On-Campus Employment


All F-1 students must be in active F-1 status, must maintain a full course of study and have valid documentation in order to work on-campus.

Warning: On-campus employment is not guaranteed for all students, please do not count or rely on an on-campus job to be a steady form of income to pay your tuition and fees.

Hours per week allowed

F-1 students may work up to 20 hours per week while the fall and spring semesters are in session.

Any F-1 student who works over 20 hours in a week, will be reported to as committing an apparent violation of status in the SEVIS system per requirements of U.S. federal regulations. 

Please work with your supervisor and keep track of your schedule to correct any accidental early or late punches to make sure you remain under 20 hours per week.  

Vacation Periods

Full-time on-campus employment (over 20 hours per week) is allowed during vacation periods such as summer and winter break for enrolled and continuing students.

Please note that students working on the Midwestern State campus are limited to 29 hours a week for a maximum of 60 days during vacation periods. For more information kindly refer to Human Resources.

How to hire a global scholar

The department who has hired the student should inform dso@msutexas.edu, in order for an on-campus work authorization to be generated and sent to Human Resources.

Scholars without a social security number are eligible to begin work before attaining a SSN number, but will need to follow the application steps outlined once appropriate documentation is received from GEO and HR.

Off-Campus Employment

As a F-1 student, you are NOT to engage in any off-campus employment unless your have received proper authorization as indicated on your Form I-20. Listed below are the types of off-campus employment an F-1 student may engage in ONLY after proper authorization is received.

Do not jeopardize your student status. Always make sure you receive proper authorization to engage in off-campus work. Always feel free to ask a DSO for guidance before engaging in any activity that may be construed as employment.