Closed Bids

Closed bids will be removed 90 days after their closing date

RFP Name/Number:  RFP 735-20-8221 Moffett Library Renovation Furniture Bid Package Ph 2B

Attachments:  Appendix E ScheduleSpecificationsSample Contract, First Floor Plan Dwg, Second Floor Plan Dwg, ADD 1, ADD 2

Awarded To:  Intelligent Interiors

Closing Date:  12/06/2019


RFP Name/Number:  RFP 735-20-4325 Spirit of Mustangs Bronze Plaques

Attachments:  Sample ContractADD 1Panels 1 thru 5Panel 6

Awarded To:  Award Company of America, LLC

Closing Date:  11/26/2019


RFP Name/Number:  RFP 735-20-4324 Bulk Copy Paper

Attachments:  Sample Contract, ADD 1, ADD 2

Awarded To:  Office Depot

Closing Date:  11/14/2019


RFP Name/Number:  RFP 735-19-4323 Nursing Equipment for New HSHS Building

Attachments:  Sample Contract, ADD 1,  ADD 2

Awarded To:  Currently Under Evaluation

Closing Date:  09/05/2019