The theatrical production facilities and equipment in the Fain Fine Arts Center are impressive. The 475-seat proscenium theatre has almost 6,000 square feet of stage space served by an ETC lighting control board and a sound system with digitized editing capabilities. The Bea Wood Studio Theatre flexibly seats 100 to 150 patrons.

Ancillary areas include a large scene shop, a well-equipped costume construction area, and spacious makeup, dressing, and storage areas. An electronic classroom contains the equipment and software necessary for computer-assisted design.

Fain Fine Arts Center Theatre
Fain Fine Arts Center Theatre from the view of the stage.

Scene Shop
Students working in the scene shop.

Costume Shop
Students working in the costume shop.

Makeup & Dressing Area
Person applying makeup to an actor's face.

Graphics Lab & Classroom
Teaching being done inside the graphics lab and classroom.

Green Room
Actors gathered in the green room.