This policy establishes the authority for the University to approve and execute contracts.  A “contract” is an agreement between two or more parties who intend to create legally enforceable obligations.  There are many types and variations of contracts including, but not limited to: agreements, easements, grants, leases, letters of intent, licenses, memorandums of understanding, purchase orders, and terms and conditions.

This policy applies to any type of contract that binds the University and/or obligates the University to provide payment, services, goods, or use of university property, facilities or other resources, including any amendment, alteration, change, change order, correction, extension, modification, or renewal of a signed contract.  No person has the authority to bind the University contractually except in accordance with this policy.  An individual who signs a contract without having the authority to do so may be individually responsible for fulfilling the obligations required by the contract.

For Details, please see: MSU Policy & Procedures 2.24 President's Office, APPROVAL AND EXECUTION OF UNIVERSITY CONTRACTS Date Adopted/Most Recent Revision: 08/10/2012


2010 Uniform General Conditions for Construction Contracts (Updated March 2017)

Special Conditions

Contact Management Handbook (Revised 02/15/19)

Form 1295 Certificate of Interested Parties (via Texas Ethics Commission)

Contract Management SB20 (PowerPoint Presentation)

Contract Routing Sheet (Rev 07/31/18)

Risk Assessment Matrix RE:  12/11/18

Guest Speaker Agreement 04/03/16

Addendum to Vendor Agreement (Updated 11/01/2019)