History Department

The faculty members of the history department

The Midwestern State University History Department provides a broad range of courses to prepare students for a career and/or graduate studies.   Visit us on Facebook .

Courses and Programs:

We offer courses and programs in United States, European, and Latin American History. The advanced classes are usually small, and the faculty works closely with students - often on an individual basis.

What you can do with a degree in history:

The study of history offers a wide variety of options. Many of our students become teachers at the K-12 or college level. Some pursue federal, state, or local government jobs like city managers or state archivists. Others go into such fields as law, journalism, museum work, library work, or the business world. Companies often recruit liberal arts graduates who have an education providing them with a rich and varied background and who demonstrate skills in written and oral communication and the organization and synthesizing of complex information. There is no better field of study than history to sharpen these skills.

"Why 'worthless' humanities degrees may set you up for life": 


See also George Anders's book You Can Do Anything: The Suprising power of a 'useless' liberal arts education

Careers in History


Scholarships are generally awarded for academic achievement, special abilities, ACT or SAT scores, and upon other criteria as defined by specific scholarship programs. Many scholarships are available in addition to special fellowships which include the Floyd F. Ewing and the Forrest D. Monahan, Jr. awards.

News & Announcements:

On April 26-27, 2019, the Phi Alpha Theta Speaker Series co-sponsored the 12th Annual Southern Forum on Agricultural, Rural, and Environmental History.  There were 6 panels with nineteen presenters.  The keynote was Dr. Christopher Morris (University of Texas at Arlington).  The co-sponsored were the MSU Texas Speakers & Issues Series; Agricultural History Society; and Center for the History of Agriculture, Science, and the Environment of the South (CHASES).

On February 16-17, 2018, the MSU Texas Department of History and the Wichita Falls Museum of Art at MSU Texas hosted a Teaching History in the 21st Century Symposium which was co-sponsored by the American Historical Association and Humanities Texas.  The symposium had 18 presenters and 2 keynotes: Dr. Ron Tyler (Former Director of the Texas State Historical Association) and Dr. Anne Hyde (Professor of History, University of Oklahoma).

On October 30, 2017, the MSU Texas Department of History hosted a Reformation 500 Celebration at the Wichita Falls Museum of Art.  The Keynote Speaker was Dr. Brian Levack, Retired John E. Green, Regents Professor Emeritus of History, University of Texas at Austin.   

Phi Alpha Theta Speaker Series:

Dr. Christopher Morris, Professor (University of Texas at Arlington), "Nitrogen: An Elementary History of Southern Agriculture," April 26, 2019.

Frank Siltman, Director of Museums and Military History at Fort Sill, "Frontier Army in North Texas," April 18, 2019

Dr. Eric Lynch, Assistant Professor (Midwestern State University), "Paris, Capital of the 19th Century in Walter Benjamin," March 27, 2019

Dr. Valencia Tamper, Assistant Professor (Midwestern State University), "Women Writers in Golden Age Spain," October 30, 2018

Dr. Sarah Janda, Professor (Cameron University), "Prairie Power: Student Activism, Counterculture, and Backlash in Oklahoma, 1962-1972," September 11, 2018

Dr. Jake Blosser, Professor (Texas Woman's University), "Misbehaving in Church: Parochial Inattention in Colonial Virginia," April 5, 2018

Dr. Kirsten Lodge, Associate Professor (Midwestern State University), "The Western Perception of Animals from Antiquity to the Present," April 2, 2018

Dr. Mikee Deloney, Associate Professor (Abilene Christian University), "The Robin Hood Legend at the Movies," November 7, 2017

Dr. Claudia Montoya, Associate Professor (Midwestern State University), "The Day of the Dead," October 25, 2017

Pamela Dixon, Local Historian, "The History of Blacks in Burkburnett, Texas," April 27, 2017

Dr. Mark Stoll, Professor (Texas Tech University), "Inherit the Holy Mountain: Religion and the Rise of American Environmentalism," November 16, 2016

Dr. Sandra Mendiola-Garcia, Assistant Professor (University of North Texas), "Street Vendors, Protest, and the Use of Public Space in Twentieth-Century Mexico," November 20, 2014

Dr. Sterling Evans, Professor (University of Oklahoma), "Nothing New about NAFTA: Connecting the Great Plains and Mexico in Historical Perspective," November 21, 2013