You may submit a request by sending an email to or by calling our IT Helpdesk at (940) 397-4278

When emailing, please provide a very brief description of the problem in the subject line. Then provide your name, department, phone number, and a more detailed description of your request in the body of the email as shown below. This will automatically generate a work order and you will receive a confirmation email letting you know that your work order was received and is in the queue. 

If you are requesting VPN access, you will need to submit the appropriate VPN Request Form with your work order:

VPN Access Request Form

3rd Party VPN Access Request Form

A technician will respond with regards to your VPN Request and, if approved, send appropriate installation and setup instructions to complete the process.  

This is an example of information needed in a Help Request:

Subject: Printer won't Print


Example email for help request.
Name Jane Doe
Department Information Technology
Phone Number (940) 555-5555
Request  My printer is plugged in and turned on, but will not print. The paper jam light is on but there is not a paper jam!
Details Location, asset tag number, screenshots if applicable, a contact person if you're not going to be around.