Midwestern State University is a SEVP-certified school that hosts eligible F-1 non-immigrant students. In order for a student to obtain a Form I-20 from our university, a non-U.S. resident student must first be accepted to the university in an academic program compliant with F-1 regulations. Students are required to provide proof of funding for one full year of study at MSU Texas, before a Form I-20 can be issued, and attend a visa interview with the U.S. Department of State.

The following information is intended to help guide students on the documentation needed to obtain a Form I-20. 

How much do I need to show as financial proof?

What are acceptable forms of financial proof?

All submitted documentation must be dated within six (6) months from the first day of the semester admitted.
  • Bank account (checking, saving, CD’s):
    • Should be official and clearly identify account holder’s name, type of account, bank name and branch
    • Should contain the specific amount of money available (statements with non-liquid assets, property, credit card, bonds, stocks, retirement account are NOT acceptable)
    • Originals may be requested at the discretion of MSU Texas.
  • University funds:
    • The main types of funding that a student may receive will be scholarships, or assistantships (graduate students). Please contact the Graduate school, Office of Admissions, or your academic department for more information.
    • The university issues a written offer letter to students. If you have been offered an award by MSU Texas then you may use that award toward the funding requirement for your Form I-20. If your award does not cover the required amount, you will be required to show additional funding from another source to cover the balance.
  • Sponsor living in the U.S.:

What are the documents that I need to submit?

  • Are you transferring from another U.S. institution?
Transfer Information Form, filled out and notarized Financial Certification Page, and supporting acceptable financial proof. 


  • Are you coming directly from outside of the U.S.?
A filled out and notarized Financial Certification Page and supporting acceptable financial proof.

How do I submit my documents?

Email all PDF documents or fax documents to 940-397-4087. 

When sending proof of financial, via email scan, please be sure to identify yourself by providing your name, Mustang ID, and stating the purpose of your message.

What is the deadline to submit my financial proof?


Accepted Fall 2021 students (outside of the U.S.): May 31, 2021

Accepted Fall 2021 students (inside of the U.S.): August 1, 2021 

What if I am unable to get the financial certification page notarized due to shelter-in-place?

Please submit all financial documentation that you have access to via email, and indicate that a shelter-in place prevents you from getting a notarization. We will then coordinate with you and your sponsor(s) to have the financial certification form filled, and signature(s) verified.

What are my steps if I am transferring from within the U.S.?

You must submit:

Failure to complete the transfer-in process in a timely manner can pose a risk to your legal F-1 status. 

What are my steps if I am currently on OPT?

Please contact a DSO for your specific situation. Please include when your OPT is expected to end.

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