Studying history prepares you for today's changing world.

History classes teach students how to research, analyze, and write.  These skills prepare students to succeed regardless of their career path. 


Students trained in history become adept at finding, accumulating, and synthesizing data while enhancing their people skills, all characteristics many corporations seek. Some possible jobs are analyst, public relations expert, and information resource manager.


For those pursuing work as a paralegal or lawyer, history provides an excellent background. Many of our students have gone to major law schools and have successful careers as district attorneys, judges, or in private practices.


History inevitably leads to enhanced organization, research, and communication skills. Opportunities at the local, state, and federal levels include but are not limited to city managers, contract writers, and military base historians.

Preservation and Public History

Helping students develop research, writing, and analytical proficiencies, history serves as a solid foundation for preservation and educational positions at museums, tourism centers, national parks, and historical sites or societies.


Many history majors are preparing to teach in public/private schools or at the college/university level. Our program offers a broad range of courses designed to prepare students to meet the challenges of a career as an educator.


History provides a background from which to launch a career in journalism, publishing, and/or editing. Writing also paves the way for possible employment in the realm of magazines, newspapers, television, and even movies.

Digital Communication

The ability to collect and process information allows history majors to pursue careers in creating content for various online platforms and industries.