesOpen Market
    08/29/2016P0011175Xerox Corporation $6,690.00Copier, Xerox W7835P 60 Mo. X $111.50 = $6690.00TX DIR TSO 3043
    08/29/2016P0011176Neuralog LP $1,500.00NeuralaserColor II Service AgreementOpen Market
    08/29/2016P0011177Praxair Distribution Inc. $1,884.60Liquid HeliumOpen Market
    08/29/2016P0011178Perrone Group $6,300.00Postage for Fall AppealRFP # 735-16-4232
    08/29/2016P0011179Perrone Group $20,719.00Creative/Graphic Design & Printing ServicesRFP # 735-16-4232
    08/29/2016P0011180Dell Marketing LP $690.07Power Vault TL400 Maintenance AgreementTX DIR SDD 1951
    08/29/2016P0011181Dell Marketing LP $6,348.90Maintenance Agreement on SANS DrivesTX DIR SDD 1951
    08/29/2016P0011182Nunn Electric Supply Co $4,126.68Hardware for North & South Athletic Filed LightingOpen Market
    08/30/2016P0011183Xerox Corporation $3,699.36Copier, WC 6655X 48 Month x $77.07 = $3699.36TX DIR TSO 3043
    08/31/2016P0001197Mobley Masonry $1,691.00
    08/31/2016P0011073Thermo Fisher Scientific (Asheville) LLC $14,403.75TSU500A ULT Freezer & 5 Year Extended AgreementBid # R0011408
    08/31/2016P0011101Sirius Computer Solutions $8,250.00AIX/Oracle Recovery ServicesAddendum Per 2006 Agreement
    08/31/2016P0011188YBP Library Services $686.50Standing Order Books (2 Each) Library MaterialsOpen Market
    08/31/2016P0011189Pocket Nurse $5,247.75Clinical Supplies for Simulation CenterSole Source Justification
    08/31/2016P0011190Wichita Restaurant Supply Inc $4,794.00Ice MakerOpen Market
    08/31/2016P0011191Burgoon Company $3,318.90Wallpack, LED 40W (15 Each)Open Market
    08/31/2016P0011192Willen Electric $5,208.00Install Provided Lighting Fixtures (15 Each)IDIQ 735-15-4224
    08/31/2016P0011193Athletic Supply Inc. $813.40Women's Basketballs & Laundry LoopsOpen Market
    08/31/2016P0011194BSN Sports $1,756.002016-2017 Women's Basketball UniformsTX Buyboard 413-12
    08/31/2016P0011195StatBroadcast $1,450.00StatBroadcast Live & Media Stats (2016-2017)Per Agreement dtd 08/04/15
    08/31/2016P0011196CDW Government Inc $1,189.00iCompel Digital Signage Kiosk PlayerNat IPA Tech Solutions 130733
    08/31/2016P0011197Schoolhouse Publications Inc $2,219.00Deluxe Layout Student Planner (40 Each)Open Market
    08/31/2016P0011199Cardinal's Sport Center Inc $9,801.00Women's Basketball EquipmentBuyBoard Contract # 502-16
    08/31/2016P0011200CDW Government Inc $4,470.00MS Surface Pro 4 w/Cover KeyboardTCPN R160201
    08/31/2016P0011201Lowe's Home Center $523.02Misc Tools (for Museum)Open Market
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Current Active Contracts

Pursuant to Texas Government Code Section 2261.253, the following link lists contracts that have been signed and deemed executed by Midwestern State University.  This list is generated during each month of the fiscal year.  It provides general information including term and the method of procurement for each listed contract.

This link is a list of current active contracts as of 03/02/2020.