"I want to be a theatre major!" are words that may have put dread in your heart. How will my student support themselves after graduation? Can they actually make a living with this major? These are questions that have been around as long as there has been a major in theatre. In recent years, a number of organizations that study college career placement in relationship to employers have determined a list of traits that employers find most desirable. Good news! Your student will learn those traits and so much more. The most desired traits are listed in the tabs below, and the details of theatre training are listed below the traits.

Great! Now what kind of job will my student get with this degree? Good question! Below is a listing of jobs currently/recently held by our alumni:

Wow! It looks like your student CAN get a well-paying job!

For more about how to help your theatre major follow their dreams, visit our scholarships page or contact the MSU Theatre Department directly at theatre@msutexas.edu.