New Student Orientation for International Students

International students should plan to complete orientation in two parts:

  • First, complete Online Orientation using the link below if you are a new student starting at MSU in the Summer I, Summer II or Fall 2020 semester. The online orientation will cover basic academic, financial and involvement information for new students. 
  • Second, attend the Mandatory International Student Meeting on Tuesday, August 18, 2020. Additional meeting details will be provided to you by the Global Education Office. 

Completing New Student Orientation Online

The presentation in the "MSU Texas Online Orientation 2020" link below must be watched from start-to-finish. Please allow 30 minutes to fully watch the content. Eligibility and completion is verified by the MSU New Student Orientation Staff within 24 hours Monday-Friday. Once your eligibility and completion is verified, your Orientation Hold will be updated to reflect completion of the New Student Orientation requirement. You will also be sent an email to confirm that your New Student Orientation requirement is complete. Please be sure to list your full legal name and your current email address on the form within the Online Orientation. 

*REQUIRED: MSU Texas Online Orientation 2020

RECOMMENDED: Student Services & Involvement 

Academic Counselor/Advisor Contact Information is listed here. Contact your Advisor now to schedule an advising appointment. This is required before registering for classes!

Please note that if you have a TSI status of "not taken" or "partially exempt" you will not be able to register for classes until we have TSI scores or proof of a full TSI exemption. Therefore, students who are not exempt and have not attended another public Texas college, must schedule to take the TSI assessment in the required subject areas prior to registration. Additional information can be found at

Orientation Fee

Effective Fall 2015, the MSU Board of Regents authorized a mandatory, one-time $75.00 Student Orientation Fee for all new freshmen and transfer undergraduate students. This fee is added to the student's MSU account and is not a fee that must be paid in advance or before completing the orientation. The fee covers the orientation programming, staffing, technology and materials provided to the incoming student at either an on campus or online orientation.

Important Links

Below are links that could be useful during your educational journey at MSU. Please take the time to review each of these sites or save this page so that you can refer to it later.


Additional Resources Online

Money Matters: Payments & Billing

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