A preferred vendor is a unique distinction bestowed on a few suppliers who have demonstrated the best value to Midwestern State University as a result of the competitive bid process.

The purpose of the preferred vendor is to improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs.  Benefits of using a preferred vendor are:

  • maximization of overall best value to the University
  • ease of ordering
  • higher service levels (because these vendors have a stronger commitment to the University)
  • prices on contracts are the actual prices departments will pay (savings are realized by the ordering dept.)
  • improved pricing benefits everyone
  • reduced risk due to improved contract administration
  • no bidding required

The Purchasing Department strongly encourages departments to use preferred vendors whenever possible.

Preferred Vendor List:

Commercial & Industrial Supples:

   Evco Partners, L.P. dba Burgoon (Grainger)

Lodging (Overnight Lodging for University Guests - Contract IFB 735-15-8129):

Office Supplies:

   General Office Supplies

   Toner/Ink Cartridges: