Ready to create a schedule of classes? Follow the step-by-step instructions below to schedule an advising appointment!
  1. Login to your MSU Portal
  2. Follow the EAB Navigate for Students link located on the left Launchpad
  3. Select "Schedule an Appointment"
  4. For Type of Appointment, select "Advising:
  5. Select the Reason for your Appointment: "New Student Advising"
  6. For Location, select the college of your major (Not sure? Check the list below!)
  7. In the next box, select the advisor assigned to your major (Not sure? Check the list below!)
  8. Select an appointment time and date
  9. Check the details, including your cell phone number, and "Confirm Appointment"
  10. Notice the details of the appointment, especially if it is via Zoom

If your advisor's name does not show up in the list of available staff, please email them directly.

Academic Advising Mission

The mission of the MSU Texas Academic Advising Program is to provide effective, timely, and accurate academic advising and to positively impact student achievement and retention. The Academic Counselor will help students develop a strong foundation of knowledge of all university, core, and major/minor requirements to ensure that they complete these requirements in a timely and mindful way.  The Academic Counselor will use a confident and caring approach to foster self-sufficiency and leadership skills in students so that they will be able to meet their goals.  With Academic Counselor support, students will:

  • explore educational options and identify goals;
  • review accurate, timely information regarding course schedules;
  • learn about campus support services and out of class learning opportunities;
  • attain their academic goals;
  • value diversity and ethical behavior.
Academic Advising Model

MSU’s Academic Advising model relies on Academic Counselors assigned to each college and reporting to college Deans to coordinate student progress toward their degree. Undecided students are advised through the Tutoring & Academic Support Programs Office.

Student-athletes work with an Academic Counselor (or faculty advisor) to create a course schedule; once they have done so, they must meet with their Student-Athlete Academic Advisor who will check schedules and transcripts to ensure the students are attempting reasonable course-loads, making progress toward their degrees, and remaining compliant with NCAA regulations. 

Student-Athletic Academic Advisors are assigned to each student-athlete based on their sport:

The Student-Athlete Academic advisors are located in D.L. Ligon Coliseum, Room #134.

Already enrolled and need academic support?

The office of Tutoring & Academic Support Programs provides academic programming for:

  • Academic Referrals
  • Supplemental Instruction
  • Advising for Undecided Majors
  • First-year seminars: College Connections & Skills for Success