Welcome, History Majors and Minors!

Our history classes will take you across the globe. In recent semesters, we’ve offered classes ranging from the American Civil War to imperialism in Asia to Vikings to the history of the Atlantic World. Regardless of topic, our course offerings equip students with the skills to research, write, and think critically about the past and present. Moreover, students benefit from small classes, research opportunities, and faculty with a wide range of chronological, methodological, and thematic research interests. 

Student Research & Study Abroad

Our department encourages undergraduate research. We have an active Phi Alpha Theta Chapter, and students routinely present their original research at the regional and national conferences.  Our students also participate in the EURECA program, which allows them to undertake semester-long research projects alongside a faculty mentor. Two recent undergraduate EURECA projects explored Laos in the Cold War and Vikings in Kyiv-Rus.

We also encourage students to study abroad during the summer months with MSU faculty as their professors. We offer core classes in Berlin and upper-level classes, such as World War II history and Caribbean History, in London and Grenada.  

Five-Year Path to Master’s Degree (Accelerated BA/MA Program)

We offer a five-year path to a master’s degree. This program allows talented students to earn their BA and MA in history within five years. Students in this program are able to take graduate courses in their final semesters as an undergraduate and then enroll in the graduate program.  

Careers for History Majors

For more information about what to do with a history degree, check out careers for history majors. Majoring in history equips students with the skills to succeed in numerous industries.  Our majors learn how to read thoughtfully, think critically, write effectively, and process information from a variety of sources.