Theatre student Emily Burns shares her experience and tips for how to be a good stage manager.

Alumni Q&A 


Q: What made you pick MSU as a place to study theatre?
A: When I was looking for schools, all the other schools seemed really big, and what I liked about this school is how small it was. So, I felt like I could get more opportunities to try out new things so I could broaden my education.

Q: What's your favorite thing about being a theatre student at MSU?
A: I think the best thing about being a student here is that I get to do, not necessarily whatever I want, but I get to try a lot of things. I'm mostly a performance major, but I also do costume construction and scenic painting. So, since I was able to go around and try new things, I got a respect for other areas I wasn't exactly used to.

Q: What would you say to a student who is thinking about coming to school here?
A: This school helps you to become a better person, because if you're willing, teachers are willing to work with you also. So as long as you're motivated to do what you want to do and learn new things, the teachers will not give up on you. They will try to help.

-Kaylor Winter-Roach, Spring 2018