Frequently Asked Questions

What is New Student Orientation?

New Student Orientation is a required program for all entering undergraduates at MSU. There are two options to complete the Orientation requirement: 

  1. Attending a New Student Orientation Session at MSU
    This is the option required for new incoming freshmen.
    See details on the link to the left that corresponds with your entry term/year at MSU.  

  2. Completing New Student Orientation Online
    This option is available to international students, distance education students and new transfer students.
    See details on the link to the left that corresponds with your entry term/year at MSU.

Is there a fee for a student to attend New Student Orientation?

Effective Fall 2015, the MSU Board of Regents authorized a mandatory, one-time $75.00 Student Orientation Fee for all new freshmen and transfer undergraduate students. The fee covers the orientation programming, staffing, technology and materials provided to the incoming student at either the on campus or online orientation. This fee is added to the student's MSU account. 

How do you get invited to New Student Orientation?

You do not need a specific invitation to attend New Student Orientation. All entering undergraduate students are required to attend or complete Orientation. Please note: you must be accepted for admission to MSU prior to attending or complete an Orientation.

Can parents attend New Student Orientation?

Up to 2 parents or guests are welcome to attend the on-campus Orientation with each student, however, it is NOT required. During the New Student Orientation sessions hosted each summer for incoming fall students we host presentations specifically for attending parents. Parents or guests planning to attend New Student Orientation should RSVP and pay the Parent/Guest fee ($30.00 per person). Once verification for eligibility to attend New Student Orientation is complete, the registered student will receive an email with a link to pay for the Parent/Guest fee. On-site payment is also available.

Can I stay overnight on campus before or after New Student Orientation?

No, the New Student Orientation sessions are one day programs. Overnight accommodations will not be provided on campus. However, if you choose to stay overnight in Wichita Falls before or after attending New Student Orientation, there are nearby hotels close to campus that offer discounted rates to MSU students.

I’m a transfer student. Am I required to attend a New Student Orientation?

New Student Orientation is a required program for all entering undergraduates at MSU. New transfer students can attend an on-campus New Student Orientation session or complete orientation online. 

I’m an International student. How do I complete the Orientation requirement?

All incoming International students can complete the online orientation. International students will also participate in a welcome meeting just prior to the beginning of fall classes. Registration for this event is coordinated through the Global Education Office.

Is there a deadline for signing up for New Student Orientation?

We do not have a specific deadline to sign up for New Student Orientation, however, we do have a capacity limit for the June, July and August New Student Orientation sessions. These sessions fill up very quickly so we would encourage you to register for the session you wish to attend as soon as registration is open!    

How do I RSVP for New Student Orientation?

You register/RSVP online. See details on the link to the left that corresponds with your entry term/year at MSU.

Why should I participate in New Student Orientation?

New Student Orientation is intentionally designed to help make MSU feel like home, and to ensure our students have all the tools they need for success. Some of the things you are likely to experience:

  • Campus Connections: Interact with student leaders and student affairs professionals.
  • New Opportunities: Explore a variety of options to meet new people, join exciting organizations, develop leadership skills, and much more!!
  • The Upper Hand: Learn about MSU traditions, upcoming events, and develop a keen sense of campus knowledge and awareness.
  • Family Support: For our sessions offered during the summer, aside from the student track, a separate program is tailored for parents, guardians, and guests.
  • Keys to Success: It’s a proven fact that students who attend Early Orientation have higher first semester grade point averages than those who do not attend.

How do I participate in the early advising and registration?

Students new to MSU in the Fall semester can begin registration for courses in mid-April. Most first year students will be seen by a professional advisor within your college. Go to the Academic Advising at MSU page to make an appointment with your Academic Counselor!

It is important to note that many advisors offer phone or Skype appointments for advising before your Orientation session. Students who take advantage of these opportunities often enjoy greater opportunities for choice of classes and times.

What if I cannot stay the whole time at an orientation session?

If you register for a New Student Orientation session, please expect to be there from 9am to 5:30pm. You are expected to stay the duration of the day to complete your orientation requirement. If you cannot attend one of the June, July or August orientation sessions, please plan to attend a late orientation session prior to classes beginning in August instead. If you do not meet your orientation requirement, you will be dropped from the courses you are registered for.

When do classes begin for the Fall 2020 semester?

For most first year students, classes will begin Monday, August 24, 2020. Some graduate and upper level classes may begin on Saturday, August 22, 2020.

Where do we go for the Orientation? Where do we park when we get to campus?

Check-in for orientation is located in the Clark Student Center Atrium. For driving directions to Wichita Falls and the Clark Student Center, visit the Maps page on When you arrive, signs around campus will direct you to parking lots and the check-in tables.