MSU Texas Theatre students working and/or acting.


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Primary Goals

The MSU Theatre Department's primary goals are as follows:

  • Training students within the liberal arts philosophy of ongoing critical commitment to knowledge, production, and social engagement.
  • Emphasizes knowledge of materials and processes, creative exploration, sound thinking, and achievement at the highest level in each emphasis within the theatre.
  • To provide, equip, and maintain a functional, up-to-date, safe working environment that promotes active learning and creativity in the study of theatre and related fields.
  • To provide courses productions, and opportunities for students and community members to develop greater cultural understanding of ourselves and others.
  • To provide opportunities for collaboration.
  • To facilitate the outstanding achievement of every student, to help attain their goals, and to aid them in their development.

Program Mission Statement

The mission of the Midwestern State University theatre program is to advance the study, creation, and performance of live theatre, and, in so doing, to equip students to make positive cultural contributions as theatre educators, professionals and graduate students.

Production Company Mission Statement

The mission of the Midwestern State University Theatre is to advance the study and presentation of live theatre, with an emphasis on creative process. In the classroom, on the stage, or behind the scenes, we will do our best to bring credit to our art form and to enlighten ourselves and those we entertain.

To succeed, we must reject the gratification of ego and embrace unselfish cooperation, for ours is a collaborative art form. We must also take risks by allowing theatre to open our minds or disturb our audiences when such risks can promote a more tolerant, inclusive, society.