The Procurement Card Program offers to all Midwestern State University departments a simplified way in which employees may purchase and pay for goods. The Procurement Card program is a fast, flexible method for processing small purchases from suppliers that accept Master-Card.

The purpose of the Procurement Card Program is to establish a more efficient, cost-effective method for purchasing and paying for small orders currently processed on Purchase Requisitions, and to delegate the authority and capability to make these purchases to the end-user. This program is intended to complement the existing processes available.

The terms and conditions of the Procurement Card contract were specified and awarded by the Comptroller's Statewide Procurement Division.  In addition to internal policies and procedures, Midwestern State University will comply with the terms and conditions of the state contract in the implementation of this program.


Procurement Card Guide *Updated 06/06/2022*

Procurement Card Application *Updated 02/27/2020*

Procurement Card Quick Reference

Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate

Missing Invoice/Receipt Form *Updated 05/23/2023*

Dispute Instructions *Updated 08/23/17*

Procurement Card Exception Form *Updated 05/23/2023*

Distribution Log (Awards, Gifts, Prizes)