The sculpture program offers instruction in woodworking, welded steel, casting, and mixed media. Majors develop skills and tool knowledge in all of these processes. The 2,700 square foot studio features a complete wood and metal shop, and a foundry capable of casting bronze and aluminum. Emphasis is placed on the development of personal expression in relation to contemporary sculpture.


Sculpture Area Courses

ART 2523: Sculpture I
Prerequisites: ART 1113, 1123, 1323 or consent of instructor.
Introduction to sculpture. Emphasis on exploration of materials through the proper use of appropriate tools and working processes. beginning instruction in the following: casting (flexible and non-flexible mold making, wax model making, substitution materials in bronze, aluminum, plaster, rubber, and plastic); woodworking (hand and power equipment); metal fabrication (oxyacetylene and electrical welding).

ART 3523: Sculpture II
Prerequisite: ART 2523 or consent of instructor.
Continuation of Sculpture I. Emphasis on skill development and individual exploration of ideas.

ART 3533: Sculpture III
Prerequisite: ART 3523 or consent of instructor.
Advanced study in various traditional and nontraditional materials with emphasis on continued individual exploration and skill development.

ART 4553: Sculpture IV
Prerequisite: ART 3533 or consent of instructor.
Advanced study in various processes with emphasis on combining materials. Stress placed on individual development of ideas and a refinement in techniques and skills.

ART 4563: Sculpture V
Prerequisite: ART 4553 or consent of instructor.
Further emphasis in individual development of techniques and concept. Stress placed on production of works to be included in the Senior Exhibition. May be repeated for credit.

Student Work