General Purchasing Forms

Sole Source Justification Form (Required when the specified product or service is only available for purchase through a single vendor.)

IRS Form W-9 (Required to obtain the vendor's correct taxpayer identification number (TIN) in order to set them up in the Banner Finance System.  Not required for vendors that are already set up unless an update is necessary.)

Direct Payment Voucher (Business Office) (See DPV Instructions below for proper use of this form.  Additional questions should be directed to the Business Office.)

State of Texas Tax Exempt Certificate (TX Comptroller)

HUB Subcontracting Forms (TX Comptroller) (In accordance with Texas Gov’t Code §2161.252, the contracting agency has determined that subcontracting opportunities are probable under this contract. Therefore, all respondents, including State of Texas certified Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUBs) must complete and submit this State of Texas HUB Subcontracting Plan (HSP) with their response to the bid requisition (solicitation).)

System for Award Management Checks - Vendor Compliance Verification (VCV)


Contract Management Forms

Contract Routing Sheet (Updated 07/31/18) Required to document a contract has been reviewed and approved by the proper University authority.

MSU Risk Assessment Matrix - RE: 12/11/18

Guest Speaker Agreement (04/03/16)

Addendum to Vendor Agreement (06/12/2020)


Procurement Card Forms

Procurement Card Application *Updated 02/27/2020* (P-Card Applicants must be a benefits eligible employee of the University whose immediate supervisor deems a card in necessary for the completion of departmental duties.)

Procurement Card Exception Form *Updated 07/16/19* (Used to request a temporary credit limit increase for a specific purchase or Merchant Category Code (MCC) exceptions).

Missing Invoice/Receipt Form  The purpose of this form is to take into consideration those rare instances when an invoice/receipt is lost or misplaced, or a vendor does not submit a receipt/invoice in a timely manner.

Distribution Log (Awards, Gifts & Prizes)  This form is to be used to document awards, gift and prizes purchased by the university and given to specific recipients.



Declaration of Surplus Equipment Form (To be completed by the department or program requesting the pick-up of surplus equipment that is to be sent to classroom surplus for disposal by the warehouse)

Equipment Transfer Between Departments (To be completed if you want to transfer equipment to another department or program on campus OR if you want to put equipment in the warehouse FOR STORAGE ONLY)


Policies & Procedures

Purchasing Manual (Updated May 2013)

Procurement Card Guide (Revised 02/20/2020)

Fiscal Regulation & Procedures (Updated May 2013)

Contract Management Handbook (Revised 08/01/2022)

The State of Texas Procurement and Contract Management Guide (State Link)



MSU Standard Terms & Conditions

DPV Instructions